Countries With The Best Restaurants

The countries which have made a mark in the world for their best restaurants are as follow:-



Latin America has made the mark with Argentina by gifting the world’s best taste buds ever. Argentina is taking all the pride through presenting top restaurants to the world. Some of the well known restaurants are Kalma Resto, Café San Juan, Sarkis, and Hernán Gipponi. The food is fabulous in these restaurants; the Spanish influence is specially seen in these restaurants. The other well known restaurants are Elena, Arambura, Chan Chan and many more. These restaurants have taken the splurge of going on a night out.



This country has given way to the best of traveler foods ever. Whether it is Pronto, Café Illampu, Pizza Pazza, Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza, Taj Mahal and Tropical; these restaurants are the best in Bolivia. The country has provided Indian restaurants like Taj Mahal as well as candid underground restaurants like Pronto. The Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza presents the best pizzas of the world. The best salads, pastas and sandwiches are very tasty and popular in Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza.



The country third on the row is none other than Brazil. The restaurants like Fazenda Babilônia, Manu, Mocotó, and Maní. The Cruzerio do Pescador, Valle Rustico, Restaurante do SENAC and many more. These restaurants are good and nice; the food is divine here and sweet enough to provide a very serene felling to the diners. The flowery grounds and verdant ambience of Restaurante Alcobaça is very beautiful and gives a complete mood for relaxation and elegance.

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The country fourth on the list is none other than Chile. The restaurants in Chile are Mini Mal, Agave Azul, Rafael, Abasto and many more. These restaurants are outstanding and works wonders for people who love to spend some quality time with their family and friends. El Fuerte, Mercado Municipal, Central Cevicheria are some of the best and romantic restaurants of Colombia. The weekends are the best to visit these restaurants. The foods are categorized into spicy and non-spicy ones and are deliciously tempting.



The fifth country on the list is Chile. The best known restaurants, in this country, are El Chejo, Cotelé, La Gringa, and Peumayen. These restaurants are best known in Chile; a family bonding and dining out is best earned through Chile. The charming spot of La Gringa is the main reason why people are attracted to this restaurant. These restaurants offer honest, delicious and healthy foods to their visitors from round the world.



The country has actually earned its name and fame over the best restaurants it has presented in the recent years. The well known Mexican restaurants are Pujol, El Hidalguense, Contramer, and Corazón de Maguey. The other renowned restaurants are El Cardenal, Fonda El Refugio and many more. These restaurants are well known for their interior décors and finest meals. The traditional meals of Mexico are best served in El Cardenal. The meals are slowly cooked over aged oak wood in an underground pit.

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