13 Best Things to do in Monrovia

The best things to do in Monrovia

What are the best things to do in Monrovia? Liberia is famous for many things. The country was founded by freed slaves and has the darker histories of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Monrovia has moved on with a brighter side of tourism. We have some of the best things to do in Monrovia for you.

Best Things to do in Monrovia

The best things to do in Monrovia for tourists

Let us explore the best things to do in Monrovia with you:

Visit the Evelyn’s

The Evelyns is a  hands-down favorite spot for lunch and early-evening cocktails in the city. It offers everyone upmarket Liberian dishes.

Some of the dishes include palm butter and rice, American mains including sandwiches, and other sumptuous meals. .

Golden Beach: best things to do in Monrovia

Life in Monrovia gets a kick when you visit the Golden beach. Evenings are excited around here and tourists come here to unwind.

Sink your feet into the sun and watch the sunset while you take your gin and tonics. We are not in a hurry to leave the beach.

Lila Brown’s

No visit to Monrovia is complete without visiting Lila Brown’s, an old colonial duplex bar is nestled between the Atlantic and Mamba Point Hotel.

Downstairs, the place offers you a party vibe on weekend and a food menu to keep your energy on. One of the best things to do in Monrovia is coming here.

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See the Hotel Ducor

The now-defunct Pan Am Airlines, formerly used the hotel, and it was also a site of key political meetings. Today, the stunning colonial ruin has become a popular tourist destination.

You can have a glimpse into an extravagance that went into the building and running this hotel when it was in operation.

Leslie Lumeh: best things to do in Monrovia

Art lovers will love this place. Lesile is where you find some of the watercolor and acrylic paintings. You can get information on the Liberian contemporary art scene.

Lesile does not have his gallery, but he got you souvenirs you will love to buy.

Best Things to do in Monrovia

Waterside Market

Waterside Market shopping is one of the best things to do in Monrovia.  The chaotic market has almost everything you need.

Learn how to haggle hard with local traders and smile when you hit a great bargain.


KaSaWa is a fair-trade business initiative in Monrovia that attracts producers and designers from Robertsport.

You can find an assortment of clothes colorful bags, and lots more.  You can help the group fund some local causes.

Sweet Lips: best things to do in Monrovia

Sweet Lips offers you the very best Liberian food. You can try eating fufu (puréed, fermented cassava) and palm butter. You can get other meals too.

When you are hungry in Monrovia, come over here for some sumptuous meals.


Loveseats and wicker armchairs welcome you at the oceanfront Tides, a place where you enjoy the comfort and great views of the ocean.

A cocktail list is scribbled on a blackboard, and you try the bissap margarita, while you try your hands on the pool table.

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Sajj House: best things to do in Monrovia

What do you want to eat in Monrovia? Lebanese got you covered with their meals in Sajj House. You can try the Lebanese meze, cheese-and-spinach pies, sandwiches, and pizzas.

On Fridays, you enjoy salsa-dancing and other lively activities. People are served beneath a large traditional Liberian garden hut.

Best Things to do in Monrovia

Visit the Liberia National Museum

The Liberia National Museum was vandalized during the war years. However, the museum is finding its feet with lots of works happening inside it. The art exhibition and photos will leave you stunned.

Some of the rarest pictures and events are seen here.

Palm Spring Resort: best things to do in Monrovia

Weekend nights in Congo Town come alive at the Palm Spring Resort. You can mingle with the elites and play casino here. The live music in the bar attracts tourists and locals to it.

Embassy Suites

The Embassy Suites offers you a bowl of popcorn before you start your meal. On the menu is a mix of Lebanese and American dishes, including fresh salads, steaks, and other meals.

Have a great time here when you eat and relax in their luxury rooms.

You can stop over and buy some gifts for your loved ones in Monrovia.

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