Don’t Miss Places In Chad

Chad, officially known as the

Republic of Chad

, is a non-coastal country in Middle Africa.


is the capital of Chad. It is the 21st largest country in world. Chad is sometimes known as the ‘

Dead Heart of Africa

’ because of its distance from the Sea and the country’s largest

Desert Climate

. Tall grasses and wide – ranging bushes make it favorable for birds, mammals and other reptiles. Peanuts, wheat, rice, corn and livestock etc. are grown in agricultural lands. Chad has more than 200 ethnic groups which give rise to diverse social structures. The official languages of this country are French and Arabic. Because of various ethnic groups, Chad is a religiously diverse country.

Don't Miss Places in Chad

Chad has a rich cultural heritage and the Government of Chad is taking all the possible measures to promote its culture and Traditions. Chad National Museum and Chad Cultural Centre are opened by the Government of Chad under this promotion scheme. Football is the most popular sport in Chad. Tourism was not very active till 2007 because of the financial weakness of this country. But day by day tourism is widely growing over here. Tourism industry is taking proper care of the travellers. Most of the tourists are attracted by Chad’s hunting capabilities and Zakouma National Park.

Here is the list of some places that should not be missed while planning a trip to Chad.

Zakouma National Park

Zakouma National Park

This park is spread over an area of 3,000 square kilometers.

Zakouma National Park

is located at a distance of 800 kilometers to the southeast of


which is the capital city of Chad. A restoration programs started in 1989, supported by The European Union, which lasted till 2006 was responsible for inhaling life back into this falling park. This park was destroyed due to severe poaching, civil war and neglect. Due to the efforts of European Union, this park is now successfully restored and transformed into one of the best wildlife destinations in Africa.

Zakouma National Park

This park includes various species of animals and birds. Tourists love to enjoy the herds of elephants, antelopes and lions in this park. The best time to visit this park is March and April when the animals assemble around the shorelines of the watering holes but it becomes almost impossible to visit this park from June to October because of high rainfall in this country. It is also nominated to be recognized as a

UNESCO World Heritage Site

. English and French speaking guides as well as safaris are also available in this park.

Emi Koussi

Emi Koussi

is a high pyroclastic shield volcano and it lies in the south end of the Tibesti Mountains in the Central

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of Chad. It is the highest mountain in Chad. The volcano is 60 by 80 kilometers wide and reaches 2.3 kilometers above the surrounding plains. Two nested calderas cap the volcano.

Emi Koussi

A number of lava domes, cinder cones, maars and lava flows are found within these calderas. The inner caldera contains large natron deposits which are used by local people for harvesting of domestic animal salt lick usage. It offers a great view from distance. Tourists love to see this

highest volcano

on their visit to Chad.

Lake Chad

Lake Chad was the

Centre of continent’s salt trade

at one time. When discovered, it was one of the largest lakes on Earth. It covered various parts of four countries but is shape and size has been changed considerably over ages due to climate change. This lake has shrunk to 5 percent of its original size in last 40 years. Despite all these changes, it is still a popular fishing as well as boating spot. The famous catfish can be easily seen over here. This off the beaten track lake represents a beautiful site. Between early 1960’s and late 1990’s, it lost approximately 90 % of its water.

Lake Chad

The lake is recovering but at a slow rate because of the climate changes.

Hippos and crocodiles

can be seen passing by this lake. Now, the average depth of this lake is around 5 feet. December is the best month to visit this lake in order to enjoy wild life around it. It is important for all the tourists to visit and enjoy the scenery of this lake because it might be gone in the next twenty years. Tourists click a lot of pictures in order to keep the memory of this once the largest lake alive.

Chad National Museum

Chad National Museum also known as

Musee National N’Djamena

is the national museum of Chad. It is situated in the capital city of this country near

Avenue Felix Eboue.

It was established on October 6, 1962 and had four rooms named as Prehistory, Protohistory, Archives and Folk arts at the time of establishment. The prehistory room included items related to pebble culture, Stone Age implements, nether milestones and axes with helve – holes. Many of its artifacts have been lost due to instability in the country.

Chad National Museum

But it is still famous for its notable collection of musical instruments. This museum is located in a colonial – French era building. It is available only for private tours. All the tourists are escorted by a personal guide. There are many items set for public display in all the four rooms which are filled with archaeological, historical and ethnographic artifacts.

