Things To Do In Benalmadena

Benalmadena is nestled in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean coast and in the center of the Costa del Sol. This coastal and seaside town along the Province of Malaga is lined with 15 beautiful beaches that are fun to experience. Its Mediterranean climate provides mild temperatures throughout the year and there is an almost total absence of frost in the cold months. It has an excellent hotel infrastructure and apartments of all categories in addition to having a good selection of amusement parks and entertainment centers for the whole family. It is very convenient that there is a pedestrian zone where you need not shy away from any passing cars. The sea, sun, shopping, yachts, exciting flavors, seafood-–Benalmadena is a coastal paradise and the perfect getaway destination.


When To Go:

Benalmadena is a world-class travel destination at whatever time of the year, thus why it keeps on drawing in a huge number of vacationers from January to December consistently. Tourism is always bustling and energetic. Another reason why the region is widely visited by expats and families because of its agreeable and mild temperature, which makes visitors enjoy the beaches, and outdoor attractions and not be bothered by rains and storms during their tour. Locals often refer to the city as the “Sunny Coast”. Whatever month of the year you arrive will rely heavily on what type of adventures and festivals you want to witness in this seaside town in Costa del Sol.

Spring time registers a warm weather and the temperature ranges from 22° to 26°C. It is characterized by longer days of sunshine and clear skies with mellow nights. Spring is also the time when Holy Week is observed by the devout Catholics and another good reason the city is busy during the spring months (March to May). Those who want to enjoy the sun and the party atmosphere at night, plan their vacation during the summer time (June to August). The humidity can range from a cool 25°C to as high as 40° C, but guests can tolerate the weather because the temperature becomes mild with cold sea breeze towards the evening when most people prefer to stroll along the edge of the waters.

Visit Benalmadena

Since it is always sunny on this side of Malaga, the winter season (November to February) there is zero chance of having a snowy and icy winter and people can still swim at the beaches and enjoy their beach adventures even if the temperature goes as low as 10°C more so in the evening when the skies are clear.

These are the major attractions and things to do in the city of Benalmadena:

Santa Domingo Church (Iglesia de Santa Domingo)

is a nice 17th century church located on an elevated plaza. From the church square you can enjoy great views over Benalmadena and the bays! Be sure to also visit at night, the exterior looks beautiful when illuminated. It is a sweet typical village church in Pueblo with nice altar and great interiors. There are great tile images on the outer wall and if you need to attend a service, there is one in Spanish from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. With guitar music on the background, the atmosphere looks a lot like a gospel church service. It is a good place to end a walk around the village. The church is in a special location, in a great natural balcony, next to a columbarium that is overlooking the sea.

Santa Domingo Church

It is completely white and is in very good condition. The outer space is very quiet and has several sources of drinking water. This church is small in size, located on top of a rock beside the village promontory, forming a plateau with gardens and benches and bordered by a white balustrade, from where a great view of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea can be observed. It can be found along the typical Andalusian village of white houses, very neat and clean with lots of flowers along the streets, and where you can enjoy refreshments at some of its stores. When in Benalmadena, it is worth to see and admire everything and you will be in love with a wonderful place.

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Benalmadena Puerto Marina

is a not very large port, but it is an original architecture that invites you to stroll through its docks. The port is ideal for family walks or to grab a bite at one of the many restaurants with varied dishes to offer. It also has a good atmosphere at night for drinks. The port has a lot of entertainment for both adults and for children. There are lots of things to do; boats, scooters, sail, etc., the nightlife abounds, there is an aquarium with a mini golf course and there is also a Dolphinarium.

Benalmadena Puerto Marina

The houses are built in the style of Gaudi and it has a very interesting layout of the harbor. There are many stores and restaurants, which make it a bit noisy, but this atmosphere also has its own charm. The port is impressive for its beauty and uniqueness. Also worth visiting here is the “Aqua World”, where you can see the inhabitants of the sea water. A peculiar interest is the residential buildings built on water. You can stroll along the seafront to the nearby city of Torremolinos.

