Don’t Miss Places In Canada

Canada is one of the countries rich in natural beauty of the world. Canada has diverse tourist attraction sites. It encompasses wildlife which is very exceptional and thus rarely found in any part of the world. Additionally, towns and mountains are some of the spectacular attraction sites which will make your trip unforgettable.

Sun setting off in the horizon

Canada is with no doubt a country that will surely make your holiday more spectacular and worthwhile. Canada is also among the top visited countries in the world. Millions of tourists flood various tourist sites to adventure and explore the county’s beauty.

The following are just a few of the many available tourist attraction sites. They are the top ten list attraction spots that you must ensure you must stumble upon them while in Canada.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most scenic and wonderful places in Canada that you should not miss to adventure. The falls is situated in Ontario to the southern part. Essentially, Niagara Falls borders both the United States and the Canadian land. You can access Niagara Falls by car or bus from Toronto.

Niagara Falls

This site is definitely one of the stunning and magnificent places to be. Niagara Falls is mainly composed of three exceptional and immense falls; the Horse shoe falls, the American falls and the Bridal veil falls. The horse shoe fall lies mostly on the Canadian soil. It forms one of the sites that receive enormous visitors every year. Principally, it is one of the best places to relax your mind and have pleasurable moments. I would encourage people not to miss this scenic and mind blowing place that will surely expose them to the natural occurrence of the world.

You will not miss seeing the large volumes of water that falls down with a very high velocity. It falls out with a roaring and thunderous sound. The fall is surely supernatural and will leave you with so much to discover. Moreover, the falls are surrounded with a magical and enchanting environment that brings a delightful and captivating atmosphere. It is a fascinating site that might convince you otherwise to prolong your trip.

Niagara Falls

Lastly, if you are looking for a place to enjoy with your partner, then this is the most convenient place to give you a peaceful and friendly environment for romance.

Pacific National Park

The Pacific National Park is another most terrific and excellent place to spend your holiday. The park has uncountable fascinating activities to do. The pacific park has comforting beaches that will surely make your adventure great. Tourists normally access this place through the port of Alberni where they can take respective boats or ships to the park.

Pacific National Park

The park is situated to the west of Vancouver Island. It has the best scenery that someone could ever imagine about. You will encounter first class hotels and restaurants at an affordable price. Surfing is a popular activity on the beach thus most people find it more fun and interesting or otherwise, you can still engage on sun bathing, boat riding among many other alluring sports. This site is with no doubt an appealing and pleasant place to make your adventure hilarious and enjoyable.

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Pacific National Park

Lastly, don’t forget to adventure the pacific forest. You should also consider visiting the hot springs cove. It is the most beautiful and lovely hot spring that you can’t imagine leaving before paying it a visit. By fact, it is the only hot spring in the entire Island. The site is certainly a gorgeous place to be and will surely leave you with a positive impact to revisit again.

Old Quebec City

This is another spectacular and exquisite city that you should not miss while in Canada. Quebec City is found in the state of Quebec in central Canada. The city is situated alongside the St. Lawrence River.

The city is one of the oldest cities still in existence in the entire country. It has a number of numerous old buildings that are still elevated and strong today. It is also a historic city which was recognized as the world heritage by the UNESCO in 1985. The city has unique and exceptional architectural design that gives it a unique nature from other towns and cities. You will encounter some of the old carriages in one of the museums. The horse driven carriages were used long time ago as a means of transport and are still found in Quebec City.

Old Quebec City

The art galleries are other things that you will come across. The galleries keep the Canadians nature and statuette thus preserving their culture and traditions. Along the streets, you will likely meet a team of singers and entertainers that will flourish you with nice songs. Quebec City is definitely an enticing old city that will make your adventure overwhelming and stunning.

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies is indeed one of the most spectacular and overwhelming places to be. It is a place that will definitely amuse and please you. You can get to this place from the town of Banff to the town of Jasper by car.

Canadian Rockies

The first peak that will cross your eyes when you approach the mountain is its highest peak which is normally glaciated. It is the most alluring and enticing place to be. You will surely be thrilled and overwhelmed with the mountain’s attributes. It is in fact the most beautiful with attractive and captivating environment. You will still encounter U like shapes valleys. This gives the mountain some of the unique and exuberant features which are exclusive and unique from other mountains.

Small lakes are other features that you will also come across. This lake is formed when glaciers in the valleys or depression melt and in turn form lakes. This is another enticing and lovely place that you should give first priority while in Canada.

The Bay of Fundy

Canada offers a wide variety of natural beauty to tourists. If it happens that you adventure Canada, the Bay of Fundy must then be a place that you should not miss by all chance. It gives you an opportunity to interact and appreciate the natural wonders of the world. The Bay of Fundy is situated in the Nova Scotia province.

