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We had an idea to visit a place where we could enjoy ourselves in the December holiday. It was very hard for me and my husband to choose the right place. We had visited many places, and this time we wanted to make it more exciting. After a long time of decision making we came out with a solution. We agreed to travel to Fly Geyser, Reno Nevada. My husband had a clue about this, but to me I was totally nil. I had not heard about this place before. The initial idea about Fly Geyser came from my husband, and since I didn’t know much about it, we had to give it a try. Indeed we planned for our travel to this place very well and the day of our visit came. We did travel to Fly Geyser and we had very good moments there, they are unforgettable and I want to share with you how we did spend our time there and hope you will enjoy.

The day of our travel came. We took a bus to drive us to Nevada. A place where Fly Geyser is located. Our travel by bus was nice. We could glance the beautiful nature of the Nevada. My husband too was fascinated with this. We were around the window, and we were just staring the nature. Nevada is a desert place and there were no much trees, we could only see the bare land. It was really hot but an enjoyable area. Nevada is wide open for numerous recreational activities, including hiking, backpacking, birding, wildlife viewing, biking, kayaking, white water rafting, climbing, fishing, hunting, 4×4 exploring and rock hounding. Nevada is really a great place one can imagine to be.

An awesome time spent in Fly Geyser, Nevada

We saw a lot of wildlife before we arrived at the Fly geyser. We passed by the park which had beautiful wildlife. The bus we were in stopped at a far place so that we could have a glance of it. It was amazing to see birds flying. The animals in the park were busy with their daily life. We took some photos of these animals so as to remind us this wonderful moment in the future.

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We finally arrived at the Fly Geyser. It is a very beautiful geyser. A place you will not regret having visited. The environment is very friendly. Only tourists are allowed in this place. It is closed to the common, local people. Fly Geyser is fenced off behind a padlocked fence. Fly Geyser is in a privately held in the Black Rock desert. This site is well known as the site of the annual Burning Man Festival.

We paid some fee when we entered the closed geyser. We were given an agent to guide us through our adventures in Fly Geyser. She gave us a brief introduction of the Fly Geyser, so that when we go to the real thing we understand history about it.

An awesome time spent in Fly Geyser, Nevada

She started by telling us that Fly Geyser is a man-made geyser. I was shocked to hear this, I asked myself so many questions. How can a man make a geyser? This was a question which I was eagerly waiting for its answer. The agent continued by saying that there are several sources which can be trusted which say that somebody drilled a hole at the site in an effort to develop some of the geothermal energy of the area in the 1960s. After a while the heated water erupted from the drilled site. She added that no one tried to cap the leak and the water has continued to erupt continuously. This was amazing story, of someone just drilling a hole, and eventually heated water erupting. I had learnt something from that.

The agent had answered my question about how could a man make a geyser. Indeed I was right of being surprised over this, since no one had planned to make the geyser. It was just a coincidence and that’s how I concluded. Maybe the geyser may have formed by its own with time, if the man had not drilled a hole. But those are my mere conclusions, they cannot happen in a real world maybe in an ideal situation.

An awesome time spent in Fly Geyser, Nevada

Thanks to the guy who tried to drill a hole and eventually a geyser was formed. A geyser which was named eventually to be Fly Geyser. A beautiful name like the scene itself. Fly Geyser has created revenue to the state of Nevada, and if the guy who drilled a hole was known, to my opinion he should be paid. Since he is a legend, he has left a landmark on this earth which will last for many generations unless a natural phenomenon occurs.

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The water which erupts from the geyser is filled with many minerals. This makes a rock mound to build up over time and the chemical composition of water and surrounding terrain have given an unusual colorful attraction. It is actually attracting place. We could see the hot water coming out with a large force from the earth.

No one is allowed to be close with the geyser. Maybe because of the danger it poses to human life. The hot water from the underground can”>burnyou. I think that is the reason why you will not be allowed to very close with the geyser. We could stroll at a distant place and trying to glare the geyser. It was really fun having a glance of this. The surrounding environment is also fun. It is a very natural place where you can hike apart from watching the geyser.

An awesome time spent in Fly Geyser, Nevada

We hiked in the surrounding of fly geyser. There are a lot of birds, and we enjoyed watching them a lot. The birds were enthusiastic and they were flying up and down. We could not miss out taking the pictures of this. My husband liked this so much and he took a lot of pictures of the birds. We had taken the snaps of the man-made geyser too. The geyser was very beautiful and we all liked having travelled to this place.

There are also two additional man-made geysers in the area which were created similar to Fly Geyser. We saw the first one which was approximately three feet high and it looked like a miniature volcano. We also saw the second geyser which was a cone-shaped and is similar to the fly geyser. These geysers are indeed growing, one day they will be like the fly geyser.

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It was in the evening then and we had had a wonderful day full of adventures. Indeed we were not bored, we had enjoyed ourselves fully. We took a bus which drove us to the Black hotel. We were highly welcomed in the hotel, we felt privileged. We were served very well. We ordered for dinner, which was very delicious. We were given a room to spend a night in it. It was a classy one and well furnished with expensive furniture. We enjoyed our moments in the hotel. The hotel was quite expensive, but it was worth, since the services offered there were of high standards.

An awesome time spent in Fly Geyser, Nevada

The next morning we took a bus to drive us back home. We were happy we arrived home safe. The journey we had organised with my husband was a worthy one. We had discovered a new place of attraction, Fly Geyser. A place where not many people know about it, but it is really amazing to be there. We did enjoy the man-made made nature in Nevada. I didn’t know much about fly geyser while I was travelling there but now I have a very good knowledge on the place. My husband too did enjoy the journey, he really loved it. I can advise anyone who has not travelled to Fly Geyser to see the man-made geyser, that they should go there and they will not regret.

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