Parque De La Paloma

is a very nice park with lots of interesting plants, cute animals, and good landscaping. There are several playgrounds and cafes as well as small rides. It is a calm park with a lake and bright green surroundings. In the lake you can find all kinds of fowl – ducks, swans (not wild), chickens, roosters, peacocks, rabbits, and geese. Even turtles live in the lake and coexists with other water animals. There is a store there that sells bread for feeding the ducks and turtles. Rabbits can also be fed, but it is better to buy the carrots in the store.

Parque De La Paloma

The park is a great place for an evening stroll. You can stand on the bridge and admire the little bugs, you can go to see various species of cacti and you can walk through the alleys where you can find shade under a tree if it’s too hot. It is a great place to connect and be one with nature. It’s a quiet place and on ordinary days, there are mothers with strollers and people with dogs. It has an excellent children’s playground with slides and lots of benches for relaxing in the shade of trees.

Benalmadena Pueblo (The Old Village)

Costa del Sol gained prominence for its “white” city-pueblos (villages). There is even a tourist route dedicated to this city. But to have a better idea, it does not necessarily require climbing deep into the coast. You can visit the Benalmadena Pueblo (The Old Villages) to have an idea of the narrow, quiet streets of these towns. Especially because in Pueblo, everything can be seen from the Parador- observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the bay from Torremolinos to Fuengirola. You can also wander through the beautiful small park. Together with local congregations, you can spare some time to reflect on the white church, which impresses with its decoration. Or rest in one of the local cafes.

Benalmadena Pueblo

The El Pueblo gives an “Old Town” feel of Marbella, but it is not without its own mystic charm too. It is located on a hill, far from the sea and you need to travel by bus to reach this beautiful Pueblo. The houses with flowers on the walls are simply adorable. In this place, time stood still with its nice romantic setting, narrow streets lined with beautiful flowers, and a nice square with cozy eateries under orange trees. Highly recommended is a visit to the free museum of the history of pre-Columbian America (across the street from the bus stop) – they have very interesting exhibits. If you want to feel the atmosphere of Andalusia – Benalmadena Pueblo is the place.

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Plaza Espana Benalmadena

is a photographic place in the center of Benalmádena Pueblo (the Old Village). If you’re in the Old Town, you need to get out there more than once, to walk the streets, sit in a cafe, and observe the typical daily life of the Spaniards. On the square, there is a fountain with a girl (often referred to as the little girl or “La Niña”- the official symbol of the city) who according to legends gave the city its name.

Plaza Espana Benalmadena

From the coast, it can be reached by buses 112 and 121, and then you can walk on foot until you reach the gorgeous square in the central part of the Old Village. You can enjoy the different catering establishments (bars, restaurants, etc.). It is a typical place to stroll where the atmosphere is charming, very nice and quiet and located in one of the most emblematic places of Benalmadena.

Teleferico Benalmadena

provides the ascent by cable car to the nearby mountain. In general, it is a pretty – panorama of small towns on the coast and the sea. In cloudy weather at the top you will find yourself just inside the clouds – a mix of very dense fog and wet. As you get closer to the top, the temperature falls significantly. Upstairs there is a small cafe, toilets and fenced footpath. In good weather you can have a great time, but when the weather is not clear, it is better not to climb the mountain because you cannot see anything under the hazy atmosphere. Since reverse path is very smooth and even in dry weather, you need to hold on to the handrails.

Teleferico Benalmadena

The top view is extraordinarily beautiful. The scenic mountain offers a great view of the ride. For lovers of photography and family portraits, there is lots of real room for imagination. The view is fantastic; you can see the whole coast from Malaga to Fuengirola behind. It is a nice trip by cable car high in the mountains, over the amusement park Tivoli, over the highway and above the hike with stunning views, and a bonus free show with raptors (at the Garden of Eagles).Take a sweater, it can be chilly up there. Just be sure you’re there when the birds of prey show start (at exactly 1:00 PM).

