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Michigan is famous for the Michigan State Capitol which is located in Lansing, the capital city.This is the most visited capitol of the United States, although it is not the greatest.

Michigan To Florida By Bus

It was built for the people of Michigan to be proud of their status and history and recognized as a jewel of creativity.


Florida and its capital city of Tallahassee is prominent for its number one attraction called the Museum of History and Natural Science. It is excellent and comprehensive, and it is one of the best museums to go with children who have curiosity about history and animals.

Here are the available modes of transport from Michigan to Florida.

Michigan To Florida By Bus

The distance between Michigan to Florida is 1,886 kms. The travel duration by bus is 28 hours and 18 minutes. A total of three bus transfers are made when traveling from Michigan to Florida. The approximate cost of bus transport is US$ 117. To get the full details of the bus route and schedules, check everything from this site:

Michigan To Florida By Bus

If traveling by car is your mode of transport, travel time is estimated at 17 hours.

Michigan To Florida By Train

Traveling by railway transport is a practical option when traveling from Michigan to Florida, but first you must take the bus ride from Michigan to Toledo, Ohio. From Toledo, you must take the train ride (via Amtrak) to Washington DC and from Washington, you must take another train ride that will bring you to the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The total train travel duration is 30 hours and 8 minutes. The total cost of railway transportation is US$ 147. To get the full information about railway travel, check here:

Michigan To Florida By Plane

The total flight travel duration from Michigan to Florida is 2 hours and 20 minutes. There are a total of three local and international airlines that provide daily flight service from Michigan to Florida. The estimated cost of air transport fare from Michigan to Florida is US$ 190.

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