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Germany is an outstanding country with a variety of marvelous tourist attractions. It is an excellent destination for tourists to spend their holidays and explore the country’s admirable and tremendous terrain.

Berlin Skyline

Germany is among the leading states in Europe that has significantly advanced in the tourism industry over the years. Millions of travelers from all over the world come to Germany every year to indulge in the various tourist sites and beautiful scenery.

On a visit to Germany, you will have the chance to do everything, from learning more about German culture to witnessing the annual festival held to celebrate Bavarian culture. If you are looking for a top tourist destination, then Germany should be your first choice.

Semper Opera

Below is a list of the top 10 tourist attractions in Germany. These are just a few of the many attractions you may choose to see while visiting.


The stunning Brandenburg gate is without a doubt a major tourist attraction in Germany and is among one of the greatest attractions in all of Europe.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate is situated in a breathtaking landscape whose calm and tranquil atmosphere offers a great place to relax. The architectural design of Brandenburg is amazingly beautiful and among the best of its kind.

Visitors will have a unique opportunity to explore the only remaining gate in the Berlin city as most other gates were demolished during earlier times of unrest. In fact, this gate is an emblematic union of Western and Eastern Berlin. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn some of its history from the friendly locals in Berlin City.

Brandenburg Gate

You will also enjoy surveying the captivating beauties of Unter den Linden and the numerous charming trees that are found inside the gate. You can stroll even further to discover the enticing palace that was home to the Prussian monarchs. Don’t miss witnessing this beauty while in Germany, you will undoubtedly enjoy touring this magnificent wonder.


Cologne Cathedral is among the top most visited sites in Germany as is one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals in the country. Surely, you don’t want to miss this awesome place visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral, which is within Cologne city, has remained the main tourist attraction every year in Germany. The architectural structure of the building whose construction dates back to the year 1248 is unmatched. It is one of the oldest structures in Germany and took over 600 years to reach completion making it not only unique in German human history but worldwide. This site’s massive size makes it perfect for large tourist groups.

Cologne Cathedral

Presently, the Cologne Cathedral serves as the dwelling place of the Catholic archbishop and is also devoted to both St. Peter and Mary, It has been established as an emblem of holiness.


Right within the enchanting Neckar River Valley is the dazzling old city of Heidelberg. It is a top 10 tourist destination that receives thousands of tourists every year. Visitors to Germany will not want to miss an adventure to this peaceful but dramatic setting.

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Skyline of Old City Heidelberg

The old city of Heidelberg is very famous for its lovely and exquisite design. You will have the incredible opportunity to explore each of its strong and astounding buildings found in almost every part of the city. These buildings are among the few in all of Germany that survived World War II. Having a camera handy is great for capturing these edifices as they have a very rich and unique history.

You will also have the chance to walk along its many tremendously slim streets that still have much to be admired despite remnants of damage done during the war. Visitors will experience a calm atmosphere walking through the streets and will meet sociable and welcoming locals.

Streets of Old City Heidelberg

The old city of Heidelberg also offers other attractions such as the old and popular Heidelberg fortress. Its architectural layout will leave you wanting to explore more of its beauty. You do not want to miss touring this lovely city.


Neuschwanstein is a lovely castle with several amusing landscape features. It is strategically situated in rugged terrain with hills neighboring Fussen in the southwest region of Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein is a famous attraction full of stirring and charming architecture much like the castles found in Disneyland parks. In addition to the castles, you will find amazing animals and creatures within the park.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle was built many years ago by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It took many years to complete and the King died before its completion. It is actually one of the most beautiful structures in existence.

If you pay a visit to Germany, you won’t want to miss taking a trip to Neuschwanstein. It has been listed as one of the most popular and prominent tourist sites in the national archives of Germany. It is indeed a heavenly place.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Visitors can catch buses from Munich city to the castle.


Oktoberfest is an enchanting time in Germany, particularly Munich. Munich is historically known to be visited by tourists from all over the world with millions of visitors every year. It is thus the most visited place in Germany and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this great experience.


Oktoberfest is famously known as the annual festival between the months of September and October. If by chance your visit to Germany falls between these months then you shouldn’t miss sightseeing at this great festival. The festival is held annually to honor and pay tribute to the Bavarian culture.

You will meet many different types of people flooding the area with all kinds of traditional attire and traditional food. You will have the chance to join them in the celebrations and to commemorate their culture. You will also have a great time mingling and interacting with this amicable and sociable community. The festival, according to locals, has been celebrated annually since 1810.

