Things To Do In Cap-d’agle

Cap-d’Agde, France

is a very beautiful place or you can call it a resort on the Mediterranean Sea in the Agde city. Among all the Mediterranean ports, this Cap-d’Agde is the most leisure ports.

There have been just small houses in this place till 1970 and these houses were used by the people who lived around in their vacation time.

This place in the early days belonged to the Oltra family who used this land for growing Olive groves. But now the place is completely different and the Naturist Village is ruling the complete Cap-d’Agde.


Things To Do in Cap-d'Agle

This is a very good place for spending your vacation along with your family and with friends also. There are many things to do and see in this place and you definitely enjoy a long weekend at this place Cap-d’Agde.

The place is so interesting and exciting that you will definitely plan another vacation at this place along with the entire family very soon.

The Naturist Village is one of the main attractions in this place and you will find many people visiting Cap-d’Agde just to stay at this place. It is really an amazing experience to enjoy a vacation at this place with family.

This place Cap-d’Agde is said to be the most ancient town in France. The historic legacy of this place is definitely going to amaze you. Hire a good guide who can explain the complete history of Cap-d’Agde town and it’s amazing tourist attractions.

When To Go:

You will not get bored of enjoying this place during any time in the year, but it can become a great vacation if you can plan it in the Summer. It can be interesting if you visit this place between March to September.

It is the beach resorts and beach life that you should not miss when you visit Cap-d’Agde. Visiting a beach vacation area in the Summer can be really amazing. When you are planning to visit this place in Summer then do not forget to carry all those things that are necessary in Summer.

Things To Do in Cap-d'Agle

You should also not miss another point that this is a very popular tourist attraction in France and hence booking in advance for staying there is very important. If you are looking to stay Naturist Village then you should book them in advance.

This is the most popular place and you will find a lot of the crowd in the Summer season. But if you are traveling off season then you don’t have to worry much about the accomodation and other stuff.

Now it is time to have a look at the most interesting tourist attractions of this place and the things to do here in Cap-d’Agde, France. You will fall in love with the place after you go through the places that you have to see in Cap-d’Agde:

Le Village Naturiste

You will find a lot of tourists visiting Cap-d’Agde every year in the summer. Out of so many people visiting this beach, many of them are not aware of the

Le Village Naturiste.

This place is one of the world’s nude beaches where you can do anything nude. Many tourists visit this place just because of this reason. There are many beaches in Cap-d’Agde, but they are all not as popular as this place.

The people who are not aware that this place is getting more popular for swingers and nudists, they still enjoy their vacation at the place.

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To enjoy all this you will have a certain fee and you can do any nude, enter the bar, go to a bank or do anything that you want to do.

You are not allowed to click pictures at this place, especially of those people who are not with you on the trip to Cap-d’Agde. This has to be strictly followed else you will have to face the problems on your vacation.

There is a lot of fun and excitement in this place that you will never want to miss it. Whether you are interested in nude beach or not, this place is something that you should not miss on your trip to Cap-d’Agde.


One of the best adventure park in Cap-d’Agde is Agd’Aventure.

You will enjoy the time that you are spending on this adventure park. This place is actually located in the center of the town Cap-d’Agde and hence it will not be really difficult for you to reach the place.

It would be a great idea to spend a few hours up in the trees. If you are traveling along with your kids then make sure that they are following all the safety precautions given. Kids will love this place.


As soon as you enter into the place you will see the staff providing you the necessary equipment using which you will have to move ahead. You will also be given safety instructions and it is very important to follow them.

Make sure your kids are concentrating on the instructions. Once you are done with the instructions you will feel confident in going for the trip. The staff at this place are very friendly and help you whenever required.

They boost up your confidence levels and the equipment is also very good and you don’t have to worry about safety at all. Great place to hang out with the entire family.

Blob Jump Cap d’Agde

This is a very interesting thing you would like to enjoy on your trip to Cap-d’Agde. This is a game basically for adults as kids may get scared of it. But your kids are too strong then even your kids also can enjoy this game.

Blob Jump Cap d’Agde,

you might have seen a few videos or might have read about the sports that people enjoy on their trip to Cap-d’Agde. This sport is allowed only for people who have crossed the age of 16 years. This is something similar to fly fish or Jet Ski. This sport Blob jump is played with a big air tank that is placed in the water.

Blob Jump Cap d'Agde

This sport has to be played with two a three persons. One person sits or sleeps on one end of the Blob. One or two jumpers jump on the other side of the Blob which causes sensation on the person who is sitting on the other side to fly high in the air and again fall back into the water.

People who know swimming should only play this sport. The sport is quite funny and entertaining as you fly in the sky. If you are scared of flying high, then you can choose to jump on the Blob while any of your friends or family members sit as a Blobber.

Isn’t interesting? You will definitely love this sport and so do not miss it at any cost. The entry fee to play this sport is also very reasonable, you will be charged just 7 euros for one jump.

Golf du Cap d’Agde

This is a very interesting a challenging Golf court which is very near to the Naturist Village and Agd’Aventure. If you are someone who like playing golf then you should visit

Golf du Cap d’Agde.

This course is good for players of all kinds. There are many simple and easy holes and there are many challenging holes as well. The greens, fairways and the water are good throughout the golf course. This is a newly constructed gold court and is very well maintained.

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Golf du Cap-d'Agle

The staff at the golf court are very friendly and ready to help you whenever you need their help. The packages at the Golf court are also very reasonable and there are many packages to choose from according to your requirement.

