Punta Del Este, The Best Beach Resort In South America


h2>Why Travel to Punta Del Este ?

Travel To Punta del este
Punta del Este, is internationally known, as the most important and exclusive resort of South America, apart from being one of the most beautiful and famous cities for the so many famous people from the international jet set who visit it. Travel To Punta del este


Travel To Punta del este Summer resort, natural and sophisticated, Punta del Este is one of those places that is difficult to find and of course, difficult to forget, because there is no one who visit it and leave it completely delighted by it. The peninsula is an invitation to pleasure and fun.
Nowadays, has a beautiful Rambla (Boardwalk), wonderful houses typical from the resorts, modern buildings, a great port with structure and mooring capacity in which you can see the sealions resting under the sun, shops of well-known trade marks, restaurants, pubs, etc.


I personally go each summer to Punta, the best month to go is January since it is crowded with a whole lot of high quality Argentinian and Brazilian Hot Chicks !
December, February, March are good time to be on the beach and the weather is great, however Punta is empty those months, Punta is only packed January and in any other month it has people only on weekends. That’s why if you travel to Punta del este, I recommend on traveling in January.
Also for young people like me, who like the nightlife, if you come January you can party each and every single day of the month.
After January parties take place only on weekends.

In Punta’s night life you can find a lot of Argentinian girls, Brazilian girls, some uruguayan girls, and of course gringas.

Punta Del Este reminds me of South Beach in Miami, with tall buildings overlooking the beaches. And, like South Beach, it is filled with beautiful Latin people.


The Beaches in Punta del Este

There are two types of coast: Brava and Mansa. This shows the end of the Rio de la Plata (the river) on one side and the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side.

Brava- At this side the beaches are more wild, and have a lot of waves.
Mansa- At this side the beaches are Calm, and have no waves, like a swimming pool.


Every beach of the peninsula is public, it is important to consider that the water of them is crystal clear and transparent; this is excellent for having bathes and practicing sports. There are quiet and calm beaches while others have got great waves, white and fine sand or thick and golden ones.

In most of these beaches get together families and friends in order to spend their holidays, take sunbathes, bathes or just to see the spectacular sunsets or dawns. In most of them you will find small restaurants which offer services to satisfy the appetite of the visitors.

Bikini Beach in Punta Del Este

travel to punta del este

This beach, is one of my favorites.
The special about this beach is two things, one it has very big waves which are great for surfing and just playing with them around as I do.
The second and most important thing, is that in this beach there are no families, only young people, or young groups are coming to this beach, creating an atmosphere of vacation.
A lot of times there are fashion shows (Desfile in spanish) of top Argentinian models which are great, organized by Dotto or by Roberto Llordano.
The beach bar features a boldly colored modernist architecture with large outdoor patio friendly to sandy feet and well-tanned bodies. The open-air bar serves-up mixed cocktails and South American specialties while the kitchen turns-out fresh plates of cut-sushi and sashimi selections. Not only popular by day, the night brings out local deejays spinning till the wee-hours of the morning for party-minded singles looking to meet their mate.


Brava Beach in Punta Del Este

Brava beach is one of the most well – known and visited of the peninsula. It is really close from the peninsula and has got parking area.

It is known for “the fingers” that come out the sand.
It is a beach of thick sand and dangerous sea, the waves there are good for surf. There are many places where you can find gastronomic services and rent of sunshades.

Beach of the Englishmen in Punta del Este / Playa de los Ingleses

This is a small beach that is next to port of Punta del Este.
This one is of soft, thin sand and rocks, it is consider dangerous for taking bathes on it. Due to its location, so close to the peninsula, it is not as windy as some others.
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Chilean Beach in Punta del Este

At the kilometer 115 it is the Chilean beach, from were we can see the wonderful view of Punta del Este, Gorriti island and Sauce lagoon.
It is a beach of thick sand and it has places for watching the whales. In front of the Chilean it is Diario lagoon where it is possible to practice nautical sports like windsurf, fishing and other activities.


The Chiringo Beach in Punta del Este

Going to the east or to Punta Ballena you will find Chiringo beach. It is a beach of thick sand and deep water. This one goes from Punta Ballena up to Punta del Chileno.
Due to its location it is not possible to see the sunset from there.

It is recommendable to go to Punta Ballena and visit there the Grutas exploring there the paths among the rocks. The Grutas were recuperated as a public area during the 80’s because before this decade it was a great disco.


travel to punta del este El Emir Beach in Punta del Este

Emir beach is son the east of the peninsula as you approach to the Atlantic ocean.
It is a dangerous beach, deep and wavy. Not much recommended for having bathes. During the whole year it is visited by all of those who love surf.

Manantiales Beach in Punta del Este

This is a sandy beach also deep and wavy. Visited by the jet-set.
On it nautical sports are practiced also volleyball, aerobic gym and surf. Besides, it has got an area where you can rent sunshades and find gastronomic service.

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Mansa Beach in Punta del Este

Mansa beach goes from The Chilean up to the port of Punta del Este. It is a big bay of quite and calm water and thick sand. Its depth changes, it is really deep in The Chilean and not as much as you approach to Punta del Este port.
It is possible to rent nautical motos, elastic beds, etc. In the stops (paradas) 31, 24, 12, 7 y 5 there are places where you can buy food or rent sunshades.

At (parada) 3 , from the fishing club up to 1 there is a wooden bridge over the beach where people go over enjoying the beautiful view of the bay, Gorriti island and the Peninsula. It is an ideal beach for those who enjoy fishing pejerrey fish at any moment of the day.


travel to punta del este Montoya Beach in Punta del Este

Montoya beach is a well-known beach of Punta del Este. It is known for its extension, thick sand and wavy too, due to this reason is visited by surfers.
During the whole year it is visited by surfers and on it surf championships take place as well as volley and football ones.

Jose Ignacio Beach
This is my favorite beach after Bikini Beach, Located half a hour drive from Punta del Este,
A very nice beach, a lot of famous people have huge houses there like Diego Torres.
It is more quite than punta del este, and have a very nice sand as well.In the old days, Jose Ignacio was a fishing village but it started growing as many tourist began visiting the place to spend the day at its fabulous beaches and eat at its seafood restaurants. With time it turned out into an ultra exclusive retreat where celebrities and wealthy people have their summer residences overlooking the sea.In spite of its growth it still remains a small village with only 2 or 3 lodges and a bunch of nice restaurants.

Jose Ignacio is a peninsula with natural bays that host the Playa Mansa to the west (with a beautiful sunset) and the Brava with stronger surf to the east where most people prefer to spend the day.

In a corner of the Mansa beach you can find the local fishermen, their orange boats and flocks of seagulls crying to be fed. Fresh fish is readily available here.


Solanas Beach in Punta del Este
Solanas in my opinion is the best place to see the Sunset in Uruguay, No other place in Uruguay will provide you with an amazing sunset as Solanas.
Solanas is also the best place to have your own house, since here if you are wealthy enough you can get a house just on the beach, having incredible view !
Over 112 km. we have the first beach of Punta del Este, Solanas. During the 60’s Solanas was really different from what it is now, its beaches were of soft and dry sand.
Due to constructions, nowadays it sand has become wet and hard, ideal for sports. It is preferred by families because it is not deep and is calm, too. In its bay there are yachts and launchs.
Solanas ends in the Rrinconada where a spectacular rocky area gets into the sea known as Punta Ballena. There is a spectacular view to Pan de Azucar hill and Punta Ballena, from where wonderful sunsets can be seen.
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Travel To Punta del este

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