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Amazing Things to Do in Djibouti City

Tourists have amazing things to do in Djibouti City. Djibouti City is popularly referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Gulf of Tadjoura’ because of its location.

It is the capital city of Djibouti and the largest city in the country. You have many things to do in Djibouti City, which have been highlighted for you.

Things to Do in Djibouti City

Key things to do in Djibouti City

Djibouti City has a wide range of adventurous places to visit. Those who have an adventure knack would love this city. Some of the things to do in Djibouti City are to visit;

Grand Bara

Grand Bara is one of the country’s largest and oldest lakes. This is one of the spots where sand yachting is carried out without interruption.

Tours are conducted here, especially along the jagged plains and Ghoubet region. Coming to Grand Bara is one of the things to do in Djibouti City.

Lake Abbe

Lake Abbe is a haven of saltwater, with sky-high limestone chimneys.

 The landscape may look friendly and familiar because part of it was used in the movie, Planet of the Apes and called the ‘Forbidden Zone’.

Gulf of Tadjoura

Most visitors are interested in coming to the Gulf of Tadjoura, which is located on the east side of Djibouti. We have many things to do in Djibouti City when you visit the gulf.

Underwater photography and diving are popular here with guided excursions. It is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Djibouti.

Siesta Beach

One of the finest beaches in the city is Siesta Beach, with its picturesque sight and surrounding backgrounds. It is a sandy beach that accommodates sunbathing and hiking.

The Presidential Palace

This is the home of the president. Movement is restricted around here.

Afar Triangle

The Afar Triangle is a great place to be because it is one of the most desolate and hottest places on earth.

Grande Pecherie

This is where most people do their shopping. It is a street and flea market. The waterfront fish market is always carried out early in the morning.

Things to Do in Djibouti City

Great things to do in Djibouti City

Buy things at L’ELIXIR Parfumerie

You can shop for perfumes here. Thousands of tourists who are coming to the city visit it. They have things to do in Djibouti City in this place.

Dolphin Services Djibouti

Visitors play with the dolphins. There are activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, boat tours, shark diving, and other water sports.

Lake Assal

Lake Assal is Africa’s lowest point, sitting 570 feet below sea level. The lake is very salty and it is surrounded by salt pans.  

There is the Ardoukoba Volcano somewhere close. The lake is some distance from the capital and can be driven by a four-wheel drive. There is a place for sand yachting. It is a UNESCO site.

Tropical Aquarium

The Tropical Aquarium exhibits underwater activities from the Red Sea. It is open from 1600 to 1830 daily. Explore some of the things to do in Djibouti City here.

Day Forest National Park

The wilderness is beautiful and the wooden habitat is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast. It is a part of the Goda mountain forests and there rare species of flora and fauna in this park.  

This huge oasis is surrounded by blues and greens in the desert.

Things to Do in Djibouti City

Moucha Islands

The Moucha Islands is close to the shore of Djibouti, a magical island that has stunning and colorful coral reefs. Diving, fishing, and snorkeling are carried out here.

 The island can be reached through the Djibouti port. There are opportunities for overnight camping and day tours. Things to do in Djibouti City are numerous on Moucha Island.

Aquarium Tropical de Djibouti 

This is where you can see the Red Sea treasures and is a popular spot to visit. People come here to see some marine species without diving deep.

 Tourists are seen hanging around with their cameras to capture stunning moments with things to do in Djibouti City.

Khor Ambado Beach

The Khor Ambado Beach is best for snorkeling, sightseeing, and picnicking. 

It is very close to the capital. The beach has beautiful sunsets and volcanic landscapes.


The beach is quite different from the other beaches in the country. It has become a sort of haven for those who want to see something unique.

Nudity is not accepted on this beach. The country is a Muslim country and some dressings may be offensive to the locals.

These are some of the things to do in Djibouti City.


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