If you are tired of watching the same beach, then you can spend some time here at the golf court and have a lot of fun. This is a very interesting place for those people like playing golf anywhere and any place.

Aquarium du Cap d’Agde

This is a place for both kids and adults as well. When you think of the aquarium, you generally expect only a few fishes with some boring biological lessons, but when you reach

Aquarium du Cap d’Agde,

you will be surprised by seeing what they have to offer you. This place is very small but there are a lot of things to see this place. You have many kinds of fish displayed here with a good description about all of them.

Aquarium du Cap-d'Agle

You get a chance to see a huge turtle and large shark in this place. This is an excellent place for kids, as they love watching different kinds of fishes at one place.

It will just take one hour to have a look at all the fishes in this aquarium, but it is definitely going to be a great place for your kids. It is really good if you can go on a rainy day as you will have more fun on such days.

Apart from shark and turtle, you can also enjoy octopus, seahorse and many other rare things that you get to see in a normal aquarium. It is worth every penny that you are spending at this place.

Le Petit Train Du Cap d’Agde

This place Cap-d’Agde is very interesting and there are many interesting places here in this place to enjoy. If you feel that you have no knowledge about the place and it would be better if you can hire a guide for your trip in Cap-d’Agde then you can go for

Le Petit Train Du Cap d’Agde.

This train is very small but interesting and exciting to travel and look around what you have in Cap-d’Agde. Especially your kids will love traveling on this train and they will love every minute they spend on this train.

The train is very safe and is protected with glass which makes it very clear to view the outside things at the same time stay safe.

Le Petit Train du Cap-d'Agle

The journey on this Le Petit Train Du Cap d’Agde is just for 50 mins only. You will get to a lot about this place when you are traveling on this train.

The price is also very less per person and if you are booking in advance from any tours and travel company then you can get them for much cheaper rates. This is another interesting attraction for kids and adults which you should not miss at all. The place is open from morning 10 to 6 in the evening.

Casino Barriere Du Cap d’Agde

All those people who have always casino games on your mobile phone or on your computer, can now enjoy the live traditional casino experience here in Cap d’Agde.

Casino Barriere Du Cap d’Agde

is the place where you can start playing these games and start making some extra money on your holiday trip. Isn’t it interesting to make money on a holiday instead of spending a lot of money on your holiday trip.

Casino Barriere Du Cap d'Agde

Sound interesting right? Then do not miss the chance. This casino is not so costly like the casinos in Paris or London. It is definitely affordable and you should definitely give it a try. Get ready all casino lovers to enjoy the live casino on your vacation trip.

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Aqualand Cap d’Agde

Add lots of thrilling experience to your holiday trip with Aqualand Cap d’Agde.

The place can be a bit costly as you will have to pay for even your kids. They do not allow them on child entries as this place is specially meant for kids only.

When you add up the drinks, food and other stuff, then this is definitely not a cheap day of your trip but this place is definitely worth spending. You get enough fun for every penny that you are spending here.

Aqualand Cap d'Agde

The ride are of less time span, but very thrilling. The staff at this place are very friendly and you can a lot of information from them.

The place is also maintained very well by the staff. But one problem that you face when you are going to this place in Summer and that is you will have to wait for hours in the queue to get the entry tickets and also to enjoy the rides. If possible, book the tickets in advance with the help of any tours and travel company.

Captain Jako

Another interesting place for kids between the age of 2 to 7 years. Kids have many things to do and enjoy in this place while you can sit and relax.

You can enjoy your kids playing their stuff. It is good to get in to the place in the early hours as it starts getting a rush after 2 in the afternoon. Your kids will not get full fun of going to that place if you are late.

Captain Jako

You have restaurants also in this

Captain Jako

but the food at these restaurants can be a bit costly compared to outside. So it is better get some stuff from outside for your kids. If you are planning for an entire day trip here in Captain Jako then better make arrangements for your lunch as well.

Trans Cap Croisieres

Trans Cap Croisieres

An amazing cruise on the boat. This is also very interesting to sail in the middle of the sea and enjoy the view of the city far away from it. You will love the

Trans Cap Croisieres

if you like traveling on cruise boats. You will have 4 different kinds of boats available at this place and you can enjoy the one that you like. It is going to be the unforgettable experience in your entire trip. You will enjoy a beautiful sunset when you are sailing on the boat.

Dinopark – Dinoland – Mini Golf

This is a park for both kids and adults. You have three things to enjoy at this place like water plays, mini golf and dinosaur.

This place is very small but you will have a lot of fun at this place along with your kids. You will have a pleasant experience in the mini golf with 18 holes here.

The water games are also interesting for kids to enjoy and the Dinosaur walk is also very interesting. It is an educational experience for kids, you have an audio guide to know about this. You also have translation facility available for the audio guide.

Dinopark - Dinoland- Mini Golf

Apart from these, you also have many other interesting things to do and see in Cap-d’Agde. It is not just the Naturist Village or the beach, hire a right guide and you will get a lot of information about the place and things around it.

Make sure you are following all the rules and regulations when you are visiting the Naturist Village like clicking photographs and many other things. Plan the trip in advance if you are going to this place in Summer.

You have all the facilities available in Cap-d’Agde like banks, ATM’s and other minimum requirements. Plan it in advance and make your trip more interesting. Have a great trip at Cap-d’Agde.

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