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Nestled in Europe, Kiev is named after one of its four founders. The city has views, history, theatres, ruins, modern buildings and religious sites. Typical Ukrainian culture is found here. The Caves Monastery, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Grishko Central Botanical Garden, the National Opera House and most of all the Escape Quest are some of the amazing things one should enjoy in the capital city of Ukraine. Set on the banks of the Dnipro River, Kiev has beautiful sights for tourists to visit and revel in.

Things To Do In Kiev

When To Go:

With harsh winters and hot summers, Kiev should be visited during the period of April to June. The spring festival at the end of the month of May is a delightful part of a tour if attended, with a fireworks display over the Dnipro River. The Kraina Mriy Festival at the end of June and start of July exhibits traditional music performances. Another pleasant time period to visit Kiev is between October and November with a cool weather and enjoyable surroundings.

These are the top things to do while in Kiev…

St. Sophia Cathedral

This historic religious site built in the 11th century and is a remnant of the Baroque and Ukrainian architecture. The mosaics and frescoes inside the cathedral are a marvelous sight for any tourist. The main chamber and altar have vibrant colors with gold which leaves you in awe. The domes inside are another eye-catching part of this oldest church in Kiev, look up at them as they are one of the most beautiful parts of the church.

St. Sohphia Cathedral

Renovated in the 17th century, the exterior shows some spaces with bricks from the actual 11th century building. The religious iconography on the altars, chambers and domes are exquisite but remember, photography is not allowed inside the cathedral so do a thorough viewing of the church. This historical site will definitely be one of the best you ever visited.

Pechersk Lavra (Caves Monastery)

Built by the monks of Kiev in 1051 this place is one of the holiest places in Kiev. Used to bury monks here this extraordinary piece of history is bound to leave you speechless. A Greek started digging caves which then became layers of different caves. The climate and atmosphere of these caves was such that bodies became mummified naturally and can still be seen. These mummies can be seen 60 feet under the ground. This structure now contains about 23 churches and shines mostly built in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Pechersk Lavra


Great Lavra Bell tower

and the

Dormition Cathedral

were badly destructed in the World War 2 but now have been fully reconstructed to become the main attractions. Other churches inside this monastery include the Refectory Church, Church of All Saints, Church of the Trinity, Church of the Life-Giving Spring and a few others. You can hire an English guide who will take you through the history of this magnificent site. Now Pechersk Lavra is one of only four UNESCO World Heritage structures and is worth a visit.

Grishko Central Botanical Gardens

Going in spring has one of its benefits. It is a must to visit the

Central Botanical Gardens

of Kiev. The blossoming flowers are soothing to look at and so different of a kind that you just want to stroll around the garden. Don’t forget to take your camera here. During your day find a pleasant time to go to this beautiful place and enthrall yourself in nature.

Grishko Central Botanical Gardens


Saint Trinity Monastery

is inside these gardens and is 150 years old. The tulips, daffodils, apple trees, magnolias, lilacs and roses mainly spread out over this huge garden leave a beautiful scent in the air. Find a spot to view the Vidubitsky monastery. Take some snacks and drinks, find a shady spot or bench and relax yourself after strolling around and exploring.

National Opera of Ukraine

National Opera of Ukraine

The building itself is glorious and quite a sight while the interior is as majestic as ever. A different show daily with rates almost as low as $5-7. Famous performances like the Nutcracker, Marriage of Figaro and Madame Butterfly have been put on stage in this theatre. This visit should be the most elegant and amazing part of your trip. Go on a rainy day where you can relax and watch an amazing show. The lights, sounds and effects are brilliant to have you enraptured. This opera house is one of the most venerable ones in Europe and if you’re in Kiev then grab the opportunity to book a show and thrill yourselves in a classic life.

Escape Quest

If you’re going to Kiev then the

Escape Quest

is the most amusing and thrilling part of the trip that you should definitely add on to your list. The best part would be to make a group of friends and try this enthralling adventure. In 60 minutes you have to unlock your way out of a locked room using logic and solving puzzles. Teamwork is an integral feature of this game.

Escape Quest

Hints here and there lead you to escape quite easily. This to do thing definitely adds the adrenaline rush required in a tour. The fun with friends and even mingling with new people makes this a fantastic experience which you always remember. So don’t forget to register yourself for this quest when you reach Kiev.

Chernobyl City

Being one of the most historic places in the world, you can pay a visit to Chernobyl. You can get from Kiev to Chernobyl in approximately 2 hours by a bus or taxi. With a tour guide and a good lunch you get to go through this part of the city and enjoy different features, getting to know about nuclear reactions, learning the history of the city makes it a one of a kind tour.

Chernobyl City

A one day tour to this place is exciting even though the buildings and walls give a saddening effect; it’s all a part of the magnificent city of Kiev. The 1986 mishap has left the place very hollow and empty, but the tour guides add the fun and make the place and history come alive for you. Don’t miss out on your chance to visit this place and get a booking for its tour.

