Things to do in the Enchanting Mahé

Memorable Things to do in the Enchanting Mahé 

Tourists have many beautiful things to do in the enchanting Mahé . Mahé is the largest island in Seychelles.

It is a magical and exotic destination for holiday seekers.  Mahe is one of the numerous islands in Seychelles situated in the Indian Ocean.

Things to do in the Enchanting Mahé

The eastern part is where most of the people of Mahe live. The Seychelles International Airport has its home here and it has been in operation since 1971.

The Silhouette Island, Anonyme Island, Thérèse Island, Conception Island, and the Sainte Anne Marine National Park are neighboring places you can visit.

The things to do in the enchanting Mahé 

Botanical Garden

One of the things to do in the enchanting Mahé is to visit the Botanical Garden in Mont Fleuri.

You will see varieties of plants here and it is a perfect place for those who are interested in botany.

This garden has been set up with one purpose, to propagate and conserve the local flora.

Tourists have the opportunity of seeing the myriad of grasses and plants that are found all over Seychelles.

There is no need of looking for many species of the plant after visiting this exotic garden.  Interestingly, the Botanical Garden has been in Mahe for over 100 years ago.

The location is at the heart of the island and has become a love garden and relaxation spot.

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The sound of birds, the presence of streams, and the coco de mer palms that are lined along the ally make this garden breathtaking.

The garden has a pen for the giant tortoise, a spice grove, a cafeteria, and a little rainforest that houses fruit bats.

Things to do in the Enchanting Mahé

Clock Tower

No one comes to Mahe without visiting the Clock Tower that is built in Victoria.  It is a historic place in the island.

The Victoria Clock tower nicknamed Lorloz by the locals has been in Mahe for over 100 years. The clock tower is one of the few things civilization has not been able to tamper in the island.

The  Lorloz was built as a replica of the elegant clock that built in 1897 in London, at the junction of Vauxhall Bridge Road and Victoria Street, close to Victoria Station.

Some of the things to do in the enchanting Mahé Island can be completed here.

Seychelles’ governor, Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott, requested that this clock was erected in 1903 by Messrs Gillet and Johnson of Croydon, as a memorial to Queen Victoria who died in 1901.

The clock still tells the time of the day hourly. Things to do in the enchanting Mahé Island include visiting here.

Things to do in the enchanting Mahé  in Hours

The clock has become a National Monument of Seychelles. It is used by permission from the country’s National Heritage.

  1. Anne Island

St.Anne Island was named by Lazare Picault after Saint Anne. It was discovered in 1742 on her anniversary. This is where you can find the largest marine parks on the island.

  1. Cerf Island
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Surf Island is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Surrounded by lush vegetation and has become the habitat of giant tortoises.

  1. Moyenne Island

The Moyenne Island is home to exotic flowers, plants, tortoise and birds.  The tales of ghosts and pirates hunt this island.

Thinking of things to do in the enchanting Mahé, you can visit any of these islands.

Things to do in the Enchanting Mahé

The Victoria market

Visiting the Victoria market is one of the things to do in the enchanting Mahé popular market in Seychelles.

The market is the biggest in Mahe and well managed by the government. This is where you can buy cheap things on the island.

Many tourists come here to buy souvenirs, food items, fresh fruits and vegetables, Jewelry, and many more.

You can haggle with the local traders if you are good at bargaining. However, everyone can still buy affordable items here.

A visit to Mahe is not complete if you do not wander through this colorful and bustling market.

The smell of the local herbs and spice would fill you in, as well as the noise that would tell you that you are in an African market.

Morne Seychellois National Park

The largest park in Seychelles is the Morne Seychellois Park and was established in 1979. From the park, you can have amazing views of Port Glaud and Victoria while driving.

One of the things to do in the enchanting Mahé is to come to this park.

Beau Vallon

The story of Beau Vallon cannot be missed in Mahe. This is where one of the finest beaches on the island is located.  There are many hotels, restaurants, and local joints here.

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