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As the folks of Italy will profess, the city of Bari is one of the most enticing tourism destinations in the country. Sightseers from here and there love to persuade and discover the city. Noted by the breeze of the tenants, the city of Bari is often labeled as The University City and majorly as a Port. Based on the banks of The Adriatic Sea, Bari is an ethereal place to hit. Hook around Grudge and sip- there’s so many things to get drowned in the city! Infact, it’s merely impossible to not have a try in the city of Bari. Some places in and around the city require a minimum ticketing while some places do not.


When To Go:

This might sound up a little nutty, but the best time to have an eye on Bari would be from the month of May to June. The real sniff behind this is such that in the month of November to January, there might be chance of heavy rainfall. Adding to the sniff, the summer turns out to be extremely hot. This leads up to the month of May to June where the weather is a little pleasant. However, it is advised to turn your air conditioners on while staying in the hotel. Apparently, this specific period may be a little off the Christmas, but it is certainly the most pleasant season to visit Bari.

Visit Bari

Bari has a lot to offer from hooking to cooking. So if you are in the best stand of visiting Bari, this must be your target season.

Here as some top

things to do

in Bari, Italy:

Bari Bike Tour

Here is one of the most interesting acts that you should have a hit. The Bari Bike Tour is as interesting as rediscovering the city in a new. It is an exquisite experience which takes nearly 3 hours to complete. You will be leaded by a guide who will be taking you for a trip around. The trip leads you to a midst where you can explore the most important parts of the city along with their attractions.

What you can find out from the city is even more exciting as it takes down. Cycling and discovering the city is an electrifying experience one would like to achieve in childhood but doing it again is the real wonderful part. This ride also gives you the flexibility to customize the way you wish to cover. If you are a real explorer, you can also sneak out some information about the locality.

Bari Bike Tour

It is also considered as an ideal choice for families which makes a great plus. The best part of all is that you can customize it up with an allowance of multiple rides and multiple pickups from where ever you wish to desire.

Also, this will set off for a new innovation that will lead you to explore the University City. The guide here is exceptional-infact you would be taken down to a tour of history. Biking around a city is quite fuzzy about when you are taken downtown to Bari, it is quite exceptional indeed. Apart from all, you can expect much from this ride. The expert guide will take you to a new visit to the Old Town centre as well as keeping part with the 19th century District. The bike ride will allure you to a new route till the Basilica di San Nicola as well as the cathedral of the San Sabino. Next up will also be The Castello Normanno-Svevo (Swabian Castle) which is completely admirable indeed. Other interesting places to groom around are the fish market as well as the shopping districts.

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Basilica San Nicola

It is the most interesting part of the city as this authentic church delicates a special appearance. Dedicated to the St. Nicholas of Myra, the Basilica San Nicola comes up with an exception with a behemoth appearance and structure. It is originally dedicated to the house of the bishop and is a sacred place to be loved.

Tourists from all over the globe turn up to have a glare in this magnificent outfit. The church sets to everyone for a real welcome which is granted by the bishop. Though being so famous, this place outcasts a homely atmosphere and sets everyone for a real enjoyable moment in the church. The Basilica di San Nicola is authentically a church in the city of Bari, Southern Italy. It holds a real wide religious significance throughout the continent of Europe and the rest of the Christian world.

Basilica San Nicola

The Basilica di San Nicola is also an important tourist destination both for the Roman as well as other Christians in the part of Eastern Europe. The basilica was built in the early 10th century, during the Italo-Norman domination of Apulia, where the area previously was brutalized by the Byzantine Catapan of which Bari was the seat.


Trani is a famous seaport in the region of Apulia, which is a major part in southern Italy, on the Adriatic Sea, 40 kilometers by railway West-Northwestern part of Bari. The town has recently become one of the capital cities of the new Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani.


