Things To Do In Les Deux Alpes

Beautiful icy glaciers for skiers of all levels of experience, adventurous,e challenging biking trails for mountain bikers, a plethora of warm and jazzy cafes, wonderful nightlife and a picturesque background impossible to undo. One finds all this and more at the scenic French village,

Les Deux Alpes.

On a map, the Deux Alpes are located in the Isere department of the Alps, where the North Alps culminate with the Southern Alps.Located at a staggering 5,413 ft above sea level, Les Deux Alpes is a famous ski-resort across Europe frequented by veteran skiers and families alike. A variety of adventure sports are offered at this resort. Besides, the holiday destination also offers an active nightlife and ambient pubs for the guzzler in you!

Les Deux Alpes

Deux, in French, is the number 2. True to its name, Les Deux Alpes lies snugly fit between the facing slopes of two beautiful mountain faces. However, the resort/village does not derive its name from these slopes. Rather, Les Deux Alpes is thus named after the areas of the mountain on which it is built. The resort is constructed on a plateau formed by two north-south facing sides of the mountain ‘Alps’ and is appropriately named LsesDeuxAlpes.

Visit Les Deux Alpes

Among other astounding features, this scenic resort boasts of the largest skiable glacier in all of Europe! That’s right; there is no glacier in Europe larger and more picturesque than the one at Les DeuxAlpes, France. Along with this, the resort also offers the longest full vertical piste for veteran skiers. However, the piste is not open at all times of the year and you must plan the vacation accordingly if you wish to take up the challenge of the thrilling piste.

When To Go:

Being a unique resort with skiing active throughout the year, there is no specific time that you cannot plan a trip to Les Deux Alps at. The months of frosty winte,r however; see the dormancy of mountain biking and many adventurous sports due to treacherous icy paths. It is snowing at the Les Deux Alps around the year and skiing is thus possible any time you visit the resort. If you plan to visit the Deux Alps with an intense skiing regime in mind, the winter months are best suited to your purposes. In summer, more activities such as bungee jumping and canoeing are open to public participation. However, Les Deux Alpes attracts more tourists during summer and thus, if you wish to enjoy a holiday amidst the babble and cheerfulness of like-minded tourists, summer is the time to embark on this journey.

Visit Les Deux Alpes

It is important to note that the famous piste is only active between the months of:

-Mid-June to August

-December to mid-April

Transport to the 2 Alps can be a little tricky. The resort is located adjacent to two villages, Mont-de-Lans and Venosc, which contain the pastures that give the 2 Alps its name. The resort is accessed by a pathway that one can traverse by foot in the summer. During winter, this route is passable by a Gondola that connects the beautiful resort to the village of Venosc.

Now let us have a look at the tourist attractions and

things to do

in this wonderful holiday spot:

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The vertical on-piste

What does a piste mean? A piste is a long vertical groomed slope that is used by skiers. At the 2 Alps, this piste is often called upside-down as tourists claim that the piste is easier to browse at higher altitudes and is more treacherous as you move further down. Beware; it is easy to get lost in the beautiful icy slopes. Therefore, it is advisable for beginners to ski with one of the numerous guides available for help or avail of a map at least.

The vertical on-piste

Skiing the entire length of the piste is not advisable for non-veteran skiers. The ski-lodge and ski-schools at les Deux Alpes provide excellent ski hiring and training services. Skiing on the icy slopes of les Deux Alpes, the largest glacier in all of Europe is an unforgettable experience. The second oldest resort in France, the skiing schools cater to thousands of ski enthusiasts and first-timers alike every year. Does it mean you need experience to ski at the 2 Alps? Absolutely NOT! Trained guides make sure that anyone with any or no level of experience can make the most of this lovely resort.

The lifts (Jandri express)

Amongst other unique features of this resort, another gem in the crown is the

Dome Funicular Express.

This funicular is one of the world’s few funiculars and was constructed between 1997 and 1999. Within 2 years, the 2 Alps grew from being one of the oldest resorts in France to lineage along with innovation.Such an innovative funicular is hardly to be found elsewhere. Besides connecting to the ski areas, this funicular also traverses the distance between other attractions such as the ice caves. With feasibility of transporting 1500 people per hour through the breath-taking paths below the ice,

the Dome Funicular Express

doubles as a mode of transport as well as a tourist attraction.

