Things To Do In Gramado

Gramado is a little town in Brazil with an old world charm and picturesque landscapes that revels in delightful amazements. The Black Lake not only yield beautiful pictures but you also have a chance to see a lot of green surrounding and a beautiful lake that is graced by pedal boats in the form of caravels or swans!

It’s a bit far from the city, but if you take the little train and make the city tour, you can make a 20 minute stop at the site giving enough time to visit the shops, the calm environment, and to enjoy the beauty of the lake. This is one of the classic places to see in Gramado.

A visit in August to the Palace of Festivals is the right opportunity to see the Gramado Film Festival. It is the city’s most distinguished film celebration. Opposite the site, there are spaces where some Brazilian actors, actresses put their hand print impressions on a concrete tile and these are immortalized in the “Walk of Fame”. It is a simple construction that is amusing and impressive at the same time.

Things To Do in Gramado

When To Go:

Gramado is an ideal holiday destination in Brazil that draws in sightseers throughout the entire year. The city’s high season and perfect time to go is during winter (June- September), when the temperatures are lower and lodging costs are much higher. The Inns are completely busy and people must fall in line to eat or enjoy their supper in a restaurant. Brazilians are utilized to tropical climate so they want to set out toward cool places in winter.

Gramado can get really cool amid that season, yet it is exceptionally unrealistic to discover snow during its winter season. Then again, it has snowed a few years. Winters have a tendency to be foggy and it can rain sometimes.

Numerous travelers prefer to come in spring, when the flowers are in full bloom making the city look more stunning. December is additionally an incredible month to visit the city, yet this is an exceptionally lavish time of the year because of every last one of swarms that come to delight in the Christmas celebrations, a well-loved tradition of the city. The summer season (January – March) is the city’s low season. Everything is calmer and less lavish, but it is never excessively hot.

Things To Do in Gramado

Here are the most interesting and fun things to do in the city of Gramado…

Black Lake

is where you can have a relaxing stay in Gramado surrounded by its fresh air. It’s a striking lake especially during the summer season in Brazil. During the warm season, the site is filled everywhere with blue flowers in immense quantities. On the lake you can go kayaking in the form of a swan or a ship. There is a good restaurant with exquisite homemade dishes.

Black Lake

The trees planted in the periphery of the lake were brought from the Black Forest in Germany by Leopoldo Rosenfeldt after a fire occurred on its first native vegetation. The lake and its park is a suitable place for recreation of all ages. Although it is entirely artificial it is a fine-looking place, quiet, well-maintained and to ride water bikes with a cool breeze in the shade while admiring the many hydrangeas is one of the ideal things to do in this part of Gramado.

Mini Mundo (Mini World Theme Park)

is very special and worth a visit if you’re in the city of Gramado. It has areas designed to please the children like; a gift shop and a small wooden house that is suitable for them. The rest of the park can be explored by grown-ups and adults. Inside you can see the reconstruction of more urban areas, with churches, buildings, railways, lakes, people and all it takes to make the Mini World more truthful as possible. They have greatly imitated some famous churches, as well as the prominent buildings and top attraction (primarily the places of Latin America or Germany and around the world). There is also a small mountain with its own lines for cable car.

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Mini Mundo

At first it seems like a ride for kids, but the truth is it is worth knowing at any age. It is well done and organized, and every detail is well thought out. Unfortunately for being an open place, it is not worth visiting if it’s raining. The place is cool, but it is small. In half an hour you can walk around the park and see every detail. It really is all too perfect but it is a place to visit even just once while in Gramado.

Igreja Matriz Sao Pedro Apostolo

is an awesome looking church where right in front has stone images of the 12 apostles, inside it is all stone and on Christmas season it has a beautiful crib. It is not a very big church, but the architecture is one of those unusual, really striking and imposing. It is a pride for the people of Gramado. The location is excellent and it is traditional to take pictures with the whole family with the façade of the church as the background. It is located in the center of the city and stands almost in front of the covered street. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of the city especially during the Christmas season. The Christmas decor is very well done and the construction details are surprising.

Igreja Matriz Sao Pedro Apostolo

Anyone can visit the Church, offer a silent time to contemplate and pray, and enjoy the beautiful stained glass. The church is also accessible at night (you can see them from the outside). The square in front of the church is a pleasant place to stroll. It has a shopping center next door too. The Church looks breathtaking along with its exterior that is covered with stones. It is a monument that must be visited calmly so that you can observe all the details of the environment; the images, stained glass, and the impressive interior.



is where you can have the opportunity to learn to ski in a perfect artificial mountain. Wear appropriate clothing and ski equipments can be rented on the shops located there. The restaurant has more options for snacks instead of meals. The “mountain” is a track considered too easy for adults, but it is perfect for children. The space is very nice for those who never had the opportunity to see ice or for those who’ve seen a little and got disappointed. Students have a discount rate on the entrance fee and do not forget to bring the membership card.


Be prepared to spend, because beyond the entrance, if you want to snowboard or ski you can pay for the right equipment or go for the skiing equipment that has more class. Bring your own coat and boots; take your own gloves, socks and extra clothing as much as possible because the ones that they give are not waterproof or even thick enough.

Gramado Zoo

is a bit out of town (down the state highway), but it is an interesting and well quiet attraction in the mountains. Once you enter the gate you will find macaws, parrots and toucans that are left loose (there is a high screen that keeps the room). You can walk through the pens of various types of animals (monkeys, jaguars, panthers, wolf, giant anteater and small birds).

Gramado Zoo

The zoo is more focused on the animals in Brazil’s local fauna and the only exception is some penguins near the end. It is an open space that is not recommended on rainy days and during winter (animals in temperate places should not leave the nest). For people with walking difficulties, as a path with some climbs (mild to moderate), it is important to clarify further in the entry if you have a companion that may need the use of the electric cart for a convenient tour of the zoo.

