Don’t Miss Places In United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a magnetic place full of attractions that have made it a major destination for the world’s tourists.

This nation has many charms, including valleys, mountains, cities, and museums that will ensure you have an amazing holiday.

London Skyline with the Big Ben in the background

The list below includes ten of the most popular, and certainly most visited, tourist attractions in the UK…


The Cotswolds is one fabulous site you should not miss visiting while in the UK. It is one of the most excellent and mind blowing areas you will come across in beautiful England.

The Cotswolds is treasured in England because it shows the country’s unique heritage and was built out of stone. There are also plenty of cascading hills surrounding the Cotswolds on which you can spend time admiring the many beauties within the hills’ vicinity. A visit to the hills is even more fun when you travel as a group.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is also home to gorgeous and broad valleys full of life and greenery. They are a great place to cool down in, away from the scorching sun. You’ll have a great time visiting the numerous towns and markets in this area. There are also lovely museums full of attractions and impeccable art galleries that display some of the best art England has to offer.

Nature lovers will have the best moments of their lives touring the amazing parks housing all types of flora and fauna, or simply walking in the striking gardens to catch some of their dramatic fragrances. It is a place you will not regret visiting.

The Cotswolds

To get here, you’ll need to book a train ride at the Stonehouse railway station or one of the many other railway stations.


The amazing Stonehenge is with no doubt one of the most popular tourist attractions, which no one would want to miss while in the United Kingdom. It is a charming site with a beautiful ring comprised of stones of the monolithic era. You will be enthralled by these stones as they vary in size from relatively small to huge. You will want to take many pictures of these famous wonders.


The history of Stonehenge too is fascinating. Stonehenge was in placed in its position during the Neolithic era when several stones of 25-50 tons were raised on the Salisbury Plain. No one is certain how it was built, but you will enjoy learning about the many theories. They go as far as supernatural beings assisting in its development, to the somewhat reasonable theory of unknown early technologies.


The place is also known to have housed some religious practices that included sacrifices, burial, and it being a worship site. It was also used as an observatory, and some even believe aliens landed here in ancient times. There is also a magical myth that claims it is a healing site. Don’t miss the chance to tour this magnificent wonder and decide for yourself.

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It can get busy, so visitors are advised to book Stonehenge tours prior to their visit.


The famous Portmeirion Village is a place worthy of visit while in the UK. It is actually one of the most traveled sites in the UK because it offers much to marvel at.

Portmeirion village is very interesting as it harbors numerous attractive and impressive architectural designs on the western coast of Wales. You will not find any other place of its kind in the whole of the UK. The ambiance of this resort is of the Mediterranean type – relaxing and easy- going.


The village is also very popular for its numerous television series exhibits. You will also love the many compelling cafes, restaurants shops and hotels. It’s always swarming with large hordes of tourists as it is the most popular tourist destination in Wales. Come prepared to pay a small fee to enter.


Portmeirion is easily reached by bus from Porthmadog town.


Stratford-Upon-Avon is another favorite and noteworthy tourist site worth a visit while in the UK. It is situated alongside River Avon and was once home to the famous Royal Shakespeare Company.

Stratford-upon-Avon is about 165km from London and accessible by a car.


It is a famous and prominent bazaar town best known as the dwelling place of the legendary poet and playwright, William Shakespeare. Though famous, the town remains beautiful and peaceful.

While there, you will have an opportunity to see the striking Shakespearean theatre. Though the theater was built quite a long time ago, it is still strong and durable. You’ll also be able to view the house in which the Shakespeare was born and also the house in which he was buried in. You should also make time to explore the town’s magnificent museums.


While there, you’ll walk streets that have existed for hundreds of years. Here is one of few places that have preserved most of its original medieval magnificence. Besides simply being old, this town is distinctive in its personality and will be different from other medieval towns you may have visited.


The magnificent York Minster is among the leading tourist attractions in the UK. It is basically located in the city of York but has maintained its unique character.

York Minster has been used for worship and adoration since 630AD. The structure was destroyed continually and rebuilt again. It is a beautiful place that will expose you to many ancient items. It is thought that York Minster helped form the foundation of the Christian religion.

York Minster

In addition, the building displays a high level of excellence in architectural design having a transept, an east wing, a crypt, a nave and three fabulous towers. You will surely be humbled while appreciating its beautiful and unique structure. Taking photos at this place is advisable so you can always remember this amazing building.

