10 Cities with the same name around the world

The cities with the same name around the world

Imagine visiting the wrong holiday vacation because of you mistaken cities with the same name. We have seen tourists visiting the wrong cities because they have the same name as another city.

These cities with the same name are in different locations and do not share everything. In contrast, most of these cities have nothing in common.

Cities with the same name

Some tourists have ended up in a city they never desired to visit in the life because of wrong information about the city.

This often happens when two big cities come with the same name. Are you wondering about the cities that have the same name around the world?

The cities with the same name

Oddly enough, some of these cities are in the United States and other countries.  We have listed a few of these cities for you to see for yourself:

Memphis, Egypt vs. Memphis, Tennessee

These two cities come with different landscapes, histories, and share the same name.  The founders of the city of Memphis in Tennessee, United States decided to do something special with the city.

They named the city after Memphis in Egypt because they share similar landscapes; they are on the banks of rivers; the Mississippi and the Nile.

Melbourne, Florida vs. Melbourne, Australia

These two cities are coastal destinations with beautiful beaches. You can enjoy the calmness that surrounds these cities.

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Lebanon, New Hampshire vs Lebanon the country

It might surprise you to know that we have 47 different cities with the same name called Lebanon. Interestingly, none of these cities have any link with the country, Lebanon.

Cities with the same name

When coming to the United States of America, you should be careful not to miss your way to any Lebanon destination.

Glasgow, Scotland vs. Glasgow, Montana

You can be stunned to know that Montana has her own Glasgow.  When it comes to cities with the same name, Glasgow shares the center stage of attention.

The two cities have no similarities, except in their names. The Montana city with the name Glasgow is known for its rolling hills and farmland.

For Glasgow in Scotland, it boasts a bustling hub of industry and business.

Springfield, New Jersey vs. Springfield, Illinois

Springfield is among the cities with the same name in the United States of America. 41 cities in the US have the name.

The name is the among the most popular names for cities and towns in the US.

Granada, Spain vs. Grenada the island

Those dreaming of visiting the Caribbean Island called Grenada should not end up in Spain.  While these destinations have the same name, they are spelled differently.

Before you head to Granada, make sure you check the spelling first if you want to see Spain, or you might be heading to the Caribbean.

Beautiful cities with the same name

Paris, France vs. Paris, Texas

If you are looking for the real Eiffel Tower, you should be coming to Paris, but if not, your route should be Texas.

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The Eiffel Tower in Texas boldly has a big, red cowboy hat on top.  However, that is not as magnificent as the one in Paris.

Cities with the same name

Beverly Hills, California vs. Beverly Hills, Texas

Texas has another city with a similar name; Beverly Hills.  The Beverly Hills in both California and Texas are opposite in every aspect.

The celebrities, insane mansions, and sunshine await you in California, while the Texas city is outside of Waco.

Moscow, Russia vs. Moscow, Kansas

You do not have to be in Russia before you see a city called Moscow.  Moscow in Russia is the name city, while the founding residents in Kansas named one of the cities Moscow.

These two cities are opposite in their landscapes, lifestyle, and tourist attractions.

Naples, Italy vs. Naples, Florida

Naples is among the cities with the same name. One of the cities is in Florida, while the other destination is in Naples.

These cities with the same name are not the only cities sharing similar names. We have many of these cities around the world.

That means you should know the city you are heading to when it shares a similar name with another city.





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