Don’t Miss Places In The United States Of America

The United States is a popular destination worldwide due to its large amount of tourist attractions. It has sites people all over the world find interesting and fascinating and receives millions of visitors annually.

Las Vegas Skyline

Tourists flood this country every year to see these remarkable, outstanding and attractive spots for themselves. They visit places such as Niagara Falls and travel to uncountable parks such as the Grand Canyon – just to name a few. The many attractions in the United States will leave your camera full, so come prepared. There is definitely plenty to see.

These are the top 10 tourist attractions that make the United States a remarkable country for a fantastic holiday…


The Grand Canyon is one of the top tourist attractions in the world and is heavily visited year-round. It is simply a mind-blowing site that you should not miss seeing when on a visit to the USA.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is situated in the northern part of Arizona. It has a spectacular view of clean, pristine water that is almost indescribable. The Grand Canyon is mainly known for its depth – at about 1.6 kilometers, it is one of the deepest canyons in the world. It’s large also – its 466 kilometers requires lots of time to completely absorb. It is, in fact, one of the longest canyons in the whole world.

Grand Canyon

The atmosphere around the enticing Grand Canyon is very appealing. Visitors like spending most of their time by the side of the canyon, experiencing its tranquility. The landscape the canyon rests on is also one of the best views in the United States. Plants cover the whole region, making the entire expansive territory a mix of colorful plants and beautiful shades of green. It is a great place to take pictures.


The Las Vegas strip is, with all certainty, an incredible place that ranks among the top 10 attractions in the USA. You will never regret visiting Las Vegas because the city is lively and inviting.

Las Vegas is in the central parts of the Southern Nevada desert.

Las Vegas

The Strip is where most of the action is. It is very diverse, with numerous casinos of all kinds. On the Las Vegas Strip, you can walk from one casino to the next and find yourself in two completely different worlds. The casinos have attractive names and lights inviting you to experience each and every one. Getting into the casinos is inexpensive or sometimes free.

The strip covers a vast area and always has activities going on. You’ll often feel like there is something new every day… or even every hour!

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Las Vegas

One thing that you must do when visiting the Las Vegas Strip is walk the length of the strip – from one end to the other. You will find many enchanting shops, cafes, and first-rate hotels. You must set aside time to do this because walking the length of the strip could take half of the day. It’s not a short walk by any means!

Don’t miss visiting this exciting US attraction. Once you visit, you’ll want to come back.


Denali National Park is a spectacular site not to miss while visiting the United States. It is a park that thousands of tourists visit every year.

Denali National Park

The park is in the central parts of Alaska and is an intriguing site for nature lovers. Denali National Park is well known for its spectacular McKinley Mountains. The mountains are breathtaking to hike and offer beautiful views at their peak.

The plant life at Denali National Park is the best of its kind, giving the whole region a unique, interactive ambiance. The park is also rich with wildlife. You will love seeing the wolves, caribou, grizzly bears and moose that are exclusive to the site. You will have a wonderful time admiring the beautiful animals and can take incredible photos of this picturesque site while visiting.

Denali National Park

Denali National Park also has the best guides to show you the park. The guides take their time making sure that you see the relevant sites while visiting the park.


Niagara Falls is without a doubt a stunning site that you should not miss while visiting the United States. It is ranked among the top 10 tourist attractions in the country and is one of the most visited places in the World. The site is a jewel for nature lovers.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located between the province of Ontario (Canada) and New York state. The falls are spectacular, with three stunning falls. It encompasses three falls: the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and finally, the Horseshoe Falls. Their waters drop in a breathtaking manner that will make you want to stay there all day long. You will have a first-class experience viewing each of these magnificent wonders. You will also love the serene ambiance dusting the whole region in a misty haze, caused by the rushing waters.

Horseshoe Falls is on the Canadian side, with the other two falls on the New York side. Travelers should carry their cameras at all times because there always is an opportunity for a picture, and it is something you’ll want to keep on film.

Niagara Falls

The foliage cover is also spectacular, with many unusual and lovely plants twining around each other. You also should not miss hiking down to the falls valley. Don’t worry about the hike- there are several protruding rocks at various locations of the valley offering support as you descend.

