Don’t Miss Places In Spain

Spain is a rich and magnetic tourist destination in Europe. It is considered one of the most exciting European countries to visit. It is so tempting that some visitors make it their annual vacation spot.

Don't Miss Places in Spain

Spain has a versatile collection of attractions that will require full-time exploration as one can hardly cover it within a short period of time. Its many captivating sites offer numerous things to marvel at. You will find both historical and modern delights in this stunning country.

The list below summarizes the top 10 tourist attractions which have made Spain an excellent destination for tourism.


Parc de la Ciutadella is an amazing park that is certainly a top 10 tourist destination and one of the most visited places in Spain. It is a real heaven for nature lovers.

Parc de la Ciutadella Amusement Park

It is located within the city of Barcelona and is only a few minutes walk from the port.

Don’t miss visiting the stunning Parc de la Ciutadella and its beautiful, eye-catching flora and fauna. These beauties are definitely part of the reason why you’d find peace while relaxing in this park. You will love the vast collection of over 7,000 animals in the park. You can also take your precious time strolling around the beautiful lake, relaxing, swimming or doing a little fishing.

The park’s forest is splendid, with many lofty green trees and other plants which will infuse your lungs with cool fresh air. It is also an awesome site to hike, jog and do some enthralling mountain biking up its fabulous mountainous landscape.

Parc de la Ciutaddella Amusement Park

Be sure not to forget your camera as there is so much waiting for you especially the Catalan Parliament House which is situated right in the central part of the park.

The park also offers you an excellent opportunity to tour every part of the best museums in Spain such as the Museum of Zoology and the impeccable Museum of Geology. You will no doubt enjoy their paleontology displays.


The Sagrada Familia church is among the top 10 tourist attractions in Barcelona. Visit this church and experience its peaceful, undisturbed environment.

Sagrada Familia Church

The Sagrada Familia is very spectacular and was designed by Gaudi. It is a massive building that stands at a height of about 170 meters. Be vigilant while exploring its beauty and you will notice the vivid details of its architectural design which symbolically represents 12 disciples, four dedicated evangelists and Jesus Christ.

You will also love its interior layout which has giant columns made of lovely tree trunks. It also has an inner catacomb that is approximately 60 meters in height. The cathedral is still under construction.

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Sagrada Familia Church

Sagrada Familia features attractive statutes of well-known saints, carvings, and many stone made objects. You can also have great fun ascending to it uppermost part to have a panoramic view of all of Barcelona city.


Real Palacio in Madrid City is one of the most grandiose palaces in all of Europe. You should certainly not miss visiting it while in Spain…

Real Palacio Palace

It is the official dwelling of the king of Spain. You will enjoy its structure and the many soldiers at its front gates. It is mostly used for royal functions and celebrations, but you can occasionally come across large hordes of state officers leaving after lengthy meetings.

Real Palacio covers a vast area and has many sizeable rooms. It is, in fact, the biggest palace in Europe. You will enjoy the many sculptures and fine drawings that cover most of its walls. Most of this artwork was done by famous artists such as Anton Raphael Mengs and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. There are also lots of charming watches, furniture, ceramics and silverware that have been safeguarded within the palace for many years.


Park Guell is another beautiful place you shouldn’t miss while in Barcelona. It is a gorgeous site with a captivating landscape.

It is situated on the scenic hill of El Carmel. It is among the most toured and visited parks in Spain due to its attractive verdant green gardens, an impressive cultural testimonial among many other enthralling eye-catching features.

Park Guell

Park Guell has many distinctive structures and buildings that were designed in an unusual manner. There are unique and extraordinary stones which are decorated with many colors to form mosaic dragons. Don’t forget to take several photos!

Visitors will also meet friendly and willing tour guides who will direct them to places of interest in the beautiful park. Specifically, take a guided tour of the amusing Museum of Gaudi and get informative details of its exhibits.

Park Guell

The park’s location is even note-worthy. While there, travelers can have a full 360-degree view of the huge city below.


La Concha is yet another place not to be missed out on while in Spain. You will certainly find it on lists of the top most visited sites.

La Concha has some of the best beaches in Spain. You will enjoy the atmosphere as well as the many water activities such as surfing, kayaking, swimming or even diving. It is a scenic beach with non-uniform sloppy cliffs surrounding a beautiful sandy beach. Visitors always enjoy the soft sands while they relax in the natural serenity of the beach area.

