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India is an outstanding country for tourists, with a wealth of attractions spread out in every direction.

This country is also known to receive millions of visitors every year who flood these numerous tourist sites. It is without doubt an excellent place to spend your holidays.

When To Go

The climate in India shifts drastically from one area to the next. While the southern part of India is constantly hit by tropical monsoon rain, the north could be covered in heavy snow. The best time to set out to India depends enormously on the travel locations one intends to visit and the particular conditions that are experienced there.

The winter season is one of the best times to visit India — throughout the months from November to March, the vast majority of the nation enjoys moderate temperatures (still hot enough to relax in the pool). However urban areas in the north get chillier days as snow covers the Himalayas. Nonetheless, it’s the best time to visit the prevalent yet detached Ladakh in the far north, as the streets heading there are clear of snow and the roads are accessible up to June.

The summer season is also one of the best times, because of the tolerable temperatures. India begins warming up from around February, all the way up to May — first in the northern fields and then the rest of the nation. By April, numerous areas encounter daily high temperatures reaching up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It will stay a bit cooler in the southern parts of the nation, with temperatures up to around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer in India is very persevering, day in and day out it is generally sunny and dry.

Aerial View of Taj Mahal

When Not To Go:

In late May, indications of the coming monsoon season begin showing up. Humidity levels starts to rise with matching thunderstorms and dust storm.

India is actually characterized by two monsoon season –- the south monsoon and the north monsoon. The south monsoon, which is the major one, rolls in from the ocean and begins going up India’s west side during the month of June. By mid-July, the greater part of the nation experiences heavy downpours. The north monsoon influences India’s east side throughout November and December. The downpours are usually brief but very heavy.

It is not best to visit India during the major monsoon season (June to September). It could be hard to move around and there is a higher danger of exposure to sicknesses like malaria. There is also great risk of flooding, power interruptions, delayed or cancelled flights, and natural calamities. It’s hard to travel through the greater part of India especially if trekking or hiking around the mountains throughout the monsoon time as the rains make the roads slippery and regularly disturb all transport services.

The following are the top ten highlighted tourist attractions that should be a priority for any tourist who plans to visits the country. Moreover, you will still find many additional attractions once you are in the country.



Taj Mahal

is one of the most remarkable and marvelous tourist attraction sites in India or anywhere else. The monument, situated in the town of Agra, is also one of most easily recognized buildings in the world due to its unique, harmonious beauty and popularity with photographers. It was constructed around the mid-16th century and displays awesome Mughal architectural design. It has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was constructed by the Mughal monarch Shah Jahan to honor his beloved third wife. The domed mausoleum is made of white marble — which is reflected in a raised marble pool of water halfway between the gate and the entrance to the tomb. The water is calm and smooth as glass, perhaps to give you a hint of the serene and soothing environment that you will encounter when you enter the monument. Once inside you will need a lot of time to admire the interior decorations — they go far beyond traditional decorative work in their intricacy and much of the calligraphy, for example, is actually inlaid with precious stones.

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A part of the excellent and distinct architectural design of the building, the site is also surrounded by wonderful and magnificent flower gardens. The gardens are laid out to mirror the Mughal “Garden of Paradise” descriptions.

Taj Mahal

Beautiful trees and other small bushes are also available at the site. Be sure to bring your camera as the grounds offer a perfect setting for the mausoleum from every angle. You should not miss this miraculous tourist site while in India.


Kanha National Park

is one of the most spectacular parks in India with wonderful wildlife. The park is very popular among tourists and can be crowded at almost any time of the year. You will have a good chance to interact with Indians as well as nature and the environment. This is a worthwhile tourist spot that should definitely provide a nice adventure.

Kanha National Park

Immediately on arrival at the national park, you will encounter many of the world’s amazing creatures. It is a designated Tiger Reserve, and therefore one of the best parks in the world for visiting with a group of these scary and exotic animals. They are very beautiful — and very dangerous if approached. Be sure to take some photos of a tiger though — this is a rare opportunity to do so.

Bamboo forests and grass fields are other features you will encounter in the park, and the green pastures make the environment feel especially serene and tranquil.

Kanha National Park

The park has been featured in several Indian novels and tourists’ books such as the “Jungle book.” It is with no doubt one of the most wonderful and stunning tourist spots in India.



Ajanta Caves

are incredible. This is one of the most superb tourist attractions in India; these caves are among the most ancient in existence. They were known as early as the 2nd century BC but neglected until the 18th century when the British explorers found them noteworthy. The site is accessible by train from the city of Delhi.

Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta caves display some of the most unique and distinct artifacts and ruins in human history. Isolation and seclusion resulted in an almost total lack of tampering with the contents of this site throughout many centuries. We can therefore find original human remains and paintings in remarkable condition — and the site is thus very of immense historical value not just for India but also to the world at large.

The caves are found in the city of


. The caves illustrate vital information about battle arenas and places where ships were normally anchored. They also give information about major streets, famous forests that were populated with dangerous animals and mountains that were covered with snow. The caves are an amazing source of knowledge and understanding for anyone who would like to learn and discover more about ancient times.

Ajanta Caves

It is certainly a magnificent tourist site that should be a top priority for those travelling to India.


Virupaksha Temple

is another important tourist site in India. It is certainly among the top ten tourist attractions that you should not miss while in India. You can travel to the site by car from



Virupaksha Temple

The temple is situated in the city of


, where it is part of a group of monuments that have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The temple is actually an enormous structure that is visible from almost any point in the city. Historically, the temple evolved from a small shrine and grew through ages to its present gigantic, sprawling structure. It is believed to have been in use without interruption since at least the 7th century, making it one of the oldest functioning temples in India. It draws thousands of pilgrims in addition to all the tourists, and daily prayer rituals and ceremonies are held every morning and evening.

