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The Historic Downtown Durango is a nice, long street with many gift shops. There is a selection of cafes, quaint antique shops, and charming restaurants. It is best explored on foot.

Durango To Hermosillo By Bus


The Centro Ecologico de Sonora in Hermosillo that has a variety of animals from around the state. During the dry season, the aquatic animals are transferred to the state’s coast. It has endemic species that are considered good examples in conservation.

Here are the available modes of transport from Durango to Hermosillo.

Durango To Hermosillo By Bus

The distance between Durango to Hermosillo is 1128 km. There are two bus rides to accomplish when travelling between two cities. First, take the Estrella Blanca Bus Transport Service that is bound to the town of Mazatlan. From here, take the TAP bus service that goes straight to the city of Hermosillo. The total travel time is 22 hours for US$80. For details, check:

Durango To Hermosillo By Bus

If you prefer to drive from Durango to Hermosillo, the travel time is 12 hours and 30 minutes.

Durango To Hermosillo By Train

There is no railway service that covers the Durango to Hermosillo route.

Durango To Hermosillo By Plane

Take the Aero Mexico commercial flight service that covers the Durango to Hermosillo flight route. Take a 30 minute taxi cab ride from Durango to the Durango Airport (DGO). The flight travel time is five hours and 30 minutes. The plane ticket price is US$180. For details:

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