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Macedonia is a perfect place of adventure and one of the most recognized countries in the world dues to its tourism activity.

The country has an endless list of attractions that will definitely require you to have a lengthy holiday for you to utterly amass its beauties. There are lots of lovely mountains, museums, cities, botanical gardens and numerous sacred regions that definitely lure thousands of tourists to the country.

Don't Miss Places in Macedonia

The atmosphere here is also magnificent and more so the appealing topography.

The list below shows the 10 most visited sites in the country and in fact the most gorgeous. You will definitely appreciate your visit to Macedonia.


The dazzling Ajdar Kadi Mosque is certainly one of the top tourist attractions and one of the most visited sites of Macedonia. The mosque is well situated in a lovely landscape and is easily reached from the Bitola Centre by car or taxi.

The mosque lies on the lovely banks of River Dragor. You will surely have a remarkable moment walking by the river as you head to the mosque. The atmosphere here is with no doubt one of the best you can want to experience.

Ajdar Kadi Mosque

The mosque has a unique thrilling architectural design that certainly stands out to have your photos. Though it got damaged in the past years, it has been renovated to give it the enchanting look that no visitor is likely to avoid.

Right at the door, you are welcomed by a lovely writing in Arabic that shows you that you are walking in a holy place. The door is also a thing to note due to its beauty.

Ajdar Kadi Mosque

The interior has lots of amazing things. The marble stones that are used to decorate are truly awesome. Everything here is worth of seeing. Don’t miss to note the thick gigantic walls surrounding the interior. Actually they are about 1.4 meters. This mosque is indeed one of the most excellent and charming in the country.


The magnificent Arabati Baba Tekje is definitely a top tourist attraction in the country. This site is one of the most treasured by many visitors as they is so much to marvel at. The site is accessed from Tetova by car.

The site lies below the stunning Shar Mountain. The mountain is beautiful and tempting that you cannot avoid to ascend its top.

Arabati Baba Tekje

The site serves as a sacred place and you will thus come across religious materials and inscriptions. The common items that are used in the religious matters are the sadrvan and the turbe of which you will have to take their photos.

The outstanding tower will also not escape your attention due to its charm. Ensure you walk into the rooms and especially the kitchen and bedroom to the babas. Here there are a lot of objects to enthrall you.

Arabati Baba Tekje

The grave of the famous Sersem Ali Baba is also within the compound where you can walk to and lay flowers or just show your tribute. Travel to the site when the yearly service is held in the place in adoration of Imam Hussein is one of the best times. You will definitely have a fantastic moment watching the whole activity. The prayers, a song as they all move to the sides and more so the end of the whole event where they all pierce themselves with sharp items all their bodies. It is truly a scene you should not miss.

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You will also get amused by listening to the delightful history of how the locals here practice the Dervish spiritual cult. The site is also a great museum open to all.


Macedonia certainly ranks among the best places of tourist due to the presence of the magical Old Skopje Bazaar. This site is indeed a great place of adventure.

Right from the moment you step your feet in the place, you will be impressed by the cobbled paths that wind all round the whole place enabling you to have a great access.

Old Skopje Bazaar

The market place is with no doubt a splendid spot where you will be able to do bountiful shopping at a cut down rate. The jewels are first class and you cannot miss to carry one with you.

You will also find pleasure strolling to sculptures areas where you will be presented to a museum of delightfully formulated stones. They are really nice looking and you will have to purchase one.

Old Skopje Bazaar

The locals here are also amazing and very friendly. They actually help you appreciate your visit to the bazaar. This site will also help you admire the history of Macedonia as there is so much to learn from the people or the structures.

You can also have fun admiring the sewed materials from the many sewing stops in the area where you can certainly find something to carry with you. Otherwise you should not miss touring the Vardar River on which the bazaar is located.


The enchanting Old Stone Bridge in Skopjewill also not escape the attention of any visitor in the county. The bridge is with no doubt a top tourist attraction which is highly visited.

The bridge helps in showcasing the Skopje’s past as well as its presents. The architectural design that is exhibited by the entire structure is breathtaking. The parts that represent the old are damaged and especially the guard tower which has a part that is broken and facing upwards. You certainly have to take its photos.

Old Stone Bridge

The other part is highly modernized and links to the urban setting of Skopje. You will truly be enthralled to be in this place.


The stunning Basilica in Oktisi Village will surely not be missed by any travel in Macedonia. The basilica is indeed one of the most visited sites in the country. You will truly love everything that you will see.

