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A beautiful city in the north of Italy, Vicenza is in the Veneto region at the base of Monte Berico. Covering an area of around 60 kilometers, it lies west of Venice and 200 Kms from Milan.

A thriving cosmopolitan area, with a rich history and cultural heritage, Vicenza is filled with history and museums. Art galleries, Piazzas and churches are scattered around the place, making this place the best that it can be. Considered to be one of the country’s richest cities, Vicenza is primarily agricultural in its nature and employs tens of thousands of people in its agriculture.

Most of the country’s gold and jewelry is made in Vicenza and though it was originally settled by the EUGANEI tribe, it is now a cultural mix of people.


It was in 157 BC that the name of Viceta or Vincentia was accorded for this city and it stands for victorious, assuming that the city was a victorious effect of the settlers to make this place their home. The major produce of this area is wine, wheat, olive oil and cherries. Quarries of marble, sulphur, copper and silver are also available in abundance throughout the area, providing another opportunity to enhance livelihoods and employment. Beds of lignite and Kaolin also are lined with Mineral springs a, the most famous of which is the Recoaro. There are massive industrial areas of the city which have not yet transferred the effects of industrialization in this beautiful scenic landscape. Essential fashion brands like diesel, Bottega Veneta and Marlboro Classics are the major fashion and lifestyle brands in this area. The pride of this city can be seen in the beautiful and attractive villas and fine architecture, which has a unique appearance to it largely, contributed by the 16th century Palladio constructions which make this place seem heavenly. Also called the city of gold, Vicenza is a beautiful town to visit. You would not have any troubles reaching the place for its efficient airport and a connecting bus service.

When To Go:

Visit Vicenza

From April till September, the months are relatively hot with temperatures touching almost 38 degrees Celsius and maximum rain falls in the same months. The best time to visit the city would be in the months from October till May every year- the best time to enjoy the most in this beautiful city which has a lot to offer. There is not much difference in the temperatures of the night and the day and hence, the best season to visit is the dry season, which allows you to participate in the various outdoor activities the city is immensely famous for.

These are the

things to do

in Vicenza, Italy…

Teatro Olimpico

There is nothing better than an excellent piece of art which makes you remember the ancient roots of the city. The

Teatro Olimpico

is a stunning piece of architecture from the 1850’s. Among the other pieces of architecture which are truly Palladian, this one theater is stupendously made of human craftsmanship and knows how to impress the traveler. High walls, serene environments and you will be simply baffled at this theatre! Normally when you hear the word theatre you find nothing interesting about it, but when you see this one, it will leave you amazed!

Teatro Olimpico

You can enjoy your time sitting on the steep wooden benches and take a good look at the stage. The imagination of the artists performing seems to come alive with the glance at the stage. There are seven magnificent entrances to this building that have been designed after careful inspection of the geometrical design of the theatre. The walls have been painted to give the idea of long streets to the whole environment. The gates and the ruins effects have been replicated in the theatre, and the seven angles that line the designed streets, can make you see the scenes from seven different angles. There is a huge collection of beautiful statues as well that lines the entire place.

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Piazza dei Signori

Piazza roughly translates to the square. A historical place for walks with your loved ones, a beautiful square where the crowds gather and the best sight in Vicenza, this landmark of the city is mind boggling. Though it appears to be very simple, the concept behind the design is quite complicated and intricate. This becomes the favorite square of many people who visit Italy. With the design attributed to the brilliance that designed the basilica, this masterpiece of a square is lined with Cafes, restaurants great bars and lounges.

Piazza dei Signori

You can visit this place anytime during the day or the night, and find it buzzing with life. A huge area which has no cars and ample strolling peace makes it the perfect place for long evening out of the home or the hotel. One area in the city where the tourists and travelers just merge with the local crowd! Beauty redefined with awesome architecture and planning, the

Piazza Dei Signori

square remains the favorite of all nature and architect lovers. Spend an evening here to reconnect with your past and childhood memories.

Basilica Palladiana

Another Basilica which is a beautiful historic site and landmark of the city, this place is known for its statues’ comfortable parking nearby saves you the time to park away and the walk is reduced. Beautiful sights of architecture line the area and it also has a beautiful park around it making it just apt for a day long excursion. Roughly to appreciate the making of the

basilica Palladiana

, you would consume around four hours, appreciating each piece of architecture and construction.

Basilica Palladiana

While it has been restored recently, the brilliance and the originality have not been altered at all and the authenticity of the Basilica Palladiana has been retained! Basically constructed in a gothic style, this building has been the favorite of many natives for its serenity and spirituality. The only restricted area is the top most floor of the basilica while the rest of the area is completely open for all visits and photography. Housing the greatest treasures of architecture and valuable art, this basilica is the best in the country and has been known for ages.

Cooking Classes

What if you were to enjoy a vacation and hone your culinary skills as well? Say a package deal where in you relish the local food of the Italians and then also know how to cook it with expertise. Enroll for quick learning courses, many of which are at expertise level chefs and cooks. Cooking with Lucas is one such brilliant option, with an awesome sense of humor and excitement over the cooking table, these classes are plain fun and enjoyment. Nothing beats the joy of eating what you have cooked when everybody at the table is simple appraise for your cooking.

Cooking Classes

After making you feel instantly welcomed, in Lucas’ apartment which is housed in a castle, the Mater chef himself can take you on a joyride of memories and fables whilst he rustles up the best of the traditional meals of the Italian household. Lucas is warm and funny and a total expert in his domain of cooking and he knows just how to keep each person entertained and busy.

Cooking classes

are surely a delight for each member of your travel group which makes it a total group fun activity. Learn a trick or two to take back home!

Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni Montanari

In a city of gems, this place is the hidden gem. Purchase an admit card at the entry and feel lost in the momentous architecture and works of art. You will be able to find many famous paintings in this area. This museum located in the heart of the city knows how to keep you happy. This is why each work of art displayed is outstanding in its genre and league. Though it is not a Palladian the

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Gallerie Di Palazzo Leoni Montanari

is exclusive in terms of the spiral exhibits that are placed in the exhibition.

Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni Montanari

There are also a few rotating exhibits making you evaluate the intricacy of the art from all the angles possible, which makes you fall in love with this place tremendously. Though you may think that this is just another gallery in functioning, once you enter the place you would be amazed by it and its offerings. Nothing beats the passion of drowsing in history of which you have enough knowledge. And this is exactly what the USP of this gallery is. The exhibits are detailed and the information very crisp. It does not lend you the time to be bored. Done with the art viewing at the gallery? Proceed on the beat in the town!

Ponte San Michele

If you have ever wondered what makes the age old art work see more interesting than all the technology in place, then this is where you will find your answers.

Ponte San Michele

offers you the best in terms of traditional art and architecture ensuring that you derive the best of the artwork from here. An age old bridge is the best sight in this area.

Ponte San Michele

Surviving hundreds of years on traffic in this part of the city, this bridge has seen all the revolutions and histories. A wonderful part of the view of the river that flows beneath the bridge is scintillating. Quiet and clam the bridge is not visible unless you go close enough to the area. Lit up by dim lights and many colors this place is a better sight to see at night. A walk on this bridge is lovely and well worth your time.

Parco Querini

This place has many locals thrive the area for their kind of fun activities. You will find runners, walkers and tourists all around the place. Perfect location to enjoy picnics and walks on the beautiful ground, the

Parco Querini

, many people go here just to be able to click the most memorable picture of the Santa Maria Church in Aracoeli. But with the full bloom in June the church is not that clearly visible due to the trees. There are lovely soft rabbits everywhere in the area, and a stream flowing in is bordered by the bamboos making the place look divine.

Parco Querini

This is where the rabbits have been living for years and they are not the grey wild ones, but the domesticated white rabbits that have now gone wild. This becomes one of the sights that you would just not forget. Though this is quite a big area, you have to be here to see how many people can be together and yet be engrossed in their selves. This place is totally recommended if you are in Vicenza for some days. Not just the walks and the stools, you can also do push-ups and chin-ups in some areas of the park that have pavement like structures. There are a lot of chickens in the park too, and the chickens are not afraid of people! So while you may be enjoying your sandwich and crackers, you might just have a chicken share it with you! Do carry a lot of water else you will end up buying bottles!

Bus Tours

There is nothing better than visiting a city in its local modes of transport making you see all the locals and their lives and ensuring that you get a taste of the native habits and customers. Essentially to check out the whole place on foot is the best suggested idea. But considering not all of the traveler’s would have ample time, if you have a short stay in Vicenza, hire a bus tour and let you self-enjoy the city sitting comfortably in a bus while the guide takes you around explaining the legends and the history behind every piece of art work and architecture that you see.

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Vicenza Bus Tours

There are various bus tours which may be offered to you based on your preferences and time allowance. While you may wish to choose from the countryside, Palladio villas and other cultural landmarks, you have the liberty of deciding what all you want to see in the city. Most of the bus tour operators are fluent in English making it easy for you to comprehend the history and narratives of the place. Tour operators are quite friendly and make sure that you enjoy the tour comfortably. Covering all Basilicas, parks, museums and shopping areas, the

Bus tours

can be as extensive as you want them to be even stretching over many days.

Loggia Valmarana

A Palladio Masterpiece, this architectural wonder can take many colors during the day depending upon the various hues of the sun. It is the sheer reflection of the different colors of the sun that makes this place just too beautiful to behold.

There is a striking balance of the columns and the depth of the Loggia, such that the elegance of this structure surpasses the entire architectural design. Even during the rains, the building seems to be magical with almost divine interventions into the surroundings to make this place appear special. So you can just visit this place and relax in the lap of nature.

Feed the ducks if that makes you happy while you rest peacefully on the log benches that have been there for ages. Stand beside the statues and pose like them to get beautiful pictures. Just the kind of place you would want to have in the background of your selfies.

Loggia Valmarana

There are brilliant landscapes and beautiful scenic locations in the province of Vicenza. It also offers a variety of activities for the sports enthusiasts. Be it climbing, paragliding, mountain biking and trekking, the range of activities to enjoy is not less. While you choose your thrill factor and indulge with your soul, Vicenza will not fail to amaze you and charm you completely.

This is one destination where the travelers wish to come again and again for the simplicity and the peace it has to offer. If on one hand the Berici Hills keep you hooked, the Monte Grappa is captivating. Snow falling in this landscape is mesmerizing and makes sure that you fall in love with this place.

Snow falls also multiply your opportunities of fun with snowboarding, skiing and sled races will have you wanting more of the adventure and fun. The culinary delights to relish are not limited either. With an extensive home cuisine, the Italian food choices are many and sumptuous and the place also offers a variety of options to choose from.

With more than 50 booths to satisfy your sweet tooth, relishing chocolates is a full fledged activity in Vicenza. Certain food fests or the “sagre” are awesome when it comes to the streets in Vicenza and they are absolutely relished by the travelers and the locals alike.

Even more amazing is the Marostica where a game of chess takes place with live pieces. Also called the Scacchi, this is a global event. Be it calm and serene lover or the fun filled enthusiast, Vicenza has an offering for everyone. A must visit if loving the place is on your agenda.

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