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The Florida Keys is another tourist site with many beautiful attractions. Linked by an extensive, 120-miles string of tropical islands bordering Florida, the Florida Keys are connected to the mainland by a sequence of spectacular bridges. One of the most impressive bridges stretches for approximately 7 miles and has been filmed in several videos and movies.

Florida Keys

This site also has a gorgeous collection of treasured artifacts. You cannot miss seeing the many tropical fish that frequent the area. The coastline is full of activities; skiing, fishing, and boating can quickly fill up your whole day. The lovely dolphins swimming and jumping in and out of water along the coastline will capture all of your attention.

A crowded beach in Florida

Again, make sure your camera is handy, as you’ll have plenty of pictures to take!


The National Art Gallery is one of the most renowned and famous museums in the entire country. Located in Washington DC, the gallery has several one-of-a-kind art collections. It is ranked as one of the best museums in the world, and receives a flood of tourists annually.

National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery has many outstanding works of art, including an anthology of impressive photography, prints, drawings, sculptures, paintings and other inspiring artistic works spanning many centuries.

The museums do not charge any entrance fees and are commonly used for various educational programs, lectures, tours, films and other performances. You will enjoy strolling through the museum while taking in all of the beautiful artistic displays attached to its walls. It is also easy to get around the museum– there are easy-to-read maps directing you to the different museum sites housing some of the most famous pieces for the tourist’s eye.

National Art Gallery

Last but not least, you will find expansive collections of works created by artists from all over the world – including those by American, British, Italian, Flemish, Spanish, and German artists. These are collections that every visitor should see. Make sure to visit the gift shops for videos detailing the different collections, and take pictures to remember the visit.


The memorial parks and national mall are stunning sites located throughout Washington DC. The National Mall is one of the nation’s oldest parks, and it has still been well preserved. Throughout the parks, there are vast collections of national emblems and public attractions, including the National Mall- a large track covering over a thousand acres of land.

National Mall & Memorial Parks

You will also come across several unique memorial parks, such as the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials. Each of them features sculptures of renowned American political legends. Every monument is surrounded by decorative flowers, further distinguishing the site. There are also war memorials such as the Korean and Vietnam memorials, which honor the memory of the wars and those who fought them.

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National Mall & Memorial Parks

The war memorials also display the names of those who lost their lives fighting on behalf of the United States.


Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge is a spectacular, suspended bridge with a decorative golden gate. The bridge extends from San Francisco to Marin County on its northern side. It is an important symbol for both the city of San Francisco and the state of California.

Golden Gate Bridge

The bridge is orange, and visible even in the densest fog; a standard weather pattern of the region.


Yellowstone National Park is an incredible top 10 tourist attraction in the USA. It is, in fact, one of the most visited places in the world.

The park was established as a way of protecting the numerous hot springs and geysers on the property. You will no doubt love to touch the warm water, but be careful – some are very, very hot. The park has more than 1000 geysers and hot springs. You will also have incredible moments strolling by these breathtaking landmarks, so take lots of pictures.

Yellow Stone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is also known for its diverse wildlife. There are many animals, such as deer, elk, wolves, black bears and bison that roam the land. The greenery is amazing and promotes tranquility and peace.

Yellow Stone National Park

For those who love hiking, the park is full of rugged terrain. You’ll enjoy walking the landscape and taking in all of all the beauty within the park boundaries. It is easy to see why this is one place you should not miss visiting while in the USA.


Kilauea is an astounding volcano that you’ll want to visit when traveling in the USA. The site has a mountainous landscape and fantastic scenery.

Kilauea Volcano

The volcano is easy to see from afar. It is a low and level shield volcano, with some parts having very tall steep peaks. You will, however, have to be very aware while visiting the site as it is an active volcano that is known to erupt for many years. It is still considered an active volcano, but has not had a full eruption in some time.

Kilauea Volcano

The volcano is very popular and is even credited with creating the Hawaiian Islands. Kilauea Lake is also a site that you will enjoy seeing. It is a lake heated by the lava flowing from the active volcano, creating a hot spring. The landscape of Kilauea can be breathtaking, so make sure to take lots of pictures.

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