This special architectural gratitude is a solemn in the city of Bari. The architectural construction of this tower is magnificent and this relates to a great visit. It is the place where construction meets with success. The Trani tower stands up high and evokes up right adjacent harbor. Not only in the daylight, but there is something glossy in the night.

The tower gives up a real good overview of the city which is quite enjoyable to watch. Basically, it is the harbor itself and it has a gorgeous architectural construction. This makes the Trani to be a must go for the people.

Teatro Petruzzelli

The Teatro Petruzzelli is the largest theatre of the city of Bari and the fourth Italian theatre by size. The history of the Teatro Petruzzelli of Bari begins when Onofrio and Antonio Petruzzelli, traders and ship builders of Trieste, presented the designs for the theatre drawn up by their brother-in-law, the engineer Angelo Bari Cicciomessere to the city of Bari. The Teatro Petruzzelli is a grand concert hall situated in the heart of the city.

Teatro Petruzzelli

The concert hall looks to be royal and very ethnic. It is by far the biggest concert hall in the city with accommodations over thousands of pals. This is a real authentic piece in the country and thus it really appears to be a worthy look. Apart from all others, it is quite similar to an opera Hall. This makes the lovers a real attractive place to hop in. It is also another drop-off point for the local cabs. It is one of the oldest theaters in the city.

Succorpo Della Cattedrale di Bari

The Succorpo Della Cattedrale di Bari has always been the meeting place of religious medieval city. It occupies the peripheral area of the ancient settlement – one by the walls and the Old Gate (now Via Arco Alto) – and, according to local tradition (Beatillo, Petroni), near the mosque and palace of the Emirs. This is also another place to drift in.

Succorpo Della Cattedrale di Bari

The impulsive art that is reflected in the Succorpo Della is quite familiar to all and this turns up the heat for a peep in. One interesting thing is that on the walls of the interior part, there is reflection of the majestic arts the Italians could make out in the ancient times. One would get to know a little more about the history in the city if a visit is confirmed. It is structured as a cathedral with a real attraction behind the arts. It is a new construction of the cathedral that comes up with a great artistic view. Entry fee is minimal at just $2.

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Lungomare e Murat a Bari

A view of the city from the port- well, a mere draft, but this place is quite famous for the travelers. People have a walk on the bay of the Adriatic Sea and experience the strong breeze that chills out everything. An awesome glimpse of the city is found when one has a walk over the place.

Lungomare e Murat a Bari

The most beautiful part is that this place is adjacent to the port. Thus a large amount of ships and a reflection of the fishery can be seen. At night, it is a great place to observe the city and the growth it has been taking place.

Che Gusto C’e

The Che Gusto C’e

is the most famous pub of the city. Mainly oriented for hard drinks, this place gives a wonderful experience for everyone to overcome with. Also, the Che Gusto C’e gives a perfect nightlife to every folks.

Che Gusto C'e

If you are looking for some sipping and crunching, then it is the best place to be. Up against the pace of the city- it is a place where the young guns meet. The ambience here is very thrilling indeed and this comes to be very relaxing. Figure out some wines from the heart of Italy and have a cool sip.

Citta Vecchia – Bari

Citta Vecchia

It’s a Deep Trip in the flavors of Italy. The origin of pasta makes this a real delicious place. You can have a wonderful experience of the pasta. Live making of pasta can be enjoyed when one comes to the Che Gusto C’e. Not excellent, but his place has a lot of things and smiles to offer. Pastas and Pizzas are the traditional food of the country, but when you see the art of it being reflected in front of you, it happens to be a good try indeed. Have a flavor of the famous pastas from the town.

Cattedrale di San Sabino


Cattedrale di San Sabino

is the cathedral of Bari, in Apulia, southern Italy, senior to, though less famous than, the Basilica of St Nicholas Basilica di San Nicola in the same city. The cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Bari-Bitonto, as it was previously of the archbishops, earlier bishops, of Bari. It is dedicated to Saint Sabinus, a bishop of Canosa, whose relics were brought here in the 9th century. It is one of the most sacred places of the city to turn up. Noted for the dedication towards Jesus, the Cattedrale makes up a great focus on being a major attraction.

