Athens To Lamia By Bus


When in Athens, visit the four caryatids of the Erechtheion and Moscoforo; the oldest statue of the Acropolis. It is located at the 3 floor gallery of the Parthenon where you can admire the original fragments of the Temple combined with plaster casts.

Athens To Lamia By Bus


Lamia and its Archaeological Museum is situated in the restored Othonian barracks near the ancient citadel which is called the Castle of Lamia. Downstairs, conveniently located is a philosopher statue from Roman times. Upstairs, there are exposed various sculptures such as heads, torsos, and votive reliefs.

Here are the available modes of transport from Athens to Lamia.

Athens To Lamia By Bus

The distance between Athens to Lamia is 211 km. Take the KTEL bus when travelling from Athens to Lamia. The travel time is two hours and 45 minutes at a cost of US$17. For more details, check:

If you choose to drive; the travel time is two hours.

Athens To Lamia By Bus

Athens To Lamia By Train

There are two train rides to complete when travelling from Athens to Lamia. First, take the OSE train that is bound to Llanokladi train station. From here, take the OSE train that is bound to the city of Lamia. The total travel time is three hours and 36 minutes at a cost of US$20. For the list of timetables and fares, check here:

Athens To Lamia By Plane

There are no commercial flights that cover the Athens to Lamia flight route.

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