Top Weirdest Religions In The World

You may think that you have seen it all when it comes to religion. Maybe, you have not seen those who worship woods or even celebrities like Kanye West and the rest. Okay, you might have seen such but what about some very weird religions in the world? We are not just talking about any type of popular religion but those that would beat your imaginations.

We would be taking some top religions that are weird from around the world and we bet that you would believe that they are really strange.

Aetherius Society

aetherius society

Think of combining a little of Hindu, Jewish beliefs and Christian dogma, and them mixing all to form what we called ufology. The members of this religion are trying to stop the world from coming to an end. This is a beautiful act but think about their intention. They believed that the disasters around the world have been prevented through the use of ‘Spiritual Energy Batteries’ and prayers. They are waiting for the day that the ‘Next Master’ would appear on earth, from heavens with magical powers and descending in a flying saucer.

Prince Philip Worship

prince philip worship

Some of people worship the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip. They called themselves the Prince Philip Movement (PPM). They are residents of Yaohnanen region of Tanna, which is a southern island of the Pacific state and Commonwealth member, Vanuatu. The faithful had mistaken the Prince Philip who came with Queen Elizabeth who visited their island, as the son of the son of a spirit who would come to their island. Every June 10th, which is Prince Philip’s birthday, there is a religious festival for him.

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This religion was started by a French racing driver Claude Vorilhons. The name Raelism was gotten from the honorific given to Vorilhons by aliens who had abducted him before they revealed the true origins of mankind. It was said that Rael was taken to a place called Elohim which was a distant planet by the aliens. Where he met great thinkers like Buddha, Jesus and Joseph Smith.



You may scream when you realize that this religion is from a movie series. Some people believe that the basic tenet that is gotten from Jedi is effective. Though, Jedism has not gotten a central organization, this Texas-based ‘Temple of the Jedi Order’ has issued a code f called ‘The 16 Teachings Of The Jedi’ for its believers.

Pana Wave

Pana Wave

This religion is based in Shibuya, Tokyo. This is an odd group who are very scared of electromagnetic waves. They blame it for the woes of mankind, the environmental destructions, the climatic changes and lots of other mishaps on earth.

These are some of weird religions on earth and there are many more. The worshippers of these religions believe that they have the best religion and there is nothing that you can say that would make them see anything strange in what they believe. At the end of the day, life is beautiful; it is what you believe that makes the whole difference.

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