Don’t Miss Places In Argentina

Argentina is one of the largest countries in South America to truly embraced tourism and adventure, making it the crowning glory of its continent in terms of tourism.

Don't Miss Places in Argentina

Argentina boasts a wide selection of fantastic tourist attractions. It will smoothly take you back to olden times while still rooted in the modern day, making it full of vacation opportunities. Because there is so much to do, choosing the best attraction could be difficult.

Here is a list of top tourist attractions you can’t miss while in Argentina. Although not everything, these spots will give you a vibrant view of what Argentina has to offer…


Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, often referred to as the Paris of South America. It is the perfect destination for anyone who loves to experience unspoiled scenic vista and a great atmosphere.

Buenos Aires Streets

Buenos Aires is resourceful, with impressive architecture and well-to-do Spanish culture that. It also offers varied sorts of entertainments. You can get a taste of the best nightlife, jazz clubs, traditional shops and countless cafes. While strolling through its many attractive streets, you are sure to come across lots of friendly people.

You will also have a great time walking to La Recoleta to see the fascinating cemetery, where the adorned grave of the famous Eve Peron can be viewed. There are also loads of stunning museums, such as the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, that will offer you the best displays of European artwork. And don’t forget to experience the charming cultural attractions at Centro Cultural Recoleta.


Apart from La Recoleta, you can also visit the Perlemo to catch a glimpse of over 5000 species of trees, flowers, and other plants at the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens. You can book a Graffiti tour for just $25.


The spectacular Iguazu Falls are ranked among the top ten tourist spots in Argentina due, in part, to its magnificently serene atmosphere. It makes a great visit for nature lovers. The falls are even ranked above the Niagara Falls. The site is a favorite for visitors who love peaceful environments.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu’s incredible 275 falls, covering a vast region, are certainly the most gorgeous falls in the world. The largest waterfall among the Iguazu Falls is the Devil’s Throat (Garganta Del Diablo), which you can explore for some unforgettable experiences.

Argentina and Brazil share the border along the falls, so those on the Brazilian side can also have excellent views of the Iguazu Falls. Or, if they prefer, they can easily cross over to Argentina by bus or helicopter ride (which flies across the falls right from Foz do Iguaçu). They can even take a sailboat to the falls. Nothing could be better than viewing the Falls from both the Argentina and the Brazilian sides. But if you are short on time and must choose one or the other, we recommend visiting the Argentinian side, where the views are considered more pristine.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Even if the falls don’t impress you, you will definitely enjoy exploring the Iguazu National Park to see its beautiful flora and fauna.


The scenic Pampas will always be ranked among the top ten tourist attractions of Argentina. The Pampas will offer you unending landscapes perfect for horseback riding. You will also enjoy a cool climate that you are not likely to find elsewhere in Argentina.

Vast Serene Grazes of Pampas

Apart from traversing through the flat land, you will have a delightful time discovering different types of cattle. You can even join the cowboys in tending to the animals.

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You’ll have the perfect opportunity to see the beautiful flamingos in the lakes within Pampas’ vicinity, or view the attractive pinnacle of the Sierra de la Ventana Mountains. Don’t forget to enjoy the panoramic view of the spectacular Lihue Calel National Park’s beautiful rock protrusions.

Camping in the Vast Serene Grazes of Pampas

The Pampas have lots of activities to try out, but be sure to include a refreshing visit to its first-rate beaches.


La Boca is an enticing city in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires and one of the most popular city among tourists. The city offers a clean environment for many types of recreation.

Camito Street

La Boca is famous for its many soccer clubs. The most famous club is the Boca Juniors, which ranks among the top best world soccer clubs. You can easily book a tour for an enchanting moment in La Boca Soccer Stadium and watch the Boca Juniors perform live.

La Boca also has very impressive buildings and lovely boulevards. The Camito Street (commonly referred to as “Little Path”) is well-known, as it is a center for tourism in Boca. You will certainly meet lots of artists displaying their work on the side of the roads. The best part is- you can even buy their work. It also provides entertainment, especially its countless tango clubs where you can find tango dancers performing.