The basilica has an outstanding architectural design which is so impressive to the eyes that you can hardly fail to have its photos.

Basilica in Oktisi Village

The compound is amazing with large oodles of attractions. The flowers definitely garland the entire lace giving it a heavenly look. Their sweet smelling aroma will also make you want to stay a little longer. The trees are also gorgeous with beautiful trimming and greenly look. Their shadows are fantastic for a scorching afternoon.

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Ensure you visit the elegant Baptistery square for another wonderful moment. Here you will find amusing mosaics beautifully sculptured with various images. The deer image is so interesting and more so the horse carving. It is certainly one of the best places you can ever be in.

You will easily car a car or a taxi from the Struga Centre to the site.


The compelling Bay of Bones will with no doubt have you appreciating your efforts in the country. The bay is situated in a lovely setting with a cool and tranquil ambiance that is certainly hard to find anywhere else.

The bay is mind bogging more due to its history and that attractions found there. The museum of water built there is one of its kind in the entire vast region and has a great importance to the archaeologists.

Bay of Bones Museum

The pile-dwelling compositions are surely eye catching and you will have a gorgeous moment studying them.

The hill within the neighborhood of the bay is yet another remarkable site to explore. A hike up its height is certainly impeccable as it leads you to the intriguing Roman Military fort. This fort will definitely have you thrilled as it has a lovely unique style of layout.

Bay of Bones Museum

You will of course have to stroll to its interior to appreciate the wonders within it. The strong walls are appealing and have a good history as they were used to protect the Roman territory.

The water museum built here is also awesome and worth seeing. The piled dwelling structure is also brilliant and worth of photos.


The amazing Heraclea is with no doubt a top tourist attraction that you will have to pay a visit wherever in Macedonia. The site has lots of highlights to reward your efforts.

The site is located in a superb scenery that allows you to walk to walk freely and enjoy the cool and serene atmosphere which will not let you leave.


The Roman theatre is auspicious and has a pleasing structural design. You will definitely feel nice for having travelled to the best place in the world. The theatre has many activities going on and you can be lucky to find a performance being staged.

The mosaics are truly brilliant and will compel you to have their photos. All the carvings are spectacular and well exhibited for you to find them with ease. The writings on the walls are also notable as they help in giving you an insight on the history of the beautiful place.


There are also many animals to keep in full memory of the living creatures. The birds are numerous and in different sizes as well as their coloration. Their songs are certainly melodious.

You can also relax under the marvelous trees filling the whole place. It is truly one of the greatest places to adventure. The site is easily reached by taxi from Bitola city.


Your visit in Macedonia will not be complete if you afford to circumvent the beautiful National Park Pelister. This is indeed a top tourist attraction in the country and actually one of the most visited sites.

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The park is perched on a scenic mountain that offers you a chance to have a blissful moment hiking to its top. The vegetation that beautifies the mount is worth of noting as there are numerous rare species, you are likely to find. For those who love being near flowers, you will truly feel at home as there are lots of them especially the wild ones. The trees are also magnetic and you will be privileged to find the Molika pine. The bears are also in large numbers.

National Park Pelister

There are two lakes waiting for your visit. You will definitely find a lot of fun strolling around any of them or sitting by their sides. The atmosphere here is also amazing and one of its kind.

You will easily reach the place by a taxi from Bitola.


Bitola city is indeed full of wonders with the main attraction being the mind blowing Bitola Clock Tower. The tower is worth of noting as it is very famous among all visitors to Macedonia.

The tower exhibits its beauty and charm over a wide area as it is high into the atmosphere for all to see it. Its sound is also loud enough and can be heard from far.

Bitola Clock Tower

Its architectural design is truly exquisite and worth of photos. You certainly get a fabulous moment there as you will be able to adjust your watch from here.

The surrounding structures are also elegant and should not pass your attention.


You can then end your visit at the awe inspiring Kolesino Falls. The falls are with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction in the country and certainly one of the best places to spend time in the hot summer afternoons.

Kolesino Falls

The falls have excellent compact and dense vegetation which remains green all the time. You will be welcomed to many spots by the locals where you can easily with the magical drop of water either as a cloud of mist of huge masses of water.

You can also walk down to the valley to have a closer sensational feel of the calmness and also take photos. The butterflies also help in beautifying the whole place as the numerous birds keep flying above your head and across the falls.

Kolesino Falls

The site also has lovely picnic hubs with amazing and outstanding wooden platforms which act as tables where you can relax from as you feel the sensational thunder of the water falling.

The falls are reached easily by car from Strumica city.

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