Things To Do In Cancun

If you would like to enjoy the tropical Yucatan atmosphere, visit the city of Cancun in Mexico. There are huge Mayan ruins to explore around here — for example the El Rey and the Yamil Lu’um, a disintegrating tower of pale black stone.

Learn more about this old civilization and the early inhabitants of Mexico at the Museo Maya de Cancun. For a distinctive taste of Mexico, check out the Museo Sensorial del Tequila. Spain had so much influence on Mexico’s culture and tradition.

The churches found in Cancun are all Roman Catholic, and there are lots of open squares that are similar to those found in many Spanish villages and towns.


When To Go:

With the sun sparkling on average between 240 and 253 days for every year, Cancun is an all year-round travel destination. The high season for travel falls between December and April. Throughout these months the climate has a tendency to be sunny, with temperatures drifting around 85º throughout the day and seldom dipping far beneath 65º during the evening.

While this time of year offers the most pleasant climate, it is likewise most popular with vacationers, which drives accommodation costs up. This is true particularly throughout the Christmas season between mid-December and the start of January.

Numerous resorts and hotels drop their rates quickly after Easter, so this could be a perfect time to plan a relaxing holiday in Cancun while the climate is still comfortable. The sunny season months bring sticky, more sizzling temperatures pushing the 95º mark.

The storm season falls between June and mid-October, so visitors going to Cancun throughout these months ought to give careful consideration to the storm watch.

For those who cannot resist the Caribbean Sea, it is prudent to stay away from the second through the fourth week in April (generally the third week), because the jellyfish are mating near the coastal shores. They are not only unattractive, but they can also cause skin allergies and fever.

These are the things to do when in the city of Cancun:

Parroquia de Cristo Resucitado

One of the most beautiful churches in Cancun. It is very unusual because it has almost no walls, but only the roof and all the tropical greenery. This unconventional church is open to the public. Its priest is kind and welcomes every visitor to the cathedral.

There is a beautiful bronze statue of the risen Christ above the altar of the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe that is definitely worth a visit. It is practically in an open-air location and filled with religious statues.

Parroquia de Cristo Resucitado

Attend a Holy Mass and join its crowd of faithful devotees especially during the Sunday celebrations. The excellent choir is an added attraction and never fails to leave a good impression on the listeners. One of the nicest things about this church is the offering of the Mass by the priest in various languages.

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It has a shop that is very well stocked. Be sure to check out the designated Mass schedules posted in their bulletin board at the entrance to avoid missing the celebration.

Playa Delfines

Nice public beach — clean and with complete amenities. There is a long sandy beach, not too many crowds, lots of wind — and every beach lover will be happy about the splashing big waves.

Try to find the time to relax on the lounge chairs with umbrellas, or in the shade of a palm tree. There is free use of the public toilet, and after swimming you can shower with fresh water. There are lifeguards and vendors of fresh fruits and water.

Playa Delfines

But the food is better enjoyed near the row of dining spots at the coastline. The water can sometimes be dangerous with its strong undercurrents, so beware when swimming with your family. You can swim near the shore, and watch from afar the surfing enthusiasts who also enjoy the same place.

At this playa, the strong winds and waves are always present. What most guests like more is the fine sand where they can make all sorts of figures, castles, and pyramids.

Dolphin Discovery Center

It is a great way to spend time and get to know these charming treasures of the marine wildlife in Cancun. Do not take the hotel guides/packages, because you can explore the attraction on your own. Just go to the pier, immediately buy a ticket and take a boat that will drive you to the Isla Mujeres (Island of Women).

Once you pay the admission fee, the staff will assign you to a group consisting of 10 people, 2 dolphins and one trainer.

Dolphin Discovery

It is one of the finest attractions of the city; the swimming with dolphins experience always generates extraordinary emotions. Some guests even cry when they see the dolphins up close and appreciate the purity of their nature.

Throughout the park, the staff is properly trained and respects environmental issues regarding the health and overall welfare of the dolphins. The place offers food, shopping and various services including photo opportunities while playing with the amazing and friendly dolphins.

Avenida Kukulkan

is a very long and famous boulevard in Cancun. It stretches for many miles and is sometimes called the zone of hoteliers. It’s lined with palm trees and surrounded by lush greenery where you can run, walk, roller-skate, go biking, and more.

On the one side there is a row of luxury hotels, and on the other side the serene lagoon.

Avenida Kukulkan

The Kukulkan Avenue is one of the most important streets in Cancun; in principle, all activity is centered on it if you are in the city, or on the beach if you’re by the sea. It is surrounded by all sorts of restaurants, expensive boutiques, huge shopping malls, and lots of shops to buy gifts and souvenirs of a good vacation in Cancun.

On this street, don’t be surprised to see a lot of malls with branded clothing stores strategically located, literally in every quarter.

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Museo Maya de Cancun

Museo Maya de Cancun

is very interesting place that will help you to understand all about Mayan culture and history. At this museum you get to learn fascinating stories, see interesting exhibits, and study information explaining the Mayan civilization.