Douguia’s Chari River and Elephant Rock

Chari River and Elephant Rock is famous place and attracts a lot of tourist attention. Douguia is a nice shady place at the Chari River located in the north of N’Djamena, which is the capital city of Chad.In douguia, you will get a chance to hire a boat and make a boattrip on the Chari River. You will be able to see a lot of different species of birds. The whole boat trip will become the most memorable and enjoyable experience of your life. The surrounding area of the Chari River is very beautiful. Some people are even lucky to get a chance to see the hippos near this river. It is a different experience to see these animals and birds in their natural habitat rather than watching them in the cages of a zoo.

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Douguia's Chari River and Elephant Rock

Tourists love the mud-brick villages along the bank of this river. You will see the local people busy in their daily activities, like fishing, washing clothes, walking or just sitting at the riverbank and enjoying the view. You will also be able to see many dug-out canoes. This place is absolutely photogenic. Tourists love the view of sunset at this river bank because the light of sun reflecting the surface of water makes the whole scenery breath taking.This river forms the national border so you can see the other side of the river that is Cameroon. The Elephant rock is also an important site to watch. At the side of the rocks you can also find a beautiful cave. It can be extremely hot at the time of day so it is advisable to visit here at the time of evening.

The Ennedi Plateau

The Ennedi Plateau is also some time called the Ennedi Desert and it is located in the north-eastern area of Chad. It is located in the middle of Sahara Desert and travel to this area is not less than a unique kind of adventure. It is now accessible by 4*4 vehicles because there are no regular roads in this area because it is covered by desert from all sides. You will find a number of interesting sandstone formations.

The Ennedi Plateau

The great Aloba arch which has the height of 120 meters is considered as one of the most spectacular arches in the world. Except these geological attractions a number of rock paintings can be found in this area. The rock art represents the different kind of animals that were the first inhabitants of this desert.In the southern area ofEnnedi, there are some gueltas which means the desert ponds. Out of all these the Gueltad’Archei, near the town of Fada, is the most popular.

The Ennedi Plateau

This lake is a major source of water in the desert which is often visited by many local people and tourists to enjoy endless camel trails. The lake is alsohome to endemic Sahara desert crocodiles that feed on fish and poo left by the visiting camels. Tourists enjoy hiking the hills over here and click a lot of pictures to keep the memory of this place alive.

Avenue Charles de Gaulle

Avenue Charles de Gaulleis the main business and shopping avenue of the capital city of Chad.It was named after a French Soldier, Charles de Gaulle, who was a well – known writer and statesman also. He also played a significant role in the formation of Fifth Republic in France. If you are interested in a city ride, then you will be able to take advantage of trains and trolley buses from this avenue. There are a huge number of shops and offices. This place is the ideal spot to hang out with family and friends. Tourists love different kind of eatables over hereas this area includes a number of restaurants which serves some delicious items.

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Avenue Charles de Gaulle

The main attraction of this area is the Nation Square which is also known as La Place de la Nation where you will found a number of gardens and playgrounds for kids. Tourists visit this place for a number of different reasons. Shopping is the main reason. You will get the chance to see the influence of French culture in this avenue. Awesome hotels are present here which provide all modern facilities to the tourists seeking accommodation. The western end of this avenue is a part of the city named as ‘European Quarter’. This place is considered as a place for the wealthy people.

Central Mosque

The architectural, social, and religious center is located in the capital city of Chad. This famous central mosque can be seen from many parts of town. This mosque is the main landmark of this town as you can easily found your way due to the visibility of this grand building from all the corners of the city. In addition to the mosque itself, the whole complex has a library, a lecture hall, and two schools which is a unique thing. However, it is recommended that the visitors should be able to speak Chadian Arabic if they hope to benefit much from these facilities.

Central Mosque

This mosque is very clean and is very well maintained. The architecture of this mosque is worth watching and hence is loved by all the local people and other tourists. The mosque is of great religious value for the people following the Islamic Religion. This place has a unique calmness of its own which will provide you all the required positive energy. This place is a must to visit while you are on a trip to Chad. Many social gatherings also take place over this place.

Grand Marche

The Grand Marche is the liveliest center of


and hosts vendors of books, food items and crafts. The local people as well the shopkeepers are very kind and friendly. Many kinds of items are available here and the quality varies widely. It is advisable to buy the thing you liked at once because the stock keep on changing and a thing sold once will be available only after a month or so. Local fruits are sold over a hundred of stalls in this market. You will find a huge variety of hand – made clothes and shoes and locals drinks along with other artifacts.

Grand Marche

This area is best explored with the help of local people. They will make you taste many famous local eatables. Moreover, you will have the real experience of shopping in a

local Chad market

and you will feel even more close to the people and culture of this country. However, it is best to know Arabic or French because English is not spoken by the local people of Chad. You will feel delighted after looking at the colorful dresses of the local women.

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