Cattedrale di San Sabino

The Cattedrale welcomes everyone- from the insiders to the visitors all are welcome here to have their wishes fulfill. The present building was constructed between the late 12th and late 13th centuries, mostly in the last thirty years of the 12th century, and was built on the site of the ruins of the Imperial Byzantine. Truly a devotional place and is really interesting to have a look at the Cattedrale. It is a place where families are invited and the locals of the city term the Cattedrale as a mythical place.

The Cattedrale was constructed way back in the years and it is often termed as “A Blessing in no Disguise”.

San Nicola (Bari Vecchia)

San Nicola is the historical district of the city of Bari. Having said

Bari Vecchia

by its inhabitants, is located inside the ancient walls, and is well known, since the nineteenth century, as opposed to the new town. Bari Vecchia is situated in the peninsula enclosed between the two ports of Bari bounded on the south by Corso Vittorio Emanuele, while the new town extends between the railway and the coast, with streets in orthogonal grid.

San Nicola

Residents in the city of Bari celebrate The San Nicola (Bari Vecchia) as a place of fun. It outstretches a long corridor that sets up a real boom for the tourists. The dynamic church also brings up a lot of enthusiasm in between everyone to have their prayers. It happens mostly on the Christmas Eve when the church sizzles with the people. Quite famous over the years, but there is something that is indeed necessary. The people come here for regular prayers and they all celebrate their moments. The ambience created is very melancholic and it is really worthy of a watch when you hop up with your family.

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Castel Del Monte

Castel Del Monte

, the13th century fortress and the castle are located in Andria, Apulia region, in the south. It stands on a promontory, which was built during the 1240s by Emperor Frederick II, who inherited the land from his mother Constance of Sicily. In the 18th century, marble interior of the castle and the rest of the furnishings were removed. It has neither a moat nor a drawbridge, and some of it has been designed as a defensive fortress.

Castel Del Monte

The Castle Del Monte is one of the finest places to visit around Bari. It is a great castle that has been constructed over years ago without any intention. Over the years, this place has gained impactful publicity and it is a great place to visit. Once you have entered in the castle, you would feel how much active it was in the past. In fact, it is one of the famous castles in the country and is now open for everyone. The maintenance has been really great is a must visit for the trotters. Entry fees is $10.

Palazzo dell’Acquedotto Pugliese

Building the aqueduct, it was built in 1926 by engineer Cesare Brunetti following a style liberty. It gets its name because it is the seat of the Apulian Aqueduct Foggia. It has two entrances, one via Scillitani, where there is the first building and then one in via Isonzo, where there is the second building. They come together to form a triangle, within which there is a courtyard. This is one of the special places that people do often hit along.

Palazzo dell'Acquedotto Pugliese

The exceptional art gallery is covered with real exceptions of pictures and other works. It is an exhibition centre where lover can find their beauty. It is often considered by many as the jewel of Italian Art. The art gallery exhibits the paintings and the arts from different parts of the country and hen the final exhibition takes place, it becomes a wonderful place to visit. The chargeable entry fee is $10.

Piazza Mercantile

This beautiful piazza is fronted by the Sedile, the headquarters of Bari’s Council of Nobles. In the square’s northeast corner is the Colonna Della Giustizia, where debtors were once tied and whipped. PIAZZA MERCANTILE SEAT OF NOBLE Palace or the Seat was built around 1543, as the seat of the Council of Nobles and Primary, equivalent to the current City Council.

Piazza Mercantile

This is commonly termed by the locals as the heart of Bari. A real place to clatter along- the Piazza brings up a commonly atmosphere between everyone which is appreciated by all. Also, it surrounds a small statue where local bikers urge out to show their kills as well as their developed stunts. The perfect thing about this is the trauma it generates.

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