Don’t Miss Places In Thailand

Thailand is an adorable country in the Asian continent that has clinched onto tourism and adventure as a major activity within her boundaries.

Thailand abhors vast oodles of pleasurable tourist attractions. This is one of the best few places in the world offering a great opportunity to spend bountiful time while admiring and appreciating her magnificent wonders.

Don't Miss Places In Thailand

Thailand attractions date back to ancient times and many more fascinating things that have been discovered lately


There are numerous places to visit and thousands of attractions to see within Thailand.

Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok

The long list below of top 10 tourist attractions in Thailand encompasses the most visited tourist destinations thus giving a crystal clear idea of what Thailand is like.


Bangkok city, which is the capital city of Thailand, is one of the most breathtaking cities in Thailand and the most visited. It ranks among the top 10 tourist attractions in Thailand. It is an awesome city with lots of things to enjoy.

Bangkok city has a magnificent structure with thrilling business, residential and religious buildings. It is a good opportunity to see the many beautiful temples within the city which are considered the most gorgeous in the world. Do not miss visiting the Wat Phra Knew Temple which is particularly the most astounding temple in Bangkok. Be heedful while at this temple as you will ascertain the massive and impressive golden Buddha.

Bangkok City

It is a typical normal day to see the numerous tuk tuks and gigantic elephants on many of Bangkok streets either transporting goods or people. Arrange a ride on any of them at an inconceivable price or otherwise take numerous snaps of the gargantuan attractive elephants.

Arm yourself with a good camera as you stroll to the colossal and the impressive Chao Praya River to watch the attractive boats sailing over the waters under the control of very skillful riders. These boats are known to carry goods to China thus you must see the huge loads ready for transport.

The busy Streets of Bangkok City

Bangkok’s rich culture is clearly evident around the Chao Praya River. Be in awe and get yourself amused by the Thai traditional houses, their lovely clothing styles and many more appealing practices.

Befriend a local and grab the lovely chance to commend and learn about how to make Thai food along the many streets of the city. The people of Thailand are all warm and ready with their smile to welcome you.


Phuket Island which appears among the top 10 list of tourist attractions is not to be missed out while in Thailand. The Island offers a serene and sensational ambience. It is a good site for nature lovers.


Phuket has imposing beaches to relax after a dramatic moment of swimming in the warm water of the Indian Ocean. Apart from swimming, you will also have fun snorkeling and Scuba diving which are in fact, the best water activities in the world. Travelers can also have merry riding the charming banana boats from the shallow water to some far distance into the ocean.

Discover all the countless distinctive huts along the coastline to explore their make and history. Delight in the amazing experience of ambling leisurely on the impeccable soft sands along the enthralling coastline.


If you are not a fun of water activities, get ready to be entertained with the many magical fire dancers along the beach where you will get tempted to join them or just take them lots of fabulous snaps to keep their good memories.


The Chiang Mai city is an enticing place with cool and tranquil atmosphere in the northern part of Thailand. It is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction that sees thousands of tourists flocking in it every year.

The pretty Chiang Mai city is easily accessible from Bangkok city. Travelers have to book a flight trip to the city which will take only an hour to reach this amazing destination.

Chiang Mai

The city is located at the bottom of a good looking and resourceful valley which is surrounded by scenic mountains. You will thus have a golden opportunity to view every beauty of the mountainous landscape from all parts of the city. Stroll through its tremendous streets to witness the beautiful traditional moat and the old fashioned city walls. While in Chiang Mai, learn to haggle and do not miss venturing into the impeccable markets to admire or buy any of the beautiful Thai habitual products.

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Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai city also abhors some of the most striking temples such as the lovely Doi Suthep Temple which is considered the holiest place within Chiang Mai boundaries.

Ko Phangan

Lined with beaches and a monthly festival about the moon, Ko Phangan is an island under the Surat Thani Province with great beaches to see, drink a cocktail, party until the next morning, or have a massage on the beach. One of the top beaches here is the Thong Nai Pan Noi. It is located next to its big sister Thong Nai Pan Yai, which is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with the possibility of bathing and snorkelling. You will not regret discovering the calm water in turquoise colors, cute bungalow constructions, not too many waves, and fine white sand under the coconut trees. Ko Phangan managed to combine the natural, intimate, and serene atmosphere of its beaches without being totally isolated and a desirable offering of all services including great restaurants, long tail boat rides, jet skiing etc. For those fleeing the big touristy places and crowded beaches in other cities in Thailand, but want to have that party atmosphere in the evening, to be able to eat properly, and not get bored, this is the most ideal city in Thailand.

Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan is also famous for The Full Moon Party celebration. It is a once a month festivity that gathers tourists around the world. There are many stalls and shops selling beverages, paints, souvenirs, food, etc. In addition to loud music and drinks and food there are pyrotechnic shows and people playing with fire ropes. The Full Moon is unlike any other beach parties you can see from the other beaches in Thailand. It is also not blessed with the most beautiful surroundings, but the party date is always packed and attended by foreigners and locals alike. It happens on the boardwalk and goes until dawn. People are painted with ink and thriving bars that put music has neon lights making the painted bodies glowing even in the dark. The festival takes place once a month and begins at the famous Sunrise Beach. The vibe is very good, techno music and live concerts are held everywhere around the island, drinks are overflowing and the mixed crowd goes wild as the hour passes. The full moon party is the most famous festival in Southeast Asia and the sequence of “beach bars” that play electronic music animated by music DJ’s and the fluorescent ink painted on the participant’s body is the perfect formula for a big party. Alcoholic beverages are sold by the bucket, tattoo comes in the ephemeral neon, and the electronic music reverberates through the air. The thousands of tourists from the 4 corners of the world finds it ideal to party and dance in Ko Phangan because of its unique atmosphere and for the adventurous ones; it is something to do at least once in a lifetime.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi

has its share of amazing beaches and fantastic nature trails that will amuse every curious traveller in Thailand. This island is very scenic regardless of where you stay, but for the best sightseeing adventure, climb the Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint. The path is not very long, but steep. It rises to about 300m down a path of stairs and very well signposted. To reach the View Point, you must pay a small fee of 30 baht, so be sure to carry cash. A nice time to go is to see the sunset which sets in the opposite side of the island. Undoubtedly, it is a unique paradise in a very relaxing spot where you can see and observe nature up close. By speedboat, it is easily accessible from Ao Nang (45 min). The beaches there are bright white, azure water with lots of corals and fish.

Koh Phi Phi was also the famous shooting location for the movie “The Beach” starred by Leonardo Di Caprio in year 2000. The exact and particular location when they shoot the film was in Ko Phi Phi Le, one of the main attractions under the Protected National Park project by the government. It was shown in the movie as part of the “secluded beach” scene where Leonardo and his friends were in awe the minute they arrive and discover the island. The crystal clear water, white sand, amazing rock formations and all green vegetation, makes it the perfect movie location. You can hire a private boat and discover all the beaches that surround it. The Ko Phi Phi Le is a formidable island full of indescribable landscapes, several hotel alternatives and restaurants to suit every budget. It gets extremely crowded during the peak season.

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Koh Phi Phi

The nearby Maya Bay is so picturesque that it attracted the attention of the director of “The Beach” and included it in the movie. It is a stunningly beautiful lagoon protected on three sides by stone cliffs. The beach is covered with silky soft white sand and the water is crystal clear. Maya Bay became a major tourist attraction after the release of the movie. Because of the movie’s impact to its audience, the two sites become so popular and widely visited by foreign and local guests. To enjoy it in peace and with less crowds it is probably best to go early in the morning on the boat taxi. In this case, you can catch it in a more natural way without many boats and people. However, even in a crowd of tourists you can feel a blissful solitude with nature!


Koh Samui Island is certainly a top 10 tourist destination in Thailand. The island is one of the most visited places in Thailand where nature lovers experience the greatest moments of their lives. It is simply a breathtaking site which you can hardly fail to tour while in Thailand.

Koh Samui Island has the best pristine white sandy beaches which are not to be found anywhere else. Have fun sauntering on the soft and mind blowing sand or stretching out on this sand. If you are a certified diver, appreciate the magnetic, cool, and immaculate blue waters by diving deep into them.

Koh Samui Island

Koh Samui also has scores of compelling coral reefs all over the shores within its beaches where you can watch this inviting beauty while diving in the water or simply hiring a boat to ride in along the shallow waters.

Witness a moving experience watching the dedicated worshippers doing some of their normal things in the water as they consider the placid blue waters a great treasure to them.

Koh Samui Island

Apart from the beaches, the Island also offers attractive tropical forests where you will enjoy taking in the fresh air as you take a short remarkable walk into their innermost part. There are exquisite trees and other vegetation that makes the place a cool place to relax in. There are oodles of lovely bizarre birds and a glamorous wildlife. Don’t miss visiting this Island to explore its natural captivating beauty.


Ko Chang Island is another fascinating and wonderful place to be. It is in fact, one of the most travelled islands of Thailand. Travelers can get to this beautiful island by boat.

It is the second largest island in the Ko Chang Marine Park. This makes it to be the most toured place in Thailand.