Camito Street

The Fine Art Museum of Boca (Museo de Bellas Artes Quinquela Martin) encompasses a vast collection of the 20th century artists from Argentina. It was also the home and work studio of Quinquela Martin.


Another eternal element of the top ten tourist attractions in Argentina, the amazing Moreno Glacier is a must-see for travelers. It is easily accessible from El Calafate via bus. Here you will enjoy the cleanest and the freshest water, since this ice land ranks among the top three of the world’s biggest sources of unpolluted water.

Moreno Glacier

You will need to book a mini trek in advance to travel over the glaciers for nearly an hour of capturing pristine views of the forty-meter wall of ice or simply enjoying its chilling effects. You will also have a chance to hear the amusing growl of ice blocks falling off; something you will regularly experience at the Moreno Glaciers.

Moreno Glacier

The Glaciers also offer scenic views of Lake Argentino and Fitz Roy Mountain. Climb the mountain to see its bountiful flora and fauna. The mountain houses endangered animal species, such as the pudu pudu and pumas.


Bariloche and the seven lakes region are unique and distinguishable places with a variety of impressive landscapes and lakes. Many travelers trying to access the area must pass through the meandering road that leads to the lakes region.

Lake Moquehue

Lake Lacar offers a clear overview of the mountains, lakes on the lower side and Lanin National Park, with its pointed volcano. This viewpoint has an excellent panorama of the great San Martin de Los Andes. Travelers can rent a car for easy exploration of the beautiful Andes.

Junín de Los Andes is another pleasing spot for those who love fishing as it’s the central fishing base in Argentina. The Andes also has a breathtaking tranquil atmosphere.

Scenic views en route Bariloche valley

On the northern part of the region, you will run into the Villa Pehuenia and its sociable residents who will help you find lots of skiing. The village lies on Lake Alumine. You can also go horseback riding across the Andes to Chile over the Estancia Huechahue, or just relax at Lake Moquehue.

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Mar Del Plata is another beautiful Argentina city, situated 249 miles south of Buenos Aires, along the Atlantic Ocean Coast. As the 2nd largest city of the Buenos Aires Province, Mar Del Plata attracts numerous tourists throughout the year. The port of Mar Del Plata is among the major fishing ports in Argentina. Visited by tourists from all over the world, Mar Del Plata has so much to offer.

Mar Del Plata city and Beach

You can visit the amazing “Centro Cultural Villa Victoria Ocampo”, and roam through the marvelous art exhibitions on display. You can even enjoy some excellent tea at the restaurant in the garden. Don’t miss places in Mar Del Plata such as the “Iglesia Stella Maris” Church, or the beautiful “Parque Gral San Martin” with its view of the sea, infused with the busy life of the city.

While in this city, you also see the Torre Tanque Museum, the Mar Del Plata Cathedral, and the scenic drives of Laguna De Los Padres. There’s also the Playa Varese beach, or the Fuente de Aguas Danzantes musical fountain.

Torreon del Monje

You’ll even be amazed by the architectural marvel, Torreon del Monje. All in all, Mar Del Plata is a mixture of serene beaches, and many other noteworthy activities and attractions.


Yet another top 10 tourist destination in Argentina, the Peninsula Valdez is simply breathtaking with its huge collection of wildlife. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Argentina.

Penguins wandering in Valdez

The most common species of wildlife are guanacos, sea lions, Magellanic penguins, and elephant seals. The ballena franca (southern sea whale) is a major surprise on its beaches. The Valdez also offers alluring depressions such as the Salina Chika and the Salina Grande with their base at 42 meters below the sea level. July is the best time to visit the Valdez as the elephant seals are breeding. You will definitely have fun watching the bull elephant seals fight ferociously to protect their established territories, or the females tending their young ones.

A Seal coming out of the water

Driving through the Valdez, you will come across Puerto Piraminde, the only hamlet established where you can interact with the locals.


