9 Top Restaurants to Dine In Paris

The top restaurants in Paris

Paris has some of the top restaurants in the world. While most people visit Paris for its romantic affinity and beauty, we have people who come to Paris for her food.

We can tell you that Paris does not disappoint in her cuisine. You can visit some of the top restaurants in the city and explore its cuisine.

Top Restaurants

Do you love pasta? Even if you want something exotic that only you can taste, some of the world-famous chefs in Paris can make that available.

Though people are always talking about the beauty of the city, it is only a few who can really tell you that one of the reasons people come to Paris aside from fashion

Which of the top restaurants do you dine in?

The first time you come to Paris, you would be attracted to its timeless beauty that is amazing, the priceless grandeur.

However, its iconic cuisine has made the city to be one of the most visited in the world.  Paris has a reputation for sumptuous gastronomy.

Visit any of its top restaurants and feast your taste buds with meals they will always remember. On the streets of Paris, you would see patisseries, boulangeries, cheese shops, and restaurants.

We would be talking about the top restaurants in Paris. You may have visited some beautiful restaurants around the world.

However, if you have not tried the meals cooked by the French chefs, you may not have much to say about exotic menus.

Top Restaurants


This is one of the best restaurants in Paris with its oxblood walls and the cake moldings scattered in it.

The owner of this eatery is Mark Williamson while the magician in the kitchen is Chef Thierry Bourbonnais. The menus themed around the restaurant is vegetable. There is a wine list for guests to choose from.


When you are in Paris, Meurice is the place to be. Chef Yannick Alléno is the person behind the culinary presentation.

A menu like the spit-roasted red-wine marinated pigeon is what brings a lot of people to this place. Once upon a time, Yannick was a chef to the admiral of the French Pacific fleet.


Have you ever eaten at a lovely nec plus ultra table? That is what L’Astrance has for those who are coming to dine.

The chef there is Pascal Barbot who has made it possible for everyone coming to the restaurant to have a blissful time.

Top Restaurants

Huitrerie Regis

The interior of Huitrerie Regis is made for those who appreciate the beauty and great meals.  There is a lot of seafood you can taste here like the sea urchins, clams, and prawns.

This is one of the best places to take dinner in Paris. There are seafood and another continental cuisine, not forgetting the French meals that simply irresistible.

The top restaurants to eat out in Paris


Jòia is among the top restaurants, created by Hélène Darroze, who was voted the best female chef in the world.

Enjoy meals with an added touch of global flavors. You can try the roasted chicken, a fusion of crêpes mille-feuille and matcha.

David Toutain

Visit one of the top restaurants when you dine in David Toutain, which serves its guests interesting and the boldest food in the city.

The restaurant features changing menus daily and the flavors are delicious.

Aux Bons Crus

Taste some of the best meals at Aux Bons Crus. The restaurant is a traditional Paris bistro with a blend of the old-world charm and classic feeling.

Taste some of the restaurant’s characterful dishes prepared with homely flavors like entrecôte steak or pot-au-feu (beef stew).

Amazing Top Restaurants

La Bourse et la Vie

La Bourse et la Vie is among the top restaurants to visit in Paris.  The traditional French cooking like veal pot-au-feu and roasted chicken are great.

The restaurant is one of the top restaurants any visitor can visit for sumptuous traditional meals.

Clamato: Top Restaurant 

Top restaurants like Clamato seafood bar, operated by Théo Pourriat and Michelin-starred chef Bertrand Grébaut, give you food memories you cannot forget.

Clamato is next door to the restaurant Septime.

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