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Lastly, you will have a stunning look at the stained glass windows from all the entire UK. The glasses have been kept since the 12th century. You will encounter some of the oldest glass in history dating back to ancient times. It is among the most exceptional churches in the world and has its own police force and police station.

York Minster

Visitors will have a great time just getting here, which involves riding on National Rail services trains from London for about two hours.


The dazzling Romans Birth at Bath is a spectacular site and certainly a top 10 tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. The place is fantastic for nature lovers.

The Romans Birth at Bath is full of wonders as it was initially a very bustling town. You will feel mesmerized walking into the only hot spring in the entirety of the UK. It was actually established by the Romans when they occupied Britain in the 4th century AD.

Romans Birth at Bath

The spring is well maintained and will thus make sure you have fun relaxing around it. You will also witness the site which the Celts used as their place of worship. There is also a Roman temple which you can explore within. It is a fascinating place you may want to visit several times.

The palace also houses a charming museum full of Roman relics. These artifacts can also be found in the areas surrounding the bath.

Romans Birth at Bath

The bath waters are however dangerous and visitors are advised to refrain from them as they may lead to contracting some contagious diseases. However, there is a safe hot tub opened recently, so you will not have to keep out of the water altogether. Come prepared to be amazed, and do not miss this unique site…


The Hampton Court Palace is an amazing site in the southwestern part of London. It has always been featured among the top10 tourist attractions in the UK. The palace is a few kilometers from Richmond and can be reached by a 30-minute train.

Hampton Court Palace

The palace is full of charm and has an astounding architectural design and an inviting atmosphere. You will be compelled by its beauty and want to visit it many times. Strolling through it in the afternoon can be an incredible experience.

The palace is very popular for its massive hedge labyrinth which covers more than a third of an acre and is full of twisting paths. The site has also become very popular due to the reports of ghosts being seen at the palace. You will definitely love to listen to these stories.

Hampton Court Palace

This palace was also the royal residence of King Henry VIII, who was originally responsible for its construction. In fact, it remained a royal palace for the English kings from 1525 to the era of George III in 1760. The palace was officially opened in 1838 by Queen Victoria for public access.

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Warwick Castle is another place you will not want to miss visiting while in the UK. It is actually one of the most traveled places in the UK. In effect, it is the best castle in all of Britain and has thus been christened as the Britain’s best citadel. It is purely a mind blogging site full of captivating wonders.

The castle exhibits a unique but imposing structure right at the curvature of a beautiful river. It will certainly be a good place to tour, especially in the afternoon when you can enjoy the cool and serene atmosphere of the entire region.

Warwick Castle

This ancient castle was constructed in 1068, and you will be delighted to learn its incredible history. It was renovated in 1189 to its current impressive design.

You will definitely love touring this site as you will get exposed to countless activities such as firework exhibits, ghost chase, birds of prey shows and many concerts.

Warwick Castle

You will also not want to miss seeing the beautiful and world’s biggest blockade engines.


The exquisite Big Ben tower has continued displaying its beauty for about 150 years will not be left out from the top 10 list of attractions. It is also one of the most visited sites in the UK.

The Big Ben

The tower is topped with a beautiful clock atop and is the 3rd biggest in the world among the many immovable clock towers. You’ve probably seen the huge landmark in many movies.

Big Ben has a lovely story associated with its name- specifically referring to the colossal bell resting in the tower. The name comes from the diligent man, Benjamin Hall, who oversaw the installation of that bell.

The Big Ben

Big Ben tower is accessible by tubes or trains from London with the London Waterloo or London Victoria services.


Within the northwestern part of England, particularly in Cambria, you will find the enchanting Lake District. It is one of most the traveled sites in England, due to its magnetic scenery.

Lake District

Lake District is, in fact, the biggest national park in England. It holds several lakes, mountains, and hills. The lake offers an enthralling atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy seeing the blue waters. You can do some fishing and climb up the beautiful mountains and hills that have been formed by glacial attrition. You will also have the chance to explore this scenic area by way of its dramatic hiking trails.

Lake District

Lake District is surrounded by excellent evergreen vegetation that offers a fascinating and refreshing atmosphere. Don’t miss this chance to see all of this beauty. Visitors can get here by catching a bus from Penrith to the Lake District.

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