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An interesting and small place, but has a lot of interesting things to offer to the tourists is

Capao da Canoa, Brazil.

There are many reasons for traveling to this place like beaches, carnivals and many other tourist attractions to enjoy on your trip to Capao da Canoa. These few reasons are enough for any person to travel to this place and enjoy a great holiday. Brazil is one of the most common places that people choose for spending their holidays and Capao da Canoa is one of the most common places in Brazil where people plan their holidays.

Capao da Canoa

If you are also planning your vacation in this place Capao da Canoa then you should get ready for an amazing experience of your life. You have forest trails, dazzling beaches and many water sports and many activities to enjoy on these beaches. If this is all that you are looking at during your holiday, then do not waste your time anymore. Start booking your flight tickets and the accommodation facilities as there are a few available, but the crowd is going to be really high during the peak season. Make sure that all the arrangements are done in advance.

When To Go:

When you are planning a holiday with your family, friends or if you are planning to go on a holiday alone, it is always good to check for the right time to travel to that place. But if you are traveling to any place in Brazil, then you don’t have to do too much of research about the right time to visit this place. You must be surprised “WHY”, but the reason for it is very simple. The climate of this place Capao daCanoa is warm all round the year and this is the climate that anyone would look for in a holiday vacation where there are a lot of beaches to enjoy. So, this task is now simplified naturally for you.

Visit Capao da Canoa

Now, you can plan your vacation depending on the purpose of traveling to Capao daCanoa. You can plan your trip based on your requirement and that is the best way to plan a trip to this kind of places. But the crowd in this place is high in between the months of April through September. Tourists from all parts of the world travel to this place and have a lot of fun.

Now, it is time to have a look at the

things to do

in Capao da Canoa. Let us start with…

Marina Park

This place Capao da Canoa is suitable for people of all age groups and

Marina Park

is a place which is more suitable for your kids than for adults. If your kids are between the age of 5 to 10 years, then this place is perfect for them as there are many activities that are suitable for this age group. There are many water activities where adults also can participate along with the kids, but you will not be able enjoy as much as your kids do as this is more of the kid’s place.

Marina Park

You also have a restaurant and bar in this place, so you can even enjoy yourdining here and have some drinks as well. If you are planning this holiday especially for your kids then you should start your trip from this place only. In spite of so many other places like beaches in Capao da Canoa, it is recommended to make your kids more happy before you start looking for places that both kids and adults can enjoy. The water and the other areas in this park are maintained very well and hence it is definitely worth visiting this place.

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After you have spent a day for your kids, now it is time for you to plan a day with your kids. That means you and your kids should be able to enjoy it.


is the place that will help you in having a great time with your entire family. The place is really attractive and is having many games for the people of all age groups. This place is definitely worth visiting even if the entry fee that you need to pay for these activities is a little high.


You will love the place as it looks very welcoming and you can also find a lot of people enjoying with their families, especially kids. The place is really huge and you may not get time to enjoy all the ride if you are visiting this place in the afternoon or on the weekends. So, it is always good to plan your trip during the middle of the week and also make sure that you are reaching the place early in the morning by the time the park is open. So, by the end of the day you will be able to enjoy everything that is present in this place.

Arte Cafe

This place

Arte Café

is a place where you will be able to spend some nice time with your family. Live music and food that will make you feel relaxed and soothing to your ears as well.

Arte Cafe

Plan a nice dinner along with your partner or a special friend with whom you wanted to spend some special time. This place will be the best option as the live music, food and the surrounds are going to make the dinner more special.

Capao da Canoa Shopping

It is not just the places like amusement parks and beaches that you will be able to enjoy when you are visiting Capao da Canoa. There is much more to enjoy at this place and

Capao da CanoaShopping

is one such place. You can go and shop a lot of things in this place. This is a place for women and women can start their shopping in any place and in any country.

Capao da Canoa Shopping

This huge building has a lot of options for your shopping and it is completely upto you on what to shop. If you are looking for some handicraft items to shop, then you should try that at the shore of the beaches as there are so many beaches here. You will be able to complete your shopping at a cheaper rate and you can also bargain in places like these.

Atlantida Beach

A paradise in the land of Capao da Canoa is

Atlantida Beach.

You will be able to see many local people at this beach than the tourists. The reason behind this is, the local people have their summer houses on the shore of the beach. They visit these houses during the summer season to enjoy a great weekend especially on the beach. The houses that you get to see on the shore of this beach are really beautiful and the beach is also beautiful.

Atlantida Beach

The water is really clean, while the sand is gray in color and you can go swimming in this place. The water of this beach is really cool and hence you are going to enjoy swimming in this water as the climate in this place is warm throughout the year. The cold breeze is also really good when you are taking a walk on the shore of the beach along with your special partner. You are just going to love this place and you should not miss this place at all. There are many other water sports also that you can enjoy here.

Capao da Canoa Beach

If you are looking for a very popular beach in Capao da Canoa, then you will get to hear just one name if you are asking anyone of this place. That beach is

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Capao da Canoa Beach.

