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Amazing Hotels Where Presidents Have Slept

In the United States of America, we have some special hotels where presidents have slept. These hotels are designed as majestic and luxury hotels that attract the most powerful men on earth.

The hotels where presidents have slept are in different parts of the continent. 

Hotels Where Presidents Have Slept

Can you guess the presidents that had a great relaxation at these hotels?

You can enjoy the grand architecture and regal accommodations in these hotels where presidents have slept.

From ritzy city lodging to rustic national-park chalets, we have listed some grand hotels for you to try when you want a weekend getaway.

Beautiful hotels where presidents have slept

Hotels Where Presidents Have Slept

The hotels where presidents have slept include the following:

The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Hawaii

The Kahala Hotel & Resort has hosted presidents from Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama. The luxurious hotel attracts powerful dignitaries and celebrities alike.

The influential and rich can select extravagant suites that include the Presidential Suite and Penthouse Imperial Suite.

The former suite comes with a private boardroom where politicians can make key policy/ The nearby Luana Hills Country Club is perfect for golfing.

The Grove Park Inn, North Carolina

The Grove Park Inn in North Carolina is one of the hotels where presidents have slept. We can count up to ten American presidents who have slept in this hotel.

The majestic resort is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and overlooks Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The hotel provides on-site activities galore for its guests. It has a full-service spa and a highly rated golf course. The posh Presidential Suite are extravagantly decorated to fit the wealthiest men on earth.

Hawthorne Hotel, Massachusetts

Hawthorne Hotel is among the hotels where presidents have slept. President George H. W. Bush is one of the luminaries, who have used this hotel.

Other famous luminaries include Colin Powell and Walter Cronkite. The hotel is famous for the prominent legends and celebrities that make use of it.

Rumor has it that the hotel was haunted because of its location on a former orchard owned by Bridget Bishop, the first person to be executed in the Salem witch trials.

Hotel Del Coronado, California

The Hotel Del Coronado in California is among the hotels where presidents have slept. The first United States president, Benjamin Harrison was the first to use the hotel/

After his visit, 11 commanders in chief including British royalty, have used this iconic National Historic Landmark.

Franklin Roosevelt was a frequent guest at the hotel and adored the sweeping Pacific views afforded by Del’s ocean-facing rooms.

The hotels where presidents have slept in America

Hotels Where Presidents Have Slept

El Tovar Hotel, Arizona

El Tovar Hotel, Arizona is among the beautiful hotels where presidents have slept. We can count seven presidents who had used the hotel located in Grand Canyon National Park.

Teddy Roosevelt frequented the historical property. The extravagant hotel has a restaurant with a view of the rim, as well as classic American decor.

The guest rooms have balconies that overlook the Grand Canyon.

Waldorf Astoria, New York

Some of the hotels where presidents have slept include the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The world-famous Big Apple landmark attracts the world’s presidents to its gilded halls.

Barack Obama used its four-bedroom Presidential Suite, as has George H.W. Bush, who was a big fan of the Waldorf’s cuisine.

The Hay-Adams, Washington, D.C.

The Hay-Adams, Washington, D.C. is a beautiful hotel whose roof deck provides a unique, direct view of the White House.

The Hay-Adams has hosted many presidents and was used as Obama’s temporary base before he moved into the White House in 2009.

The Ahwahnee, California

The Ahwahnee, California is among the hotels where presidents have slept, with sweeping views of Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, and Glacier Point.

 The hotel is nestled in Yosemite National Park. Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy have used the lodge, considered the most luxurious property within Yosemite.

The hotels where presidents have slept have been built for extravagance and pure relaxation. While the presidents might have used them, you can enjoy the privilege from these hotels too.


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