Garden of Eagles (Jardin de Las Aguilas)

is a very good place to spend a nice evening if the weather is good. It is located at the end of the cable car and shows are performed at certain hours about eagles and where you can spend good moments with your children. It is wonderful to see these birds in a natural environment. The treatment from the domestication is very close and friendly.

Garden of Eagles

Due to its facilities, you can see even the eggs of the different types of birds, and baby chicks under their care. The eagle show is very well done. The director of the show tells a lot about the animals and the host/trainer presents much of it directly in front. It has worked a lot with the audience and you could have the animals even on the arm. Once the show ends, you can have some pictures with the birds with the assistance of the trainer. There is spectacular scenery to see from above like the Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, and the ocean.

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Castillo de Colomares

is a small and very fine castle in Benalmadena, which is ideal for taking pictures. It is fascinating to see that the builder has taken so much time and has spent so much energy to create a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus. It is a sculptured tribute to the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Castillo de Colomares

It tells the story of Christopher Columbus, his origin and the departure of the three caravels and more. Interesting are the different architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish and Byzantine presented all throughout this marvellous castle. You cannot get there by public transport, so a taxi is the most appropriate transportation. It looks like a beautiful castle right out of a Disney fairytale movie. It is nicely laid out and located in a place above the coast. From here you also have a nice view over the row of beaches on the coast.

Malapesquera Beach

has four football fields, three beach volleyball areas, and a huge space for promenade and sun loungers. It is a sandy beach with an excellent entrance into the sea. The long, wide, and sandy beach of the Malapesquera Beach invites you to stay for a stroll or sunbathe.

Malapesquera Beach

The best time to visit and plan a vacation is the early summer and autumn because it is not as crowded here. There is a bevy of hotels, shops and restaurants around the promenade. It is the typical beach for tourists, with all the conveniences and services. The water is clean, as well as throughout the rest of the coast!

Playa de Benalnatura

is a beautiful beach and easily accessible from the main road. The atmosphere is lively and there is always a large number of beachgoers. Benalnatura is a joy, a natural paradise in Benalmádena. A part of the beach (nudist camp) is guarded and quiet. If you come to this beach, it is to enjoy the sun, sea and nature, without clothes.

Playa de Benalnatura

Moreover, the value of privacy is taken seriously, otherwise Benalnatura will lose the charm and most of its guests. If you’re not comfortable, Benalmádena has dozens of wonderful beaches with no nudist camp. One side of the beach has a family atmosphere, with people of all ages, from young and middle-aged (most) people, to seniors. The great work of the people responsible for keeping the beach orderly, secured, and well maintained is something to be admired.

Butterfly Park of Benalmadena

is like a fairy tale land where you can walk around and find that above you and beside you -butterflies fly. You can also find live kangaroos, iguanas, birds, turtles, chameleons, and a pool of fish. A guide is not complete without the zoologist who will accompany you and answer your questions. The entrance fee is fair and affordable. The location is unique. In fact – this is not only a park; it is a wildlife area which recreates the natural atmosphere of tropical trees, flowers and a pond.

Butterfly Park of Benalmadena

On the whole, a territory of iguanas roams freely, and there are flying flocks of birds and butterflies. The atmosphere is relaxed and charming; it is possible for a long time to watch all this wildlife without noticing the time. You’ll find pleasure in seeing the bright colors and the variety of butterflies and learn so much from the visual aids for their feeding and breeding. Be sure to visit!

Benalmadena is an authentic Andalusian city, where tourism goes very well with the origin of the city. It has a lot of beaches and attractions and it has a beautiful integration of various nationalities and the real Spanish residents. There are many (good) restaurants, plenty of parking, and lots of fun attractions to hang out with. If you are travelling around the Costa del Sol, include Benalmadena in your travel itinerary.

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