Yes, this beach is very popular and you will find a lot of crowd here. The beach is a good option to enjoy for those people who are interested in spending time in those places where there are a lot of people, because they like to be part of such things. But there is a problem with this beach and that is there is a lot of noise on this beach.

Capao da Canoa Beach

The government authorities have not imposed any rules about this and hence you can see more noise here. But there are many stalls on the shore of this beach, which sell some items for you and your home, while the other stalls service you some mouthwatering food. Many people do not prefer eating at the roadside stalls but they are going to offer you a different which you will not be able to enjoy at the five star hotels as well. So, make sure that you are not missing this beach on your trip.

Xangri-la Beach

One important thing that you check when you are planning any holiday is about the places that you can enjoy at the holiday destination. Your kids or you yourself may look for a destination which is having a beach, if you are planning a summer holiday trip. What if you are getting a chance to enjoy more than one beach at a single holiday destination? You will feel lucky and plan your trip to that place only. If your answer is yes, then it is time to plan your holiday to Capao do Canoa.

Xangri-la Beach

This is a place with more than one beach, but one of the most visited beaches in this place is

Xangri-la Beach.

The water at this beach is clean and the waves here are flat, if you want to enjoy any kind of water sports, then this is the beach for you with crystal clear water and low wind. There are many competitions and festivals conducted in this beach every year. The dining and shop options that are available at this beach are less, but you will have equal fun like other beaches, in this beach as well. So not miss this beach when visit Capao da Canoa.

Hot Air Balloon

After spending enough time at the beaches, it is now time to do something really interesting and adventurous as well. If you are also planning for something like that, then

Hot Air Balloon

is the sport that you must try. This ride will give you a lot of energy and you will feel yourself in a completely different world. Plan this ride in the early morning or you should plan it during the sunset if you can withstand the hot air. It is normally preferred in the early morning because the wind is going to be just perfect for the hot balloon ride and you can also see the sunrise.

Hot Air Balloon

You will feel as if the sun has raised just in front of you. All the other things beneath you will seem to look really small. This ride in the evening is also good, but the air is going to be hot and you should be able to withstand it. Else the other things are going to be the same whether it is morning or evening. If you have never tried this in the past, then you don’t really have to worry about it as there will be instructors who are going to guide you completely and also all checking would be done before the balloon is flown into the sky.

Water Sports

Apart from Hot air balloon ride, there are many things that you can enjoy on your trip to Capao da Canoa like

Water Sports.

Yes, as many of the beaches in this place are having clear and the waves are also not too high, you can enjoy many kinds of water sports like surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, scuba diving and many other things as well. For these water sports, you need to have practice or else you should be aware of swimming.

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Water Sports

If you are not aware of swimming, then you will not be allowed to participate in any of these water sports. There will be many surfing competitions conducted on these beaches every year and you can also be part of them. If you are aware of swimming, then other instructions would be given by the trainers or instructor who are present on the beaches and you will also be given all instructions which you need to follow. Make sure that you are clear with all the instructions else it can dangerous.

Sea Food

As this place is having many beaches, you will be able to get fresh

sea food

. You should definitely try the seafood that is sold at the shore of the beaches in the evening. This food is going to be really yummy and you should not miss it. The spicy and hot food of Capao da Canoa is something that you should not miss.

Sea Food

There are many signature dishes in this place that are made using the Prawns and if you are a non vegetarian, then do not miss this sea food which is made with prawns. You get all other sea food also at this place, but the prawns are more popular than any other food that you get at this place.

Local Markets of handicrafts

There are many

Local Markets of handicrafts,

and they are available at a very affordable rate. You can still bargain them to get at a more affordable rate. The price of the product will always depend on how well you are able to bargain at the stall. Do not prefer to go to any rich market place for buying handicraft items. There will be many stalls on the shore of the beach, they can be every day or the stalls are present only on weekends at some beaches, but buying at these roadside stalls will help you in saving a lot of money. But if you are going for any weekend market stalls, then make sure that you are going early,as there will be a lot of crowd. Bargaining in a huge crowd may not be possible and you may be disappointed.

Local Markets of handicrafts

This is just a list of a very few things that you can see when you are traveling to Capao da Canoa. But there are many more things to do like many other beaches in this place. They are not very popular, but they can be a great spot for those who want to spend relaxing time in those places where they will be able to enjoy the nature and also there would not be too much of noise or crowd. These beaches are a little far from the city center, but they are all definitely worth visiting and you cannot miss them. Another important point to remember when you are planning a trip to this place is, maybe you want to spend time at those beaches where there is less crowd, but if your trip is during the peak time, then better plan it in advance as the tickets can be really expensive later. Same rules apply to your hotel booking as well, but there is another problem if you are not booking early and that is there may not be availability of rooms for you and your family. If you are planning with kids, then you need to be more careful. Have a great trip to this very beautiful place Capao da Canoa.

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