8 Coolest Restaurants to Visit

Coolest Restaurants in the World


What does it take to dine at the coolest restaurants in the world? You are going to spend money compared to what you spend in other restaurants.

These coolest restaurants are created with luxury and satisfaction in mind. 

Coolest Restaurants

From the serving to the menu, desserts to the main course, everything is prepared to super impress you.


The coolest restaurants to visit

Here is a list of some of the coolest restaurants to visit:

Atomix, New York City

Atomix has not lost its special touch on each meal it serves to customers. It offers numerous Korean techniques to offer both familiar and foreign ingredients.

Every dish served comes with a card that talks about the Korean ingredients used to prepare the meal. While you eat, you are enlightened with what you are eating, making it an exceptional restaurant.

The amazing functions of Wagyu, foie gras and mole sauce in your meals give you taste you would not forget in a hurry.

Coolest Restaurants

Boragó, Santiago, Chile

Borago is among the coolest restaurants in the world. Rodolfo Guzmán is the superstar chef controlling the sumptuous meals served in the restaurant.

While Boragó is located in Santiago, it has not gone untouched by people in the US and Europe. The restaurant is the Noma of Chile.

Guzmán makes use of Chilean ingredients, techniques, and products to cook sumptuous meals for visitors coming to the restaurant.

Dani Maison, Ischia, Italy

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The coolest restaurants like Dani Maison is situated in a fairy tale location. The restaurant is surrounded by a garden in a ‘dolce vita’ island of the Mediterranean.

Chef Nino di Costanzo mesmerizes his guests with a creative and innovative vision that focuses on the best local ingredients.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with art, from the modern paintings on the wall to the one-off plates to the object trove in the garden.

Higashiyama Wakon, Kanazawa, Japan

Higashiyama Wakon is one of the coolest restaurants you can visit in the world. 

The entrance to the restaurants is where the experience begins.

Inside the restaurant Is an awe-inspiring space that comes with two tables and counter seats. The architecture is refined and pure, and the small kitchen makes it more intimate.

Mr. Imai leads the cooking magic in this restaurant. The cuisine is a fusion of modern cuisine and its traditional kaiseki. 

 The coolest restaurants in the world

KOKS, Faroe Islands

Visiting the Faroe Islands is an experience on its own, and eating in Koks leaves you mesmerized. Some of the coolest restaurants have nothing on Koks architectural creativity.

KOKS is designed almost like a mythological destination in a hobbit setting. The two-star Michelin restaurant is in a low-ceilinged farmhouse with grass on the roof.

The luscious green fields are surrounded by a lake filled with trout, and rolling hills, isolated on an archipelago in the middle of the Nordic Seas.

The produce used in Koks is sourced locally and the taste is something you have never tasted.

Coolest Restaurants

Noor, Córdoba, Spain

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Noor is highly influenced by the culinary history lesson from chef Paco Morales. The restaurant is among the coolest restaurants you can visit.

It is situated in a working-class suburb and still maintains its cool in design and functionality. The cuisine offers modern culinary techniques that blend with subtleties of meals from the past.

Sorn, Bangkok

The Scorn in Bangkok is located in a reconstructed old house in the middle of the city. The blend of flavors and the beauty of the place leave you coming for more meals.

The unique experience is something everyone would experience. 

The open-air kitchen is perfectly placed in a tropical garden.

The southern ingredients used in the meals bring guests something exotic to the taste buds.

Table by Bruno Verjus, Paris

Table by Bruno Verjus in Paris is one of the coolest restaurants you can dine in the world. It is an intimate restaurant with soft lights and curved lights.

The restaurant is personalized to suit everyone who comes to eat. Whether you have a unique culinary preference or a simple preference, this restaurant got you covered.


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