Things To Do In Choeng Thale

When you are planning any holiday, the beach plays a very important role. You would normally prefer a location where there is a beach, so that you will be able to enjoy the best. The fun that you will be able to get at the beach holiday destination is something different and you will love the experience for sure. If you are a person who loves spending holiday at the beach destinations, then

Choeng Thale, Thailand

is the right place for you. This is just an amazing place with so many things to enjoy on the shore of the beach. A beach is liked by everyone because, the experience and the fun that you get the beach is different in every season and every time you visit.

Choeng Thale

Choeng Thale is a perfect place to plan your holiday this year if you are looking for a lot of fun at the beaches. There are many beach holiday destinations and each one offers you a different kind of entertainment. But this beach Choeng Thale is a place which offers you everything that you need in your beach holiday destination. So, do not waste your time anymore. Plan your holiday and have fun with your entire family.

When To Go:

Whenever you are planning a holiday with your family or friends, it is very important for you to get information about the best time to visit that place. When coming to the weather conditions in Choeng Thale, the climate is good always and it never reaches extremes. The climate is just comfortable all round the year, but if possible, try to avoid the rainy season. The rainy season in Choeng Thale is between July to October, but if you are unable to avoid the rainy season, then it is still fine. The reason is, no season in this place is extreme and it is not going to rain for the whole season.

Visit Choeng Thale

After having a look at the months which are to be avoided, now it is time to check out the months which are more favorable. The winter season in Choeng Thale is the right season for your holiday which is between November to February. The climate is cool and it is the best time to enjoy the place. Day and night, both are cool, and hence many people prefer traveling to this place in Winter. But Summer is also not bad, but make sure that you are planning at the beginning of the summer season. Sun bathing, tanning and other water activities are better to enjoy in the month of Summer than in Winter or Rainy seasons. The climate is going to be hot and then you will be able to take the real pleasure of the cold beach water. In winter, you will not be able to enjoy the water sports as the water is going to be too cool. So, it is now your turn to decide which is the best time for you to travel to Choeng Thale as all the seasons are good to travel.

So now, without any more delay, start looking at the

things to do

in Choeng Thale to make your trip more interesting…


Choeng Thale is a beach holiday destination and you are going to have the best time of your holiday on the


only. You cannot deny the fact that you are going to always plan a beach holiday destination, if you have visited a beach holiday the previous year. There are many activities that you can enjoy on the shore of the beach like sun bathing, play volleyball, water activities and many other things.

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Even kids like spending time at the beach than any other spots on a holiday to the beach destination. The beach of Choeng Thale has been just dazzling and stunning. The sand of the beach is white and the water is also clean. You will not find any problem to enjoy at the beach as they are calm in spite of so much crowd at the shore of the beach. Do not miss this exciting spot in Choeng Thale when you are visiting this place.

Beach clubs

When you are going on a holiday vacation, then you should be able to leave all your stress and enjoy well with the family or friends. One thing that contributes to this is the accommodation facility that you are choosing. If you are looking for the best place to stay in Choeng Thale, then you should choose to stay at one of the

beach clubs

. You will have all the facilities that you need for your holiday and all the facilities provided are the best.

Beach clubs

The bar and the restaurant facilities here are the best and most comfortable. One of the best beach clubs in Choeng Thale is Bimi beach club. The evenings at the beach club are the best and you are going to have fun at this place. The drinks and the food that you get at this beach club is good. The view of the beach is also very interesting from these beach clubs.

Surfing and windsurfing

Now, when you have reached the beach holiday destination, it is definitely time to try some interesting water activities like

Surfing and windsurfing.

There are many surfing centers in Choeng Thale, so you can book your package with any of these centers. They are going to provide you the boards for surfing and wind surfing. The water on the beach is clean and the waves are not heavy.

Surfing and windsurfing

Earlier the water sports like surfing were seen only on the television and get excited, but now it is time for you to try them yourself. All those people who love this kind of adventurous and exciting games, should now try them right away. All that you need to know about how to go for this kind of water sports will be taught by the surfing centers in Choeng Thale. You need to make sure that you are following all the instructions given and also make sure that you know swimming. Do not miss to try surfing, even if you are not having experience in trying them.

Scuba and snorkeling

It is not just surfing and wind surfing that you can enjoy in Choeng Thale. You can also enjoy

Scuba and snorkeling.

These two are also very popular water sports in this place and there are many diving centers available. You get the complete diving kit from these centers or you can get your own if you are very passionate about diving. You will be given complete training about scuba diving an snorkeling in the beach of Choeng Thale.

Scuba and snorkeling

You can attend the classes and get certified also. All the trainers available here are having years of experience and you can get training from them. It is going to be an entirely different experience in your life if you have never tried diving. You are going to be in the deep water and enjoy watching the colorful fishes around you. You will get a chance to see live fish just beside you and swimming along with you.

Golf Course

When you are in a beach holiday destination, you normally expect only the water activities in that place. But when it comes to Choeng Thale, you can even enjoy the

Golf Course.

