Most Luxury Sports Car Theme Park

Have you heard of FerrariLand? This is one of the most luxury sports car theme park that a lot of car lovers would love to visit. This is simply mind blowing and a lot of people are going to love it. Soon, this place would become one of the places where a lot of families would come to see what it looks to have a lot of Ferraris. Formula One legend Sebastian Vettel has been shown what this park would look like and he is thrilled.

Ferrari Company is ready to launch this theme park that would thrill and dazzle the lovers of this sports car brand. You are coming to have a ride of your life when you enter any of the rollercoaster Ferarris. This is going to be extremely fast and for those who hate speed, it may not be a right place to be. Ferarri has already charmed millions of people with its fast and sleek cars and when this park has been launched, those who have ever loved to ride on these cars can now feel the vibe on the rollercoasters.


Sebastian Vettel was one of the persons who have laid the foundation for this park that would soon begin its operation in the nearby future. Guess where this theme park would be located. It is situated around the PortAventura theme park in Spain and it would be opened to the public in 2016. A lot of people may not wait to have this place operational. It covers around 75,000 square metres, with a lot of exciting attractions. You would make use of the fastest and highest vertical accelerator that Europe can ever provide for a sports car.

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One great thing about this place is that there is also a first five star Ferrari themed hotel that would be in it. That is luxury meet speed. You would see what it looks like to be in a Ferrari World. There is a Ferrari World that is operational in Abu Dhabi if you are inching to visit a Ferrari park. This one covers 86,000 square metres. It has become the largest indoor theme park in the world and has the fastest roller coaster in the world, Formula Rossa that makes use of 240km per hour.

You think that you are not scared of speed, try and make use of Formula Rossa and you may understand why it is said to be the fastest in the world. If you are willing to wait for the arrival of the theme park in Spain, you can always make this a special moment for your family. A lot of kids cannot wait to explore this beautiful place.

It would also boast the tourist attraction that you can find in Spain. In 2016, the world of speed would be opened in Spain and a lot of people would be visiting this FerrariLand for sightseeing, relaxation, thrill and action and cruise. Ferrari has designed this place to be full of comfort and relaxation, not to forget the thrill.

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