Detroit To Toronto By Train


One of the most visited attractions in Detroit is the Motown Historical Museum. It is the temple of black music in the automobile city. You can see the old label where various artists of American music came from. The site preserves the legendary Studio A, passed by very talented artists and also has a small shop to buy souvenirs.

Detroit To Toronto By Train


If you need an essential escape from the busy downtown part of Toronto, the best place to explore is the Toronto Island Park. It is worth taking the boat ($ 7 round trip) and go visit the park. You can take a few hours to go walking or pedalling quietly throughout the park. The beaches on the side are very beautiful and sometimes you forget that there is a lake, not the sea.

Here are the available modes of transport from Detroit to Toronto.

Detroit To Toronto By Train

The most viable option when travelling via railway transport from Detroit to Toronto is to book online (at least a day before your departure) with VIA Rail Transport Company. The trains usually depart from Windsor, Ontario so the first option is to take a cab from Detroit to reach the train station of Windsor. The total travel time is 4 hours and 21 minutes. Scheduled trips are offered twice daily and the one way fare costs US$ 60. To know more, check:

Detroit To Toronto By Train

Detroit To Toronto By Bus

The distance between Detroit to Toronto is 373 kms. Bus trips offered by Greyhound Canada can be availed five times a day. The entire bus journey takes about 6 hours. The cheapest fare can be purchased at US$ 23. If you need early reservations, visit:

If you prefer the long drive from Detroit to Toronto, the travel duration is 4 hours.

Detroit To Toronto By Plane

Flights can be availed at Windsor Airport if you need to travel from Detroit to Toronto (look for Porter Airlines). The travel time is estimated at 1 hour and 5 minutes. The cheapest fare begins at US$ 85.

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