Top Family Friendly Cities In Africa

When travelling with children, it can be a daunting task especially if you are not going along with a nanny or chaperon to watch the children. However, if you are going to a city that is family friendly, this should not be a big problem. Family friendly cities have places for children to play and spend time, they have accommodation that allows for family stays and it is also easy to arrange for child care when you go to those cities. In Africa there are some cities where you can find all of these and even more. The top five family friendly cities in Africa are,

Abuja, Nigeria


When you want to talk about planned cities Abuja should definitely find a place on the list. This beautiful Capital of Nigeria is also a beautiful location for family location. You kids are going to find plenty to do here and you can be sure to find comfortable accommodation that will take every member of the family. As you move around you need not worry about safety because in spite of all the talk about Boko haram, Abuja is a very safe city to visit with the kids.

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

This city with a great history is a beautiful place to visit when you are with the whole family. The kids are going to love the visits to ancient sites such as the valley of kings and Kamak temple. There are many family friendly accommodations that have amenities that both kids and adults will find interesting.

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Rabat, Morocco


When going for holidays to Morocco, just let the kids tag along and they will love you even more. Rabat is a very beautiful city with a lot of site attractions that children will find appealing. They will stand in awe as they watch the beautiful buildings of the Royal palace even if from a distance. When it comes to where to stay, there cannot be any lack of accommodation. There are many hotels that have amenities that are great for those travelling as a family.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

If you think you have travelled around the world and have seen it all, come to Cairo and you will be jolted by the shear cultural shock, it is crowded, it is noisy, it is hot but it’s beautiful. When you are tired of watching archaeological history of Natural Geographic, why not take the kids to this beautiful city for a real life experience. They can see the Pyramids firsthand and visit or the other historical sites. Then you and the little ones can take a stroll along the streets in the famous Gaza area.

Cape Town

cape town

Don’t be fooled by all you hear in the news South Africans love visitors and they will welcome you with open hands when you have the little ones trailing behind. Cape Town is a beautiful city with some wonderful accommodations that are good for those travelling with family. There are a lot of things to do in the cities that are good for kids as well as adults.

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