The Tren A Las Nubes (Train to the Cloud) is one of the attractions visitors cannot miss because of its high level of charm. You can book a tour on the train to the clouds at Salta tourist offices at a cut-rate price of about $150 for a 15-hour ride.

A bridge on the track of Tren A Las Nubes

The tour will be unforgettable. You will see scenic snow-capped mountains, plateaus, and more; the trip includes plenty of zig-zags, bridges, and tunnels. You will also have a sensational experience touching the clouds with your bare hands.

The colorful Tren A Las Nubes

The Train to the Clouds is among the top three highest railways that are known in the world. So don’t miss out on riding the Tren A Las Nubes.


Argentina has countless national parks that are extremely popular, and make up some of the best places to visit in the country. You will enjoy incredible scenery and a tranquil atmosphere. The top most visited national parks include the following:

Los Cardones National Park

The stunning Calilegua National Park located near Jujuy and covers over 76 hectares. It was established with the primary objective of protecting the subtropical rainforest on the mountain. It has endless species of plants and wildlife and is mostly famous for the red squirrel, melero bear, and the tapir. You will also find underwood species such as the tipa and the pacara, which is known to grow to the height of about 30 meters. There are also many canyons with water streaming around them.

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Los Cardones National Park near Salta is another favorite site, particularly for its giant cactus plants. The park allows many activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, and safaris. You will also enjoy watching impressive plants and animals such as turacu and vicuna. If you need something more to amuse you, you will certainly be excited by the beautiful mountainous terrain within the desert.

Exotic Birds flying over the El Rey National Park

The El Rey National Park located near Salta is also a site to see in Argentina. The park offers an excellent chance to view several streams of clean water flowing through the valley as you catch sight of the biting bat and the yaguarete. You might also meet rattlesnakes or mount turkey hens. Spend some time here, enjoying you surroundings camping around a bonfire.


The beautiful city of Salta, with its pleasant climate, is a perfect tourist attraction. Situated at an altitude of 1152 meters above the sea level, Salta lies in the Lerma Valley of Argentina. Surrounded by the Andes Mountains on one side, the city provides a stunning view for tourists.

The contoured mountains of Salta

The city of Salta is home to numerous buildings, dating back as far as the 18th century. Some of these marvels include the Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana de Salta, Plaza 9 de Julio, the Cathedral of Salta, andVirgen de los Tres Cerritos. They also include the Parque Nacional Los Cardones, Iglesia San Francisco, Tolar Grande, Museo Historico del Norte, Museo Pajcha Arte Etnico, Museo de la Vid y el Vino, and Iglesia de San Jose.

Visit as many sites as you can, but remember to ride the Teleferico, the Tram that takes you to the top of the San Bernardo Hill. The tram ride itself is amazing but still is nothing in comparison to the panoramic view of the whole city you get from the top of the hill.

The Tram to San Bernardo Hill

A drive through the differently colored and shaped mountains of the Salta province is simply incredible!


Puerto Madryn is a captivating beach included in the top 10 list of tourist attractions and one of the most visited places in Argentina. It is situated in the Gulf of Nuevo.

Puerto Madryn Beach

Puerto Madryn is an incredible city as it has all the activities that you will want to discover. You will have a fantastic time scuba diving among the sea lions. Puerto Madryn is known as the center for scuba diving in Argentina. You can also have fun watching the sea animals from the dry land.

A tour around the city will also do you good since you will discover compelling urban buildings that are not seen anywhere else in the world. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to explore the Modern Art Museum of Puerto Madryn, which offers the greatest artworks of the most famous artists in this region. Sports lovers will also have an opportunity to discover the many sports practiced in Puerto Madryn.

Puerto Madryn Beach and Skyline

You don’t have to do much to fall in love with this city. If you want, you can simply ride within the borders of Puerto Madryn, especially along the Estancia San Guillermo, and discover its versatile natural charm.

A visit to the Interpretation Center is a must while in Puerto Madryn as it offers clear information on the natural reserves you are likely to experience. It is also the link to places such as the Peninsula Valdez.

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