Noncafe BesedniZza

Tired of all the walking and sightseeing? Well then this is the perfect place to go and chill for FREE. At this café tea, coffee and even sweets are without charge, but you have to pay on a timely basis, for each hour.

Noncafe BesedniZza

You can meet up with friends here, make new friends, watch TV, football, play games, relax, eat, sleep and even bring your own food! This one of a kind café is open till 11 30 at night. This café is a part of your dreamland where you can do almost whatever you want at minimal charges. Avail the chance to be a part of your fantasy land and relax at this unique place, mingle at night and enjoy Kiev.

The House with Chimeras

Built by Gorodetsky, the

House of Chimeras

was basically a house for profit or rent. He was a hunter and it reflects on the exterior of the building. Huge frogs on the cornices, rhinoceros heads on the façade, elephant heads on the entrance while the roof corners are decorated with patters of dolphins, mermaids and even lizards. Gorodetsky spent a huge amount on the interior, with wood carvings on the wall, parquet and Carrara marble staircase. Legend says that he lost the house when he spent too much on a hunting trip.

The House with Chimeras

It was restored in 2002 and now is the reception hall for the president meeting foreign dignitaries. However, in a few months they let guided tourists pay and spend days in few of the rooms of the house. This exquisite structure and architecture is a must watch thing and recommended if you are going to Kiev. Reservations are hard to get so get yours done right now!

Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square)

This place is a remembrance of the freedom of Ukraine from their government. There is no architecture or beautiful sights as such, but the history created very recently. People stood here rivaling the government and protesting for their freedom. There is a tower with a statue with golden points on its top which seems quite remarkable considering the name of the place.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti

You’ll find birds and pigeons in the area to keep on your shoulder after paying. This can be an interesting experience for a few. The Square can resemble Times Square of New York at night with all the neon lights and glimmering things around. This part of Kiev is highly historical and important. The rush one would feel here would be impeccable indeed. Moreover, the Square is central to big restaurants, banks, shops, cafes, businesses and tourist kiosks. The

Independence Square

can be quite a marvelous sight during Christmas and other festivals.

Kiev Funicular


Kiev Funicular

is one of the most interesting parts of the city. It was built during 1902-1905. Located right behind

St. Michael’s Cathedral

this is a really approachable and open place for tourists walking along the city. It is cheap to travel at and takes you through the entire city.

Kiev Funicular

The interior of the Funicular station is amazingly beautiful and highly regarded for. Travelling from Upper Kiev to Lower Kiev becomes exciting as you pass by famous places, exquisite sites and other landmarks to remember from. Take out one entire day to travel on this funicular from one end of Kiev to the other. This trip is easy to make and very enjoyable.

Pirgrovo Open-Air Museum

Not like any other boring museum, this open-air museum is different in its own accord. It is huge and can require walking for up to 5 kilometers. However, you can rent a bike there and go through the entire replication of Ukraine. This museum reproduces different regions of the country and uses life size replicas and statues that make it all real for you.

Pirgrovo Open-Air Museum

There is a forest that you go through as a part of Ukraine and food is easily available from picnic spots around the museum. Going to this museum means, going through all of Ukraine in one single day. If you are curious about the traditions and culture of Ukraine you shall find people in costumes around this immense place, recreating the actual thing for you. There are souvenirs available from here, of all sorts. This is the most amazing and extraordinary part of the trip to Kiev. Start your day early and make it worthwhile!

Mariinski Palace Kiev

Once the home of Russian royalty, the

Maryinski Palace

now serves as a ceremonial residence for the president of Ukraine. It was built for the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna however, the actual first royalty to stay here was Catherine II the Great. It is not open for public view but is located inside the Maryinski Park and you can enjoy the beautiful and regal exterior of the building.

Mariinski Palace Kiev

The front courtyard has fountains and copies of French sculptures all around. The palace building itself is cream colored and blue with an artistic Baroque style. It was designed by Rastrelli who also designed St. Andrew’s Church. In this park you’ll have to do a lot of walking so carry some light snacks and don’t forget a picture in front of the palace. A beautiful sight of history not to be missed!

The Dnipro River

Kiev resting on the banks of

River Dnipro

has the benefit of beautiful water sights. Hire a boat or rent one for an evening boat ride on this river. The sandy beaches and forests surrounding it make it surreal and naturally beautiful. There aren’t any historical sites or views from the river, but the sunset and the water in the sensational Kiev make this sound mind blowing.

The Dnipro River

During your trip make this the most important part of your to do list. This activity though tiring is peaceful to the eyes and leaves your heart at rest. After traveling and walking through Kiev, go on its outskirts and beyond on a boat. You can go in the day too but the sunset time is recommended for a photographic view and romantic memories. Don’t forget something to capture these amazing views!

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