Mumbai To Bhiloda By Bus


The largest city and the financial capital of India and one of the few metropolitan cities in India is Mumbai.

Mumbai to Bhiloda by Bus

You have many things to see in this place.


Bhiloda is a place in Gujarat, which is a popular tourist attraction suitable for adults and kids as well. So plan your trip today.

Here are the available modes of transport from Mumbai to Bhiloda:

Bus ticket from Mumbai to Bhiloda

Let us start the discussion about the modes of transport with the cheapest mode and that is by bus. The time is more compared to the other two modes of transport, but the fare is pretty less and you have a direct bus between Mumbai and Bhiloda. You will have to take the Bhiloda bus at Mumbai bus terminal and it will take 15 hours and 17 minutes to reach this place. The fare is between $9 to $15. You get buses only four times in a day.

Mumbai to Bhiloda by Bus

Train ticket from Mumbai to Bhiloda

The train journey is tiring as you will have to change many trains to reach Bhiloda from Mumbai. First board a train at Dadar and reach Borivali station. This will take 30 minutes and you will have trains every 15 minutes. Now, catch the next train from Borivali to Ahmedabad, this journey is 6 hours, 50 minutes and you will get a train every 4 hours. Next train is available just once in a day and that is from Ahmedabad to Raigadh Road, which is for 3 hours and 57 minutes. Lastly, take a taxi from Raigadh Road to Bhiloda and the time it would take is 35 minutes. The overall cost for this trip from Mumbai to Bhiloda will start from $42 and can go up to $55. The total time just for the journey, excluding waiting time at each station is 13 hours, 52 minutes.

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Flight ticket from Mumbai to Bhiloda

Flight ticket is expensive, but is the way to save a lot of time. First, take a flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and then a taxi to Bhiloda. The total journey time is 2 hours and 46 minutes and the cost would be around $90.

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