10 Perfect Destinations for Photoshots

Top perfect destinations for photoshots

We have some badass perfect destinations for photoshots around the world. If you are thinking of a place to use for your best pictures, we got you covered.

A visit to some of these perfect destinations for photoshots offers you enviable Instagram pictures.  If you are searching for where to take top spots for jaw-dropping shots, look no further.

Perfect Destinations for Photoshots

The perfect destinations for photoshots

Do you want some amazing travel shots in your next getaway? We have rounded up a few of the places you can achieve this dream.

 Trolltunga – Odda, Norway

Trolltunga is often translated as the Troll’s Tongue, and it is among the perfect destinations for photoshots. The rock slab pulls out some 700m above a massive lake.

If you can conquer this destination by taking an eight to 12 hour round trip, you have earned your opportunity to get some of the most mesmerizing pictures on earth.

You have to move past waterfalls, snowy peaks, mountains, and creeks. This spot is popular and requires the perfect moment for your picture taking.

 Kīlauea – Big Island, Hawaii

We have seen people take stunning pictures in front of this molten lava. A visit to Big Island offers you more than you can ever bargain for when it comes to selfies.

The active volcano has become a place many people try their hands when it comes to taking selfies.  Lava is seen flowing over fields between the sea and summit. You can take your shoots around here.

Perfect Destinations for Photoshots

Plank Hike – Mt Huashan, China

The Plank Hike is where you find the Taoist temples. Emperors of the past come here for sacrifices in an era. Today, this place has become an epic and beautiful spot hovering over the edge of a 300m precipice.

You must be careful here if you want to hike. However, cable cars reach two of the five peaks, from where tourists walk the circuit. Aim for the walkway for your pictures.

Where to find the perfect destinations for photoshots

Pedra da Gávea – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pedra da Gavea is among the perfect destinations for photoshots. This place is an 844m-high peak offering the most stunning views you can get.

The walk to this place is not a joke. You may have to stay away from snakes and monkeys when you take the Tijuca National Park’s thick Atlantic forest route.

 Kjeragbolten – Norway

Norway got its own place for those who are searching for perfect destinations for photoshots.  This spot is sole when it comes to standing on a giant ball of rock.

This amazing picture-taking spot is wedged in a crevasse above Lysefjorden. It will take you six hours to get to this beautiful spot.

The Void skywalk – Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France

The Void Skywalk is a glass box standing some 3,842m high on top of a summit next to Mont Blanc. This place is one of the perfect destinations for photoshots.

You can use a cable car to get to the destination. Once you get here, you are offered some of the most spectacular points for your pictures.

Ben A’an – Loch Lomond, Scotland

This summit is stunning and offers you the viewpoints to take some of the best pictures on earth.  The spot is within an hour of Glasgow or an hour and a half of Edinburgh.

A climb to this destination is something most people dream of and helps you capture some great selfies.  You should plan your pose prior to your arrival to this place.

Stunning perfect destinations for photoshots

McAfee Knob – Virginia, USA

McAfere Knob is one of the perfect destinations for photoshots, especially when you look at the Appalachian Trail.

This destination offers a ‘signature ledge’ with the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia posing.  The peak is about 1,000m high, and takes about four hours to reach.

Conquer this place and take some of the finest pictures on earth.


 Roy’s Peak – Wanaka, New Zealand

Take Roy’s Peak if you want to get some of the great pictures.  This  ‘wow’ location is among the perfect destinations for photoshots. It takes about seven hours to get to the summit.

 Adam and Eve – Tryfan, Wales

Adam and Eve is among the perfect destinations for photoshots in the world. Conquer your fear and brace for some great pictures here.


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