The Phuket Adventure Mini Golf is the golf course in this place and you will enjoy playing at this golf course. The course is maintained very well and the staff at this place is friendly and welcoming. The eighteen holes of this golf course are very interesting to place and all people who have experience or those who just started playing golf will love it.

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Golf Course

The front holes are pretty easy to play, while those at the back are a bit difficult to play, but this level of difficulty makes it very interesting to play the sport. The greens and the fairways are maintained very well. The water pools are also interesting and maintained very well. You are going to have the best time, even on the golf course. If you are having experience in playing golf, then you are going to have the best time. There are many other facilities available at thiscourse and you can check with the golf course staff.

Horse Riding Lessons

Horse riding is something which is fascinating for everyone. Do you go for horse riding or do you like to go for horse riding classes? Then the

Horse Riding Lessons

at the Cheong Thale are the best ones for you. You have an international horse club at this place and you are going to love the experience of getting trained at this place.

Horse Riding Lessons

The teacher is very friendly and ready to train you. You will be given all instructions and the safety equipment that are required. The ride is going to be for one hour and it is going to be the best time that you will spend in Cheong Thale if you love horse riding. Do not miss to go to this place. It is very interesting and exciting to ride a horse.

Boat Tours

If you are going to Choeng Thale in Summer, then going for

Boat Tours

is going to be very exciting. There are many kinds of boat tours available in this place like the motor boat ride, speed boat ride and many other kinds of boats. You will even have a cruise ride which is going to be very interesting for you. You can just go for a boat ride along with your family by choosing a closed boat ride and you can also go for an open boat ride.

Boat Tours

Traveling on a speed boat, in the middle of the sea is going to make your trip more and more exciting than what you can imagine about it. Speed boat rides are normally seen in movies and you get excited to try them in real. So now it is the time to try it yourself. Do not miss the boat tours and also do not forget to click a lot of pictures in the center of the beach.


There are a lot of things that you can shop at this place Cheong Thale. One of the best


places here is Canal Village Shopping Centre. This is an old market, which is ten years old. There are a lot of things in this market, but the mini market is more interesting than everything else. Your kids are going to have fun here as there are a lot of places for them to play and enjoy.


As this is a beach holiday destination, there will be many stalls on the shore of the beach which sell the handicraft items. You can buy these items at a very low price and if you can bargain, then you will be able to get the items for much cheaper rates as well. This is an interesting thing that you need to do in Choeng Thale which most of the women would love to do.

Night Life


Night Life

is this place Choeng Thale is very interesting. When you are done with your sightseeing in this place, you will must be tired, but this is not the time to sit and relax in your hotel rooms. There is another way to relax from the all day tiredness and that is through the night life that you get to enjoy here. There are many bars in this place like Loy Krathong Bar.

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Night Life

This is the most popular bar here, but apart from that bar there are many other bars and clubs as well for enjoying the night life. The beach clubs also have the live music for you to enjoy and this is the time when you can see the local dances and enjoy the local music of Choeng Thale. So, now do not sit in your room to relax, go out and enjoy the music which is going to keep you relaxed and pleasant.

Spa and beauty

Thailand is a place for many kinds of

Spa and beauty

treatments. There are many spas here and you can book an appointment with any of the spas. There are also many hotels which are having spas indoor and this is an advantage for you. You can now pamper your body at any of these Spas. Your entire body is going to feel so relaxed after you are done with your spa treatments. All the people at the Spa are very professional and having years of experience in offering this kind of services.

Spa and beauty

There is no activity or anything on Choeng Thale that can beat the relaxation that you get at this place. All the massages and other services are offered at a great price, in fact the price that you pay is far less than the services that you get at this place. So, if you have never tried any of the spa services, then you should try them here, and if you are having any problems like backache, joint pains, you can get them treated here. You can also buy some spa products here and that is the best part you can enjoy even after leaving this place.


Who would not love to taste the Thai food when they are visiting any restaurant? Most of you would like to try. Then what would you feel when you are in a restaurant in Thailand? You should not miss this opportunity to taste the Thai


directly by the Thai cooks. The food is just yummy and those who love eating Thai food are going to love it for sure. There are many Thai restaurants that serve the food yummy and mouth watering. Try the food and the signature dishes of Choeng Thale. Every place would have its own signature dish and you should not miss it when you are in that place. One important thing about the restaurants in this place are they are very welcoming and the ambience is just perfect and the way you want them to be. So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning a trip to this place and your partner likes Thai food, then book a table at the best Thai restaurant in Choeng Thale for candle light dinner and give them a surprise. You will definitely have a great time.


Do you think that there is something missing in this beach holiday destination? Your answer would mostly be NO. Then what are you waiting for? Switch on your computer and start looking for the flight tickets and hotel rooms in Choeng Thale for your next holiday. You will have to book them in advance if you are planning your trip in Winter, as the place is going to expensive in winter and there are also chances that you don’t get accommodation. You are going to have a great time in Choeng Thale and your family is going to love you for taking them to a holiday at such great holiday destination. Do no miss the food and shopping at this place. Have a great holiday in Choeng Thale, Thailand.

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