The lifts (Jandri express)

The Funicular expresses connects to the

Jandri express,

a lift that holds the world record for being the fastest lift in elemental regions. The

Jandri express

is gondola that takes skiers from the resort to the top of the ski area. The Gondola traverses the 7 km distance, climbing 1500m in a mere 24 minutes. If this isn’t awe-striking in itself, the lift carries 1800 people per hour at 20 people per cabin along with their skis. The skiing area spreads across a massive 200 kilometers with the highest point at 3600m and the lowest at 1300m. The entire ski area is catered to by a range of 55 lifts which ensure that minimum amount of time is spent in wait.

Nightlife and Cafés

A soothing delicious hot chocolate or a frothy chilled beer can often be the best ending to a day of wonderful skiing on the icy alps. To satisfy this very desire, Les 2 Alps has erected a number of

pubs and cafes

that offer local brews as well as your choicest drinks from back home.

Nightlife and Cafés

The nightlife in such a remote tourist location is surprisingly active and one can look forward to dancing, caroling and partying into the wee hours of the night, if exhaustion from a satisfying day of skiing does not get the better of you. Indeed, a best of both worlds can be experienced in the beautiful white world of

Les Deux Alpes, in France.

White water rafting

Summer brings with it a reduced snowfall and accordingly, its own set of adventure sports and activities. The best part about these sports is that no age, gender or experience is a bar at engaging in them. If you have the will, there is a way to experience ultimate enjoyment at the 2 Alps! While Skiing for young children and the old is a distant dream, there are no such inhibitions when it comes to summer sport activities. So if you have kids that want a share of the fun, summer is the best time to visit the Alps!

White water rafting

During the summer, many glaciers melt and the water from the melt-down flows through the countryside. Many water sport centers have thus sprung up around the region of the flow and offer excellent

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white water rafting

activities. This is a fun family sport and can be an unforgettable experience. Les Deux Alpes offers white water rafting for as long as you please from 3 hours to an entire day. The sport has its share of risks but vigilant trainers and safety equipments make sure that you are highly unlikely to come through the river with anything other than a large smile across your face!

Mountain Biking

There are many trails at the 2 Alps, featuring both ice and rocks along their treacherous paths. Some of the more challenging trails at higher altitudes can be quite tricky and it recommended that beginner cyclists stick to the lower end of the slopes.

Mountain Biking

As long as 15 km of unpaved paths sees many cyclists taking on the challenge annually. Durable, efficient mountain bikes are available for hire at Les Deux Alps along with guides that help you map your route.

Mountain biking

is extremely popular at this resort and is one of the most sought after activity, second only to skiing.

Canyoning, an adventure for all

Not to be confused with canoeing,


is a thrilling sport offered at les Deux Alpes between the months of April and September. Suitable and permitted for all those above 8 years of age, the sport involves abseiling down rapid waters strapped to safety equipment.

Canyoning, an adventure for all

The rivers with its rocks and flora makes for a natural obstacle course where one dodges and moves through nature’s creations. The sport begins with a cold plunge into icy waters followed by rapid descent through the course of the river. It can be pursued for varying lengths and difficulties depending on your level of experience. Pre-adolescents often have to be accompanied by adults for safety.

Bungee Jumping, an icy rush

Imagine leaping off from a platform several thousand feet in the air and rushing down towards an icy earth with a spread of scenic beauty all around you. Words cannot describe the thrill and pleasure that one obtains by

bungee jumping

in Les Deux Alpes.

Bungee Jumping, an icy rush

The entire sport is conducted with the most advanced equipment and veteran professionals so complete safety is a guarantee. Hurtling through cold air with a beautiful world at your feet, such a dream can only come true at the most beautiful resort in France, Les DeuxAlpes!

Mountain Climbing

During the summer months, ice melts sufficiently in the 2 Alps to bare rock for some joyful mountaineering and

mountain climbing

. This is yet another family sport that you can enjoy with your entire brood. Many adventure companies in the region offer firsthand lessons and safe experiences of conquering the mountain.

