10 Most Luxurious Wellness Resorts

The most luxurious wellness resorts in the world

In the different parts of the world, we have several most luxurious wellness resorts that you can use for your pleasure.

The most luxurious wellness resorts offer luxury spas, fine dining, and a meditative atmosphere for you. You unwind and get refreshed after using any of these facilities.

Most Luxurious Wellness Resorts

From New Zealand to Switzerland, we have some of these amazing most luxurious wellness resorts for you to enjoy.

Types of most luxurious wellness resorts

With the travel sector getting a makeover after the Covid-19 fiasco,  an intense workout boot camp might be what you need, or relaxing at a spa destination.

We have listed some of the most luxurious wellness resorts for people who want to explore the world. Here are some of these places:

Aro Ha- Glenorchy, New Zealand

For those who want to indulge in one of the most luxurious wellness resorts in the world, they can make use of Aro Ha. A wellness retreat that offers something different from the norm.

It handles the brain to body metamorphosis in its enviable destination in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. It serves users a seven-day program, which must be strictly followed by participants.

Some of the programs include massages, yoga, ice baths, or soaks in hot baths, including vegan dining prepared from ingredients grown on the destination.

Miraval -Austin, Texas

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Miraval is one of the finest, most luxurious wellness resorts you can enjoy its services.  Its programs range from spa treatments, traditional yoga programs to healthy-eating cooking classes.

You relax at the end of the wellness sessions in its sanctuary-like guest rooms, which is filled with Tibetan singing bowls and meditation pillows.

Como Shambhala Estate-Payangan, Bali

Comon Shambhala Estate is a wellness-oriented hotel that is designed as a paradise for wellness seekers.  The location of the resort is in the jungle, making it an ideal place to unwind.

You have access to spa treatments, fitness center, wellness center, and yoga and Pilates classes. For those who want some extra, they can make use of the customized wellness program of the resort.

Some of the professionals in the resort include those who handle nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine to chakra healing.

Beautiful most luxurious wellness resorts

7132 Hotel-Vals, Switzerland

7132 hotel is located around the thermal springs, making it one of the most luxurious wellness resorts. The resort is designed for relaxing, soaking in natural minerals waters, and exploring spa treatments.

Its spa treatment include using ESPA products. The wellness resort is beautifully designed with its thermal baths.

Most Luxurious Wellness Resorts

Mii Amo-Sedona, Arizona

Mii Amo is among the most luxurious wellness resorts you can use.  The wellness resort is a haven of pleasure and rejuvenation.

The resort offers an all-inclusive spa treatment and five thematic paths, which handles every aspect of wellness, including spiritual growth.

You can customize your wellness program ranging from painting classes, hiking to guided meditation.

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Kumarakom Lake Resort– Kumarakom, India

When you seek the most luxurious wellness resorts, you can visit the Kumarakom Lake Resort in India.  It offers one of the best Ayurveda resorts on earth.

You have access to specialists who handle different wellness packages, ranging from weight loss to detoxification.

Top most luxurious wellness resorts

The Ranch-Malibu, California

The Ranch is a celebrity wellness boot camp that offers a strict “results-oriented” fitness program. Participants are challenged to take up rigorous physical activities that can up to eight hours.

The place offers massage, yoga classes, personal-trainer-assisted workouts, and much more. People get total transformation when they come here.

Most Luxurious Wellness Resorts

BodyHoliday-Cariblue Beach, St. Lucia

While the Caribbean island of St. Lucia offers you a slice of paradise, it has the BodyHoilday for your total wellness programs.

You can pick from acupuncture treatments, Tai Chai classes, massages, skin therapy, and more. Relaxation is complete in this place.


Rosewood-Phuket, Thailand

Rosewood is one of the most luxurious wellness resorts in the world. It offers a stellar spa treatment, wellness programs, and different workshops that deals with different wellness issues.

SHA Wellness Clinic-Alicante, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic is a luxe hilltop temple where you enjoy pure relaxation and complete wellness. Celebrities frequent the place.


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