Tourist Destinations in Lobamba, Swaziland

Tourist Destinations in Lobamba to Visit

We have numerous tourist destinations in Lobamba that you can visit when next you visit Swaziland.

These tourist destinations in Lobamba are rare and specially designed to give you a blend of exotic and African feeling when you visit.

Tourist Destinations in Lobamba

Lobamba is the legislative, traditional, and spiritual capital of Swaziland. It is situated in the western part of Swaziland, in the woodland called the Ezulwini Valley or Valley of Heaven.  

It is about 16 kilometers from Mbabane, in the district of Hhohho. Lobamba is the seat of the country’s Parliament and home of the Ntombi, the Queen Mother.   

Here are some of the tourist destinations in Lobamba:

Key tourist destinations in Lobamba

Ludzidzini Royal Residence 

The Royal Residences is a must-see in Lobamba. The Lozitha Palace, the home of King Mswati III is about 10 kilometers from the city. 

The king comes to see the royal residence or the Royal Kraal during the celebration of the Umhlanga dance and Incwala. 

The village in this residence includes the 

parade ground for ceremonies, the queen mother’s Royal Kraal, and the dwelling clusters.

The Parliament Building

The Parliament Building is one of the finest buildings in the country. However, it is restricted to visitors and sometimes opens to visitors to see the inside.

The parliament building is one of the tourist destinations in Lobamba.

The Embo State Palace

Visitors are not allowed inside the palace that was built by the British government for the polygamous King Sobhuza II. The family of King Sobhuza II included 600 children.

National Museum of Swaziland

The National Museum of Swaziland is close to the Parliament building. It was built in 1972 and made a non-profit institution in 1974 by the International Council of Museums.

 This museum is where artifacts that revered King Sobhuza II are placed and also there are Swazi and South African artifacts. 

There is a 16th century head of Krishna here, and among the tourist destinations in Lobamba to visit.

Tourist Destinations in Lobamba

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary has activities for visitors like guided mountain-bike tours, hiking trails, horse riding, camping in caves, and rustic trail camps. 

Animals and birds are seen here. It is among the tourist destinations in Lobamba.

King Sobhuza II Memorial Park

King Sobhuza II Memorial Park was built in memory of King Sobhuza II. Exhibition of photographs tells the king’s life. 

His mausoleum is built here and his three vintage cars can be seen here.

Malkern Valley

This is an arts and crafts center

Music shows/concerts tourist destinations in Lobamba

Marula Festival

The annual festival starts in the middle of February. It is called Emaganwini by the locals. The royal family fully participates in the song and dance festival, which is the biggest in Swaziland.

Bushfire Music Festival

The Bushfire Music Festival is the biggest performing art festival in Swaziland. The festival is held every May. A three-day event also has film screenings.

Umhlanga Reed Dance

The Umhlanga Reed Dance is an eight-day event that exhibits around 100,000 dancing Swazi maidens who are seen presenting tall reeds to the Queen Mother. 

The event holds between the end of August and early September. You cannot miss this when searching for tourist destinations in Lobamba.

Local Language

The Commonwealth version of English is the official language of business while the local language, SiSwati (Swazi) is spoken almost exclusively in the rural areas.

Clothes to be carried based on seasons/month

The country has a temperate climate and pleasant for most of the year. Tourist destinations in Lobamba can be visited in 

 Light clothes are recommended during the hot months while a bit heavy clothes can be used during the rainy months.

Tourist Destinations in Lobamba

Theft and Safety

The crime rate is low. Tourists should be mindful of hippopotamuses that are rarely found in the country’s rivers. 

Crocodiles are a more common danger when tourists swim. Lighting is common and can strike anyone. 

Be careful during the weekends to avoid brawls when searching for tourist destinations in Lobamba.

Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Travel after dark. 
  2. Insult King Mswati III or any member of the royal family. 
  3. Do not attend political demonstrations 
  4. stand between a hippo and the water
  5. take meat into certain areas
  6. stray into ‘No-Man’s Land’
  7. Wander around alone after dark
  8. Eat expensive foods in front of the locals


  1. keep a couple of cab driver’s phone numbers on hand
  2. careful of hippopotamuses
  3. crossing any of Swaziland’s nineteen border gates
  4. Keep your money hidden


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