Ko Chang Island

The Ko Chang Island has the most stunning and fine-looking waterfalls. Have fun watching the waters falling from the highest place towards the ground which are always filled with misty like conditions. There is a tremendous scenic view of the marvelous dense forest covering the lower lands, it merits a visit too.

The island has wonderful flourishing coral reefs. These coral reefs are of limestone in nature and thus it is a common sight to come across many small water spots which are engaging and pleasing. Take extra time to marvel at its captivating sandy beaches which are good for sun bathing, swimming and boating.

Ko Chang Island

The island is well known to host rare but brilliant wildlife. It visited by several unique and eye-catching birds, deer and elephants. In addition, there is a chance to encounter a reserved place where scary and horrifying snakes are kept. It’s actually an animal orphanage thus making it a core place for tourism.


Hua Hin is another appealing place for tourism. It has always appeared among the top 10 tourist destinations in Thailand.

Hua Hin

It is a 2 hour car ride from Bangkok to reach this awesome and wonderful place. This is located at the sea resort. Fundamentally, it is a small town as described by many but has a lot of terrific sceneries that leave any visitor an urge to revisit the place again.

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The town is attractive and rich and lined with several amazing structures and buildings which were constructed long time ago by the Thai people. Be sure to stroll through each of the enchanting street to explore the beautiful architectural designs of this place. Along these busy streets stands the palace where the King of Thailand resides.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a perfect place not to be missed and a great spot to enjoy riding horses along its superb beaches. If you’re not that adventurous, prefer to calm down on the beautiful beach and watch the magical water.


Ko Tarutao Island

The Ko Tarutao Island is certainly a top 10 tourist destination that embraces the best atmosphere. This island is situated in the southern part of Thailand and is part of the magnificent Taratuo National Marine Park. It is an awe inspiring place for adventure and nature lovers.

The park has wonderful wildlife with many enticing sea turtles, monitor lizards, crab eating macaques, whales and mouse dears. Its fauna is also amazing. You will also like walking on the huge rocks that lie within the park.

Ko Tarutao Island

The island offers first class waterfalls. You will be enthralled while walking to these falls and more so while watching the waters drop down magically. The falls also ensure a serene atmosphere for their visitors and clean water to drink.

The Ko Tarutao Island must not be missed out while in Thailand as it is one the best places to enjoy hiking across its vast territories.


The dazzling San Kamphaeng hot springs is a gorgeous site that has remained among the top 10 tourist destinations. It lies in the neighborhood of Chiang Mai city, a distance of 36 kilometers and can be accessed with no struggle from Chiang Mai city via a bus.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

San Kamphaeng hot springs rests on a fantastic terrain. The springs offer travelers a great chance to view sulphur emissions.

The spring’s waters are tempting. Try boiling several eggs in them and consume them as you enjoy watching the water rise high in the air. Get mesmerized as you bathe in the warm water and learn from the locals about the many cure practices and beliefs that are attached to them.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

To end your day, sit by the springs’ side on the splendid green ground where you can witness the spring perform their mysterious act.


Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is another elegant tourist site. It is just about 95 km from the island of Phuket and can thus be reached easily by riding in a boat from Phuket Island at a cut rate price. The site is ranked among the top most visited places in Thailand.

When you pay a visit to the astounding Phang Nga Bay, don’t forget to check out the startling and mysterious caves. The caves are situated in an isolated area but strategically located such that it can be accessible by foot. The caves are one of the exceptional and unique places in Thailand with distinctive features of their own kind. When you visit the place, you can see its good-looking features that protrude upwards and some downwards.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay has the most famous and popular sea mound dubbed Ko Ping Kan. Stand on top of this mound and have a good coverage in seeing the sea waters accumulating on the island peak.

Fishing is an activity not to be missed in the Phang Nga Bay.


The Grand Palace is among the top most visited tourist places in Thailand. It is situated on a lovely landscape that covers an extensive area with stunning trees.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace is simply a breath taking and eye catching site because of the well conserved flowers and peaceful atmosphere. Go ahead and take several photos in this scenic place to have your album completely embellished with thrilling beauty. It is certain that its artificial beauty is first rate.

The Grand Palace displays a unique astounding architectural exterior design. Don’t miss touring its numerous captivating rooms. Fall in love with an amazing Ayutthaya design and distinctive style which have been normally used in constructing temples.

Grand Palace

Visit the central courts within the palace to have a wonderful experience listening to many ridiculous rulings being passed by proficient judges.

Moreover, the palace grounds are a spectacular place to explore the Buddhism religion and learnt lots of its amusing history.

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