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Landwasser Viaduct

Switzerland is a country that is situated heart of Europe. It is a country which is widely known to be the tourist’s destination. It is blessed with wonderful and marvelous tourist’s attractions in the world. Some of the tourist’s spots include; parks, castles, awesome cities, museums without forgetting the prominent Rhine falls which is the largest fall in the Europe arena. Switzerland also receives millions of tourist annually.

Zurich Skyline

The following are the top 10 tourist’s attractions in Switzerland. These are just but a few of the many wonders of nature that you will come across in Switzerland.


The amazing Swiss National Park is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction and one of the most visited places in Switzerland. The part is truly dramatic for nature lovers. Travelers can access this marvelous park from Zurich by train.

Swiss National Park

The park is the greatest preserved place as it covers about half of the entire area covered by Switzerland. It is thus a cool place to make you feel great as you tour it. The park has also a rich culture as it got established in the 1914. You will definitely like to listen to it from the many guides there.

The park is home to numerous stunning animals. You will