Five Countries With The Cheapest Hotels

The countries which have the cheapest hotels are as follow:-


This is one country which is definitely budgeted friendly; this country provides the cheapest hotels possible. This country provides the cheapest accommodation with dinner and hot water facility. The hotels support long trips for the families, couples as well as friends. Thailand is a very cheap place with the presence of all the well known facilities in the cheapest hotels. Tourists can choose their hotels keeping in mind their exact desires and wants.



This is another country which has got in its sleeve the best of cheap hotels. The capital of Bangkok has earned the name and fame of providing some five star facilities in cheap hotels. The best among them include the hotels with bathroom and shower coming within the range of $25-$30. The food out here is cheap and the hotels are situated in various streets like Khao San Road, Sukhumvit area and many more. The streets are classified with the choices made along.


This is the third country in the list with the presence of all the cheap and comfortable hotels for both the middle-class and higher class people. If, luxury is in the list then, this country, even provides, cheapest rates in luxury hotels. The middle-class people can easily find cheap hotels in the list; the fooding, lodging and bathroom with shower is available in this country.



This is the fourth country in the list with the presence of cheapest hotels possible. It is a major travel hotspot in the present generation. The Colombian tourist section is a big deal for providing all the facilities for getting the best accommodation through cheap payment. There are hotels providing buffet with ridiculously good food at the cheapest rate possible. This country has a lower cost of living and so it is able to provide the best facilities in the form of cheapest hotels.

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The Argentina is well acquainted with the presence of all the best known facilities possible to represent in the form of cheapest hotels. This country provides a dorm bed under $15 and with food facility being very cheap. The private rooms have the food facility and come under $20; these private rooms come with bathroom facilities. Thus, saving much bucks than the regular one.

The world is a big place and touring is the most effective medium to cultivate the mind and understand the thoughts. The luxury hotels are the ones which everyone desires but, price tags are too high for everyone to afford. These countries come with those facilities in cheaper mode. The listing is done based on the prices paid by the tourists and the experience shared by the tourists. The country with low cost of living is able to provide cheaper hotels with maximum comfort. It is not that the lower cost of living is an excuse or information. The lower cost of living is a very comfortable choice which this country has for providing the best facilities to the tourists.

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