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Mojave Desert is located in the United States of America and occupies a lot of states borders which include Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California. This is what makes it a famous place to visit and also known for its solar energy strength, it is the world’s greatest solar power plant and solar power installation. It is named after the Mohave tribe of the Native Americans which has a display of the basin and the range topography. There is a higher elevation of about 2,000 feet in the desert which is referred to as the High Desert while the Death Valley is known as the lowest elevation at 282 feet which is below the sea level and is one of the famous places to be in the desert.

Mojave Desert

The desert has boundaries that are defined by the Joshua trees presence which are considered to be an indicator for this desert. It has topographical boundaries like the San Gabriel, San Bernardino and then the Tehachapi. We know this is a desert but is also a tourist attraction centre. There are lots of places you can visit while you are in this part of America. Public transport in Mojave Desert is basically done through three major transportation means and these include bus, rail and taxi. It is important to distinguish public transport from private transport. Private transport happens when someone has his own means of transportation such as car and decides to go to your destination. It is not allowed for you to travel by car in Mojave Desert. As a tourist, you may love the public transportation system.

Mojave Desert

However, as in every advance city, there is also car hire service. Car hire service allows you to rent a car for use within a particular period of time. You can rent a car for a specific number of days or month after which you have no right over that vehicle. This gives tourists ease of transport to any location where they may wish to go.

There are many things to enjoy on your visit to Mojave Desert but food in Mojave Desert is truly the most interesting. This is the major reason why many tourists visit this region; truly some tourists travel to this part of America in order to witness its geographical features, but a great majority of them come for food.

Mojave Desert

The park is also a place where you can enjoy horseback rides and hiking trails experiences. The wildflowers are seen blooming in the early spring which gives the desert a lively look. There is another park around the Joshua National park you can visit which is a Keys Ranch.

There is the Death Valley National Park that is more than 3 million acres of this desert. This means there is life around the forest with a little vegetation in this park. There are lots of places a tourist can visit while in this part of the desert. A lot of the park’s trails are mostly cross country which can take you through dry falls and canyons.

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