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Are you planning your holiday for this year? Are you confused about the place, where to spend the holiday, then what about Mexico?

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

is one of the most popular holiday destinations. This is a beach holiday destination to spend the hot summer in the cool water. It took almost 15 years for this place to get popular as a holiday destination, but now you can see thousands of tourists coming to this place.

Nuevo Vallarta

Many people call this place as a city and a few call this as a village to spend your holiday, but that is not true. This place Nuevo Vallarta is a Mexican holiday resort which is having all features that are required in a holiday destination. The main goal of this place is not just to offer you some beaches to spend time, but also to offer you a lot more than beaches like amusement parks and many other things.

Visit Nuevo Vallarta

This place Nuevo Vallarta is in the Nayarit state of Mexico. Most of the tourists to this place are from Canada, Australia and United States, but you can see people from other countries also visiting this place every year. Now, it is your turn to plan your holiday at this place and have fun with your entire family.

When To Go:

The best time to visit this place is during the months of February to June. The weather during these months is really pleasant and you will be able to spend a lot of time in sight seeing. But the cost of the hotels and the flight tickets is going to be a bit costly during the peak season. If you are looking for a budget trip, then you can plan in the months of August and September as well. They are also good months with comfortable climate and also cheaper rates. The climate may not be as comfortable as in April through June but the climate is not bad in these two months as well.

Visit Nuevo Vallarta

The climate of this place is never a problem for planning your trip to this place as the temperature never goes to its extremes. So, you can plan the trip whenever you feel comfortable.

You should also check out the things to do in Nuevo Vallarta before you plan your trip to this place, so that you do not miss something that is very important to visit when you go to that place:

Nuevo Vallarta Beach

A visit to a beautiful place which is developed for the entertainment of tourists is incomplete with visiting Nuevo Vallarta Beach.

This is a beach which no one missed when they are visiting Nuevo Vallarta. The beach is dazzling and beautiful always. You will find the beach pleasant and calm at any time of the day and you can spend some best moments of your trip here. Most of the people who have already visited this place would suggest you to visit this place without missing.

Nuevo Vallarta Beach

The sand of the beach is white and just amazing, there are no rock and just sand that is ideal for playing some shore games in volleyball and others. The water on the beach is also calm and good waves, making it ideal for water activities like surfing and windsurfing. If you like spending more time near the beaches, then book your accommodation near to the shore of the beach. So that you can visit the beach whenever you feel like visiting. The food and drinks that are available near the beach are also good and priced reasonably.

Sea Life Park Vallarta

When you are searching online for planning a holiday with entire family, you normally tend to miss to search about things that interest your kids. Entertainment for the kids is also important when you are planning any holiday trip.

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Sea Life Park Vallarta is the place where you and your kids also can have good fun. This is a place for the entire family with a lot of water slides and water games. It is definitely worth the money and the time that you spend at this place.

Sea Life Park Vallarta

Your water activities are going to be along with some animals like the sea lions, dolphins and many others. There are many other activities as well and you will surely have the best time with your kids and you will never forget the time that you spend with animals so closely. Do not forget to click a lot of pictures at this water park. All the rides here are very interesting and exciting as well. Make sure that you are taking care of your kids at the park. The water and the changing rooms are maintained very well and hence it is worth visiting. The staff at the place is also friendly and you should not miss it.

Splash Water Park

It is not just one single place for your kids to enjoy in Nuevo Vallarta. This place Splash Water Park is another water park for your kids and you will surely have a great time here as well. This water park is small compared to the Sea Life Park Vallarta water park, but the fun that you are going to get at this place is the same.

All the water slides are very interesting and you should not miss them too. The cost that you pay as the entry fee is very low compared to the fun that you are going to get in this place.

Splash Water Park

You can even get a discount of 10 percent if you are booking the entry through any of the tours and travel companies. So, try to book for the travel companies if you are a very huge group.Check out the details about the travel companies which offer this discount in advance. The entertainment and fun is unlimited at this place and your kids are going to love this place. Try to spend one complete day here, completely relaxed and pleasant to stay at this place.

Adventure Tours

Are you a person who loves Adventure Tours?

Then contact one of the tours and travel companies in Nuevo Vallarta to spend time doing some adventures. There are a lot of things involved in this tour and you will love it for sure. The packages are available in different kinds and it is completely your choice to select the one that you like.

The trip from the beginning to the end is going to have a lot of interesting things to do and also to explore the beauty of Nuevo Vallarta.

Adventure Tours

The staff of the travel company is very friendly and you will love interacting with them. It would be a complete one day tour, which starts in the morning and ends by the end of the day. You will have a guide along with you on the entire trip and the guide is going to give you complete information about whatever you are seeing on your tour.

You will have the water sports also included in this adventure tour package and you should not miss it for sure. Everything that you may need in your tour will be provided by the travel company like the boards and the diving kits.


Casino games are very interesting and many of you may be fascinated about playing casino games. Normally, playing casino games in places like Paris is not possible as they are very expensive. Many of you might have tried the online casino games.

But you might have never tried the live casinos. This is the time for you to try the live casinos. These casinos in Nuevo Vallarta are not very expensive compared to those in London and Paris. You will be able to make some money on your holiday trip.