The outdoor area is equally beautiful with its wonderful gardens and ruins. The museum is located in a new building that shows a wide range of the Mayan archaeological finds; there is also an interesting park around the museum with a small archaeological site featuring rich vegetation and a nice company of iguanas.

Objects that have been encased in glass are of great interest, illuminated carefully and thoroughly illustrated on panels.

Museo Maya de Cancun

The daily life, myths, spirituality, war, the European domination, agriculture, play, death — all are presented through artifacts of great beauty, with elegant proportions and modern color combinations that are essential to an understanding of this culture. Everything in these exhibits will present and enhance the importance of the past inhabitants of Cancun, and a visit here is essential before you plan to visit the Mayan pyramids.

Ultramar Boat Tour

Serving as the direct link between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, the Ultramar Boat Tour departs every 30 minutes from Puerto Juarez. From the dock this catamaran can easily reach the island in about 20-30 minutes. It offers a pleasant mini-cruise from the port of Cancun, across the narrow strait that separates the island from mainland Mexico.

From the boat you can admire the beautiful blue color of the sea in all its changing shades, and discover various local scenes along the coast. Enjoy the extra-fast crossing (15 minutes) on a hovercraft that makes trips in several directions among the small islands.

Your trip may be enlivened by the music of a Mexican singer who at the end of the show goes among the passengers to receive a tip (optional).

Ultramar Boat Tour

You can sit at the top with a nice view, or below, if the sun is too hot. The boat has two decks — open on top and a closed room on the lower level. Downstairs, it is always cold.

The upper deck offers a pleasant sea breeze, live music performance in the Mexican sun and the feeling of walking into a mini-cruise. The boat departs from three different locations in Cancun, and the price is different at each location. You can enjoy the island for the day or even longer.

The island also has many cheap hotels where you can stay for a few days to experience diving, swimming at the beaches, visiting the underwater maritime museum and other attractions.

El Rey Ruins (Zona Arqueologica El Rey)

If you really want to see everything that is related to the Mayan ruins but you don’t want to go far from Cancun, then the El Rey Ruins site is a must. It stands almost opposite the hotel Crown Paradis Club (bus stop not far from the entrance).

There are not too many visitors, and you can climb up the ruins and admire the city from above.

Zona Arqeologica El Rey

The one thing that will keep stopping you along the way is the huge number of iguanas running from one point to another; however they are very interesting to watch. There is a required entrance fee but the price is acceptable. This is a budget-friendly and quiet place to get acquainted with the ruins of the 3rd century.

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The Mayan ruins here are well preserved despite their antiquity. They are easily accessible, quite small and can be visited in a short time. However, iguanas are everywhere so if you are afraid of them perhaps you should choose another place.

Tulum Avenue

was an ancient Mayan road, which led in the pre-Columbian era to the port city of Coba. Despite the majestic Teotihuacan and Palenque, Tulum has a charm of its own that is rather peculiar. It is a dilapidated tower on a sandy beach with palm trees that make it more interesting.

Be in awe of its stunning scenery and the unusual combination of resort white sand and blue water with ancient buildings. Recently there are also a lot of new, high-end developments.

Tulum Avenue

Go and explore it in good weather. At the bus stop, instead of acquiring souvenirs, you can have the opportunity to take a cool commemorative photo with “Indians” garbed in their colorful local costumes. It is a dream place more like an ancient paradise.

A spectacular ocean with beautiful and historical ruins to marvel at when in Cancun, do not fail to see this landmark attraction in its entire splendor.

Museo Sensorial del Tequila

Museo Sensorial del Tequila

Admission to the Museo Sensorial del Tequila is free but if you want to have a guide that will cost extra. In addition, you can choose between three different tasting packages (three tequila varieties). Opening times are from Monday to Sunday between noon and 8:00 PM .

If you are traveling by bus, it is best get off at La Isla Shopping Mall and continue on the same side of the road about three minutes (towards the Liverpool shopping center).

Museo Sensorial del Tequila

Then you can see the drinks and tequila museum market on the right side of the road. It is located on the first floor of the beverage market called La Europea.

The museum explains about the making of tequila and your education comes complete with tasting. The place is nice and good for taking several photos. They also sell a wide variety of tequilas.

Torre Escenica

is a great way to have a broad and comprehensive view of Cancun without paying for something more expensive like a helicopter aerial view. It is an observation tower from which the panoramic view is truly exceptional and provides a great background for a good photograph.

The tower is revolving and upstairs you can have the privilege of seeing the entire city of Cancun. The photos of the sea from here are especially sensational, plus the chance to see the blue and transparent water from above is definitely unusual.

Torre Escenica

The tower rises over 196 feet and rotates 360°, very slowly. The 20-minute tour gives every guest the opportunity to see the various nuances of the sea, beaches, hotels and other attractions.

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