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You will have the chance to indulge in many of the different traditional items such as Hendl, Schweinebraten and a diverse amount of German beers.


The outstanding Frauenkirche church is without a doubt a must-see while in Germany. The church is simply breathtaking with a divine ambiance.

Frauenkirche Church

Frauenkirche church which is commonly referred to as The Church of Our Lady is situated within the pretty Dresden area that has gorgeous scenery. The church is a moving and attractive structure that dates back to the 1720s. You may also be amused to learn that it has Lutheran origins.

The church offers an excellent opportunity to admire the beautiful golden cross that is openly displayed within its arena. You will certainly want to have a photo of this magnificent structure. Its interior design is also impeccable due to its astoundingly beautiful altar. There are still large hordes of believers that gather here to worship. You will undoubtedly enjoy sharing with them in some of the church’s beliefs.

Frauenkirche Church

Don’t miss a tour in this paradise that was just reopened in 2005 and was even toured by President Obama in 2009.


The charming Landau city is an unimaginable place you will not want to miss while visiting Germany. It has been a vastly famous place among tourists over the years and harbors a charismatic beauty full of wonders.

Landau city lies near the junction of the borders of Germany, Sweden, and Austria and is in the eastern part of Lake Constance. It is a very pleasant, calming place. You should definitely have a tour of the lake and have a look at the magical water, you may even want to trying catching a few fish!

Landau City

Landau city is unmatched due to its fantastic timber buildings. This timber actually runs half the buildings’ height. You will definitely have to snap great photos to capture these structures. The city locals are very friendly, gracious and kind. You cannot afford to miss this tour while in Germany.

Streets of Landau City

This city is easily accessible from the mainland via a bridge or you can enjoy a lovely, comfortable train ride. You can also catch a bus from Munich to Landau.


Romantic Rhine is another remarkable tourist attraction site that you should be sure to explore while in Germany. It is an illustrious segment of river Rhine running from the Koblenz side to the Bingen size.

River Rhine is historically known as the main trade route connecting the central region to other parts of Europe since primordial times.

This rivers connectivity resulted in a mushrooming of many towns along the sides of the river that retain their status as historic and extraordinary old towns. You will come across many outstanding features in these old towns that you must see to believe.

The Serene Romantic Rhine

River Rhine has an outstanding and unique steep, almost vertical vineyard. The river is covered with auspicious hills on either side. The Rhine has a distinguishable and most appealing nature which is complimented by a flattering climate. You will marvel at the evergreen grass that grows beautifully along this river.

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Last but not least, the river has many distinctive castles and exceptional remains. You will be able to see many of these ruins among other things that will surely make your adventure worthwhile. You can definitely take many photos of the lovely landscape and terrain of the river to capture memorable and enchanting moments in this great place.

The Serene Rhine River

The best place to start your adventure is from Cologne city via train.


The remarkable Rugen cliffs within the Jasmund National Park is a place you should be sure to visit. They rank among the most visited places in Germany. This is a stirring site for nature lovers. Rugen Cliffs are easily accessed by a ferry from Stralsund.

Rugen Cliffs

These cliffs are without a doubt extraordinarily attractive. They tower at a lofty height of about 118 meters above the Baltic Sea offering a gorgeous site of a vivid panorama of the unending Sea of immaculate dark blue water. It is an excellent place to admire the many boats and ships sailing the charming sea. You will love the tranquil atmosphere surrounding this whole region.

Rugen Cliffs

Visitors also like to explore the delightful Jasmud National Park. This park is very famous for its densely scattered forests that run all the way to from the back of the cliffs and stretches far into the terrain. The trees are beautiful and very alluring. They offer the best place to relax after a very tiring journey. Their ambiance is striking and will compel you to stay and relax in the area a little longer.


The amazing Holstentor gate is not to be missed while on your visit to Germany. It has remained a top most visited site over the years and is an excellent place for adventure. The Holstentor is within reach from Lubeck Airport by car.

Holstentor Gate

Holstentor gate is incredible with an amusing structure featuring impeccable towers and a carved lobby that is a great place for photos. It represents the old structural designs amidst many modern ones and is known as one of the two city gates that continue to embellish the charming Lubeck city.

Holstentor Gate

Holstentor offers lots of amazing things to marvel at and is currently an attractive museum that will leave you overwhelmed. You will definitely love exploring its interior to see all the fantastic features inside.

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