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La Concha magnificent beaches

A visit to Spain is undoubtedly incomplete if you haven’t taken the time to go to the spectacular La Concha. From here, you can see the charming Santra Clara Island, which is remarkably gorgeous and has a unique looking shape. You will find plenty of space to move around on this vast beach, even during the busy season.

La Concha resort

While it is the central beach of San Sebastian, you’ll never find yourself fighting for a space. Make sure not to miss this magical beauty right within a city.


Alhambra Palace is one of the top 10 tourist destination and with great certainty, one of the nicest places in the world to tour. It is situated in the magnetic Granada city. It is an old building that traces its roots back to the 14th century with its beautiful structure being the efforts of Nasrid sultans. You will find distinctive tiles laid on almost every part.

Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace will provide a fantastic time while relaxing by the palace’s pristine green pool. You can also cool down by the sparkling fountains within the palace grounds. Otherwise, you can have fun listening to the friendly guides narrating the historic times when sultans demanded performances by nude dancers inside the palace.

The palace also has spectacular jewels such as the court of the lions, hall of the kings, the hall of the queens and the hall of the two sisters. Each have lots of gold details.

Visitors can also tour the houses of the Parador Hotel. These houses acted as a chapel in earlier times and were also the sites where the Catholic sovereigns Ferdinand and Isabella were provisionally buried before being later buried at Capilla Real in Granada.

Alhambra Palace

Visitors to the palace will need to book tickets about two months prior to their visit as this is a popular tourist destination, especially in the months of July and August.


La Rambla is one of the pulsating streets in the center of Barcelona with a lively and exciting environment. It includes tree-lined streets and multi-hued flowers.

La Rambla Street

La Rambla offers a pedestrian street that is home to newsstands and gift stands between the rows of traffic. La Rambla Street

Furthermore, the sidewalks are flooded with uncountable affordable cafes and restaurants, bars and shops. This area of Barcelona is certainly a great place to experience the city.


The charming aqueducts of Segovia are an must-see site to explore. They should not be missed while in Spain. They are a fantastic place for nature lovers and have always appeared among the top 10 tourist attractions in Spain.

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Aqueduct World Heritage Site

Here, you will have a good chance to view entirely Roman and marvelous architectural design. The huge chunks of granitic rocks were constructed without motorized assistance, something that is hard to imagine even when standing in front of it.

These aqueducts were established with the primary purpose of carrying the crystal clear water of River Frio to Segovia. You will also notice that it is well-maintained, despite being considered by many to be the biggest bridge in the former Roman Empire.

Aqueduct World Heritage Site

The aqueducts, located in an urban area of the Iberian Peninsula, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The stunning Mezquita of Cordoba is unquestionably a top 10 tourist destination in Spain that receives thousands of tourists every year. It is a one of those places you will never regret visiting.

Mezquita (mosque)

The Mezquita (mosque) of Cordoba has enticing buildings that exhibit inimitable architectural styles. You will love walking into its interior to appreciate the captivating layout. You will see numerous fantastic tree stakes at various positions and several porticos. You will have to bring your camera to capture these alluring beauties.

The mosque’s grounds were initially occupied by the Roman temple and later on, the Visigothic church was established. It wasn’t until the Moorish era in the region that the grounds were turned into a world class mosque.

Mezquita (mosque)

This information will be readily available from the many guides you find here. Travelers will preferably book their visit to the mosque in advance.


Cuenca is an incredible city and there should be no question as to why it is on this list. The city has the most compelling ambiance you could ever wish to be in. It is an excellent city for exploring, and it can be easily accessed from either Madrid or Barcelona.

Cuenca City

Cuenca is located on some picturesque mountainous ground and thus a perfect site to do some hiking. The city includes amazing building structures that appear to be drooping on the verges of a tall cliff. This is one of the most fascinating features that attract a plenty of tourists to Spain.

The city’s scenery is diverse and incudes remarkable church buildings, regal houses that have charming dignified facades, pedantic banisters and fashioned balconies. You will also like the countless roofs made of terrazzo that can be found on most of the buildings.

Cuenca City

Cuenca is also an impeccable city due to its rich culture. It has very magnetic traditions and fine art. You will also be drawn to visit its magical museums and art colonnades. Don’t miss the chance to buy a sun hat, lovely ceramics or golden jewelry along its preposterous streets.

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