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If you are successful in making some extra money on your holiday, then you are very lucky and your trip is going to be more fantastic than what you expected it to be. So, why not try your luck in casino games if you are having knowledge in playing them.

The Grand Odyssey Casino is one of the most popular casinos in this place which you can visit even if you are not interested in playing any of them. Some of the games here are very interesting, whereas a few of them are boring and confusing. You can enjoy the real fun of casinos in the night time as it is going to be completely crowded and everyone playing their own game.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Something which makes you say “What an experience”. You can book your package for watching dolphins and whales from any of the tours and travel companies in Nuevo Vallarta. You will be taken in a boat to the middle of the water and you will get a chance to see a lot of whales and dolphin jumping just beside you.

If you are very much interested in these tours, then you should make sure that you find the months during which there tours are available before you book your tickets.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

It is not possible to see the huge blue whales and dolphins whenever you want to. So, it is important to get the complete instructions while going the trip.

The guide who is available along with you on the trip will help you with all the information that you should know about the dolphins and the whales. You are going to love it for sure and if you are taking your kids along with you, then they will not let you take them back to the shore.

Nightlife and Nightclubs

This place Nuevo Vallarta is specially designed for the entertainment of the tourists who are visiting this place to spend a great holiday along with their entire family. When you are at a holiday destination, then you should not miss the Nightlife and Nightclubs at this place.

Your entertainment will not stop at 6 pm in the evening, in fact, it is going to start after 8 pm in the evening.

Nightlife and Night Clubs

There is going to be loud music, bars, clubs, pubs and many other things in this place that are going to entertain you throughout the night. Pacha nightclub is one of the most popular night clubs in this place. But there are many other night clubs as well.

You can try anyone of those to get unlimited fun at the night time. So, what are you waiting for? After the sightseeing trips, plan your night at the clubs and have a lot of fun.

Golf Courses

is another place where you can have unlimited fun. Many people love playing golf as they are having an experience and many people not have experience but love playing this kind of games. So, for all those people who are having years of experience or those who are new to Golf, will have a lot of fun here. This golf course has 18 holes and all the holes are challenging for those who are having years of experience also.

Golf Courses

The fairways and the water at this place is really interesting and maintained very well. You should definitely visit the golf courses even if you are not interested in playing the sport. You can also stay at the golf course clubs for enjoying the sport for more than one day. There are different packages for you to enjoy the sport every year.

Boat Tours

You should definitely take the Boat Tours when you are going to Nuevo Vallarta. There are different kinds of boats available for enjoying the water. You should opt for the speed boat rides as it is going to be very exciting and adventurous as well. Take your entire family along with you on these boat tours.

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Boat Tours

There are different kinds of travel and tour companies available in this place and you can book tour from any of those travel companies. If possible, book a boat ride in the evening so that you can enjoy the sunset in the evening.This is going to be a breathtaking experience in this place and in your trip to this place.

Water Sports

There are many Water Sports which you can enjoy in Nuevo Vallarta like scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling and many other water sports. You will get all the boards and the diving kits that you will need for enjoying the water sports from the tours and travel companies from which you are booking your water activity packages.

Water Sports

The crystal clear water of these beaches is the best place for enjoying the water activities as the water is clean and you will get a great experience at this place. Do not miss it at all as you will see many fishes just swimming around you. It is just wonderful.

WildLife and Nature Tour

This is again something that will help you in exploring a different side of Nuevo Vallarta and that is through the WildLife and Nature Tour.

You should definitely try the nature and wildlife tour one day. These wildlife tours are normally one day long and you will be able to enjoy unlimited fun at these tours.

WildLife and Nature Tour

Choose the tour package that is ideal for you, like how many hours you would like to spend exploring the nature and the wildlife. You will be taken in groups for these tours and you will be escorted by a guide and you will have a great fun.

Sport Fishing

Those who like fishing should try these Sport Fishing tours. You will love the fishing experience that you get at this kind of tours. You will be trained about how to go for fishing and you it is very simple to try these. Nuevo Vallarta is having great tour and travel companies which offer Sport fishing tours as well.

Sport Fishing

There are many other things in this place Nuevo Vallarta to enjoy like Spa treatments, shopping and Thai foods. You will have everything in this beach holiday destination that you will need in a holiday. All the activities in some of the holiday spots are mostly for the adults and a very few for the kids.

But this holiday destination is specially designed for the tourists who are visiting this place and hence has everything that you will need to make your holiday exciting.

When you are planning a holiday in this place, make sure that you are booking your flight tickets in advance so that you will not have to miss the time when you have planned the tour. Also make sure to book the accommodation at this same time, so that you will not have problem in booking the hotels after reaching the destination or you don’t have to pay high amount.

From the moment when you have visited this place you will be able to sense the beauty of this place and the entertainment that you can get. Every activity is interesting and exciting as well. The climate is comfortable all year long and you will be able to spend your holiday peacefully.

The climate never goes to the extreme and hence it is an advantage of visiting such places. Have a great holiday in Nuevo Vallarta.

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