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Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is fundamentally an ocean bay that stretches over a considerable distance. This is the best place to see the highest and tallest water tides that rises upwards. It is a good scenic view where you will be stacked standing and staring the rise and fall of the water tides. Moreover, the waters of the coastal bay are flooded with whales. You will have an excellent view of the whales, fishes, dolphins and other marine creatures. It will be certainly an alluring place that will make your adventure stunning and memorable. Having a camera can be more advantageous as you will be able to capture live scenes of the trip and thus will help you in the future to remember about the mesmerizing site.

Tourists normally travel from Nova Scotia by car to the Bay of Fundy. You should pity yourself if you miss this place while in Canada.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is another spectacular and wonderful site in Canada that you should not afford to miss. It encapsulates a variety of stunning and alluring tourist spots. You will surely like its romantic and awesome nature that is usually attractive and charming.

Algonquin Provincial Park

The park is situated between the Georgian Bay and River Ottawa. It is among the most popular and famous tourist attraction site in Canada. Its surroundings are scenic and tranquil thus explaining the peacefulness and calmness of the place.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Actually, tourists can camp for some time in the park so that they can fully interact and exploit the nature to the fullest. If you love fishing then this can be your best place to have fun and enjoy yourself. Others who might not be married with fishing can still enjoy the exuberant ride from the horses. It is a place that will definitely give you humble time and incredible moments.

Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail is indeed another wonderful tourist attraction site. It is found in the highlands Nova Scotia in Cape Breton. You will encounter a curved and meandering route through the hills which extends to the highlands national park. Tourists can access to this attraction site from Bar Harbor in Maine by ferry to Cabot Trail.

Cabot Trail

You will have an excellent experience over this site if you travel by car. Tourists can access to this point by ferry from New Brunswick to the Nova Scotia.

Cabot Trail

You will get an opportunity to come across a stunning coastline of Cape Breton. This is a place where you will encounter amazing sea creatures like huge whales and bald eagles. Cabot Trail has been described as the best place to have holidays. Its attractions are beyond reasonable doubt thus outdo your expectations if you would have any.

Baffin Island

Baffin Island is another most terrific and stunning place to spend holidays. It is one of the gigantic islands in Canada which borders Greenland. It is surely an interesting place that will make your adventure more stunning and memorable.

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Baffin Island

There are so many amazing and marvelous things that you will stumble upon. First, you will meet the natural untouched nature with awesome scenery. You will also encounter some of the humble and social communities who live on the island. They even offer you free services by taking you through the entire process by exposing you to their beautiful and miraculous nature.

In addition, you will not miss seeing wonderful wildlife. You will have a chance to see polar bears, whales, arctic fox, arctic hare, seals, shoe birds, sea birds among many others. Some of this wildlife is rare and thus might not be found in any other part of the world. It will be an exuberant chance for you to exploit and adventure them with great curiosity. These are surely exciting animals that any traveler would wish to come across and see them.

Baffin Island

This is a remarkable site that you shouldn’t miss paying a visit. It is indeed a noteworthy place that will definitely make your trip miraculous and memorable.


Victoria is with no doubt a top ten tourist attraction site in Canada. Vancouver is a city in British Columbia on the Canadian coastal segment. It is one of the spectacular and eye-catching cities in Canada. Planning your adventure at this place will make your trip worthwhile.


These cities are striking and unusual due to their extreme beauty with high level of cleanliness. It is indeed a salient city that will attract your attention by all means. The city of Vancouver is situated strategically whereby it extends to the sea. The sea provides a lot of fun and enjoyable activities like sports, swimming, sun bathing, and sailing golf among others. These activities will surely drive you crazy and long for them another day.


Victoria on the other hand is strategically located in the sheltered harbor. It is indeed a captivating city with lots of peacefulness surrounding it. Don’t miss to adventure these cities as it will offer you enjoyable and pleasant moments.

The Rocky Mountaineer

Trip to Canada is considered incomplete without visiting the Rocky Mountaineer. Its segment extends from the coastline of British Columbia to the Rocky Mountains. It is an exciting experience that will be memorable in your mind for the rest of your life. It is surely a satisfying and enjoyable moment as most tourists travel by train from Vancouver to the Rocky Mountains.

The Rocky Mountaineer

You will encounter some of the natural good looks of the world. You will have an opportunity to see some of the wonderful Canadian wildlife. Some of the gorgeous animals are the bears, mountain goats, moose and horned sheep only to mention a few of them. The mountain has some of the excellent scenery and thus offering panoramic view for nature lovers.

The Rocky Mountaineer

The rocky mountain is surely a place not to debate about. It is an interesting place that deserves adventure.

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