Mountain Climbing

With a reasonable age limit, these companies provide you with guides and equipment to help you reach the top. The rocky mountains at the 2 Alps are fairly easy to climb and provide a rewarding experience for those who make it to the top. Yes, a scenic view of the largest glacier in Europe, les DeuxAlpes!

Glacier walking

Yes, the summer at the 2 Alps just offers a plethora of exciting family activities.

Glacier walking

is an organized excursion across the frozen plains of the Alps. The excursions are led by qualified guides from adventure companies.

Glacier walking

Tourists who have been a part of the beautiful icy walk claim that if one does not make noise, the tantalizing yet intimidating voice of shifting ice can be heard emanating from the very ground you walk upon. It is a great time to bond with your family and friends, surrounded by massive, magnificent walls of snow on all sides.

Horse riding

For all the tourists with affability towards animals, les Deux Alps offers

horse riding

through the scenic countryside. You can view the beautiful mountain slopes and plush greenery of summer riding on a friendly beast.

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Horse riding

You can also take up lessons in horse riding at les Deux Alpes and when you return back home, you shall have picked up a new skill! The wet-muzzled well-groomed fillies of les Deux Alpes have captured many hearts.


If you are one of the excursionists who finds canoeing and white water rafting not challenging enough, then Hydrospeeding is just your thing! Imagine speeding down icy waters lying flat on your abdomen on a rubber raft. The raft is designed to maximize speed and yet maintain balance, so the sport is both exhilarating and safe.


Riding on the swell of gushing waters, as you hurtle down the slopes, the entire resort forms a beautiful scenic background.


is not recommended for children below 15 years of age and requires beforehand training.

Helicopter ride through the heavenly sky

Subject to the weather conditions, helicopter rides are available for tourists at the 2 Alps. The helicopter climbs to a great height from where a panoramic scene of the entire resort and surrounding villages are spread before you.

Helicopter ride through the heavenly sky

Helicopter rides

of different durations and regions are offered at Les Deux Alps. If you are looking forward to a peaceful.enjoyable tour of the region along with elders and kids, the helicopter ride is perfectly suited to your need.


This is yet another adventure activity that takes you to the frosty wonderful skies overlooking the slopes and hillocks of les Deux Alps. In this sport, you are strapped on to an instructor and a parachute is fit onto both of your straps.


Launched from a great height, you spiral downwards towards ice-blanketed beauty until the instructor unfurls the parachute. As the parachute is fed by the cold winds, you slowly glide across the land with the entire resort passing below your feet.


at les Deux Alpesis the perfect combination of exhilaration and tranquil beauty.

Game Centers and Spas

Moving towards a more typical vacation, Les Deux Alpes also offers a select variety of sports such as tennis and bowling, made all the more special by the cool ambient weather. There are also

Game Centers and spas

, shopping centers to add the perfect touch for all the ladies on vacation. A variety of souvenirs such as replicas of the famous express, ski areas, indigenous clothing etc can be purchased at these stores.

Game Centers and Spas

The Aeroport Lyon St-Exupery is the biggest airport near Les Deux Alpes. While the Chambery Airport is closer to the resort, the airport at Lyon is comparatively more popular and has more frequent flights. From the airport, you can hire a car and drive down. This works out to be economically efficient if you’re travelling as a family or with a group of friends.

For single tourists or couples, it is more financially viable to take trains. There are many Euro-expresses connecting to the nearest station from where one can trek or hire a car. However, traversing the entire journey by train will require you to change trains and perhaps even service providers. This can be quite a hassle, so make sure you have your journey planned out.

Gear up for a period of fun adventure sports and nights of partying when you visit les Deux Alpes. For your trip to be successful and to cover all the main attractions, it is necessary to be well rested and pumped with energy. The mountains are not a place to sit back and take life easy. These mountains bring out your true spirit and leave you exhilarated without tiring much. Typically, one needs to spend more than a week or two to engage in the diverse, unique sports offered at the 2 Alps. Carry lots of warm clothing and have a cheerful will to participate in everything that comes your way. Plan your trip well in advance, so that your trip is going to be very interesting and happy. Do not miss the wonderful attractions of this place.

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