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Le Jardin Parque de Lavanda

A huge park that has lavender plantations and also many other types of flowers. It has ample parking space, flower beds, and gardens that are great for photos and has a shop where you can order a juice, tea, ginger ale, eat a pie, and also buy products that are made from lavender and other raw materials as well such as; soaps, home spray, lotion, shampoo, conditioners, etc.

Le Jardin Parque de Lavanda

For those who are fond of flowers and light perfumes this place is a must see attraction in Gramado. The lavender fields behind the property are wonderful and different. Even the kids will enjoy it because they can play in the garden while you enjoy the breath taking scenery.

Casa do Colono

Walking through the beautiful town of Gramado one cannot help but be struck by the peculiarity of this house. The European-inspired Casa do Colono building fully represents what must have been the colonial period in the region.

Germans and Italians have in fact reached these areas since the end of the nineteenth century, bringing the American continent a little of old Europe. In this establishment there are a variety of products for sale at affordable prices like; jellies, jams, pasta, salami, handmade sausages and cheeses, juices, and pastries that are all made of great quality.

You can buy colonial and excellent quality products at reasonable prices.

Casa do Colono

The staff also offers attentive service and ready to answer your question if you’re curious about the items on display. It is well located and easily accessible from the city.

You cannot even think about dieting here because there are many good things to taste and bring home as gifts like biscuits and cookies in different flavors (orange, banana, apple and chocolate) all cooked and baked in wood fired ovens by the two groups of families who operates this interesting gourmet food shop. They also have a delicious fresh baked bread to take home.

Igreja do Relógio (Relogio Church)

Landmark church of Gramado that is dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostle Matrix. It has fantastic architecture especially with the whole chorus of wood used on this site that is more popularly known as the “Clock Church”.

Its construction on top of a hill offers a marvelous setting and allows majestic views of the city. It is worth knowing and plays a major part on the religious history of the city. This is a Church of the Lutheran Confession (IECLB) that opened in 1961.

Igreja do Relogio

It is ideal for those who are connected to this religious tradition. The church is usually open from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. You can make a visit regardless of what religion you are with. A visit in the summer is the best time to see it, when the hortencias are flowering and highlighting the church, landscape and awesome views.

For those living in the city center it is a good opportunity to hear the Holy Mass on this temple that has been standing here for more than 50 years now. It is a place of great peace and tranquility. In spring, great pictures can be created as the patios get entirely covered in hydrangeas.

Praca Major Nicoletti

An obligatory stop for photos when you’re in Gramado. It is a great place to admire the city’s architecture and a good break when you’re in the journey of discovering the city. A visit to see the monuments provides a good conversation and education concerning the key figures to the history of Brazil. It also has an access to the Covered Street where you can enjoy an excellent hot chocolate.

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It is opposite the center of the Church of St. Peter (Relogio). It has benches, fountain, gardens and pond with fish, cafes, and shops. It is located near several other attractions. It is well cared for and highlights the pergola that offers shade and great place to take a rest and decide the next ride. Be sure to visit at any time and take pictures on the lake.

Praca Major Nicoletti

The square is a place of tranquility that is located in the central part of Gramado. where is located the position of dealing with tourists. In the square there is restaurant and shops, among other products, selling handmade chocolates produced in immigrant colonies. It is worth taking a break on the walk and find time to make some selfie pictures while in Gramado.

Portico via Nova Petropolis

Open-air museum in memory of the time of the German immigrants. It’s dotted with an impressive array of old buildings and institutions that were constructed during 1850. All of these structures are well integrated into the terrain of Gramado. Most of the Applied Art and souvenir shops can be found around the park. It is one of the “Lawn postcard” attractions of the city.

Portico via Nov Petropolis

It is mandatory to make a photo stop, at least for those visiting it for the first time. The staff at the Tourist Information Desk here will meet you with kindness and the resident tour guide can make suggestions according to the need of the visitor. Photos turn out even more beautiful at spring time which is the ideal season of flowering azaleas and hortencias.

Mirante do Belvedere

is worth stopping by when in Gramado. It has a little gazebo to enjoy the beautiful Serra Gaucha. The scenic landscape offers is all green and the location of the observation deck and its great altitude is impressive. For those who enjoy nature and a panoramic view of an enchanting city this is a phenomenal attraction.

Mirante do Belvedere

Aside from being an easily accessible place it also offers wonderful view of the nearby Vale do Quilombo, their fields, their homes and its “region of hydrangeas”. It is a beautiful gazebo where all the mountains of Gramado can be easily photographed or simply admired, even when the fog covers everything and only the highest peaks are visible.

Palace of Festivals

is situated at the Borges de Medeiros on its central lawn, and in front of the Covered Street. It is interesting because you can see the performers and view of the participating films for the Lawn Film Festival. When in August, there is even a red carpet for celebrities to pass and pose with. It is noteworthy that during the day or on days where there are no special occasions, the cinema is closed and can only be photographed from the outside.

The Gramado Film Festival is like the Oscar Academy Awards, where artists gather, give recognition to their fellow artists but in Brazilian way. It is fun and exciting especially on the night of the awarding of the film festival participants. The red carpet is where you will see the coolest actors and actresses from Brazil. It is one of the coolest things to do and watch out for every August.

Palace of Festivals

Gramado is not only a collection of great looking landscapes, tolerable weather, and lush gardens, it is also the best way to shop and a great chance to discover old colonial houses who now serves as business establishments offering a good mix of Italian and German culture. It is not surprising to find an old restored house with an impeccable garden in a carefully rustic setting while on tour of the city. The colonial atmosphere of this scenic town in Brazil makes it an ideal place to unwind and at the same time discover.

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