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Virupaksha Temple

The architectural design of the temple complex is definitely dramatic and marvelous, and it is still very strong despite its age.


The Himalaya Mountains are certainly among the top attractions in India. One of the most dazzling and exciting tourist draws in the country, they are of course also some of the highest mountains in the world.

Himalya Mountain Range

The mountain range is visible from major cities and becomes clearer as you approach it. The peaks are mostly covered with snow and ice and best observed during a clear and unclouded day. The mountains are very popular among nature adventurers and mountaineers.

The mountain height is beyond what one imagines and these peaks cannot be climbed within a single day but actually require weeks. Further, they are not to be tackled by ordinary people; this kind of climbing requires expertise and special equipment. The altitude is high, but then the steep sides are almost vertical and this discourages many less-experienced mountain climbers.

Himalya Mountain Range

However, almost everyone can climb a few hundred yards and have a spectacular and scenic view of the lower-lying plateaus. You can also take pictures of the mountain peaks, which are covered with snow and ice. It is surely an impressive sight that you should find time to discover and explore more.


Sundarbans National Park

is another breathtaking tourist attraction worth mentioning in India. You will be able to see a lot of magnificent wildlife and other marvelous creatures. The site is undoubtedly one of the main tourist spots in India and is flooded with many visitors every year. Tourists can travel to the site from



Sundarbans National Park

The mangrove forest found within the park is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world, and is a habitat for a large number of interesting creatures. Apart from the mangrove forest, you will also encounter other species of forest covered with canopies; this place is also a Biosphere Reserve. The park is has been identified and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

This is also an important dwelling place for the rare Indian tigers, which are an endangered species. The park is in fact the world’s largest reserve for tigers.

Sundarbans National Park

The sunduri trees are found in large numbers — which is why the area is named after them. The park is also famous for the large number of bird species living here. Bird watching is a popular activity in this area and many people spend time studying the habits of different species that are difficult to find elsewhere in the world. The tranquility and peacefulness of nature has encouraged wildlife to co-exist in this beautiful park.


Qutub Minar

is another gorgeous monument in India. The monument is the second-tallest tower in India (238 ft.) and is mostly built of red sandstone. It is situated in Mehruli in the southern part of


city. The tower is one of the major tourist sites that lures both domestic and foreign tourists.

Qutub Minar

The architecture and design of the tower illustrate unique Indian art work. It is covered with intricate carvings and verses from the Qu’ran. The design was established by Qutub-ud-din Aibik, the first Sultan of Delhi, in 1192 — thus the tower bears his name. Unfortunately he did not live to see it completed, that job fell to his son-in-law. It is an old structure and has been damaged several times by earthquakes and lightning strikes; the public is no longer allowed to access the interior and climb to the top.

You will notice that the first three floors of the monument were built with red sandstone while the last two upper floors were built (later) with sandstone and marble. It is indeed a spectacular and amazing building that is noteworthy in India and really worth a visit.

Qutub Minar

Lastly, the monument encompasses several graves, smaller temples and mosques. Don’t miss this awesome site during your exploration of Indian history.



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Lake Palace

is one of the astounding tourist spots that you must see in India. The palace is situated in the middle of

Pichola Lake

within the city of


. The palace was constructed in the mid-18th century to be used as an imperial summer palace for the royal family. You will surely have great fun at this tourist site. The lake palace can be accessed from Udaipur city by car.

Lake Palace

There are several motorboats that operate at the lake. The boats are normally used to ferry people from other cities to the lake palace. Visitors can also hire them at an affordable price and be ferried around the lake. It is an interesting experience that you should not miss. The lake’s water is cool and the mood is always tranquil around this place.

Tourists can also engage in fishing at this lake. This is another involving and entertaining experience — even if you have never been fishing before, you will learn some techniques and have a great time.

Lake Palace

Furthermore, the lake site is one of the most treasured and popular places in the world for famous filmmakers — you might recognize it from one of the popular James Bond movies.

The lakeside has some first-class hotels and restaurants and even shops where you can get anything you might wish. You should really consider visiting this lake if you get a chance to tour India.


India is a country full of wonderful nature and ancient sites — but a visit to India is considered incomplete without going to the

Red Fort

. This is definitely one of the top ten tourist attractions in India. It is an auspicious site and will be a marvelous adventure. The site is right in



Red Fort

The Red Fort is located on the banks of river Yamuna. It is an amazing building that was the residence of the Mughal emperor for 200 years (until 1857.) This building has attracted millions of visitors, both domestic and foreign, and is a must-see site while in India.

Red Fort

The fort is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It displays a high level of Indian, Persian and European architectural design. The Red Fort is one of India’s iconic symbols, and it houses a number of interesting museums, some jewelry and craft stores, and a former teahouse that is still a working restaurant. There is a sound-and-light show most evenings.


Keoladeo National Park

is an important tourist attraction in India. Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is situated in the Bharatpur district to the west of the Gangatic basin. It is a celebrated and magnificent park that receives numerous tourists every year.

Keoladeo National Park

It is the biggest national bird reserve in India and has excellent observation points for bird lovers. The park passed a series of stages before it was officially recognized and declared a national bird reserve. It started back during the colonial rule when it first became the preferred site for duck shooting. Around the middle of the 19th century, it was proclaimed a national reserve and some years later recognized as one of the national parks of India.

Keoladeo National Park

The park has a variety of wildlife species ranging from birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, and spiders — to mention only a few of the many species that you can encounter. It is normally referred to by bird-lovers as the “bird paradise,” due to the availability of so many species in the park. Even if you have never engaged in bird-watching before you will be entranced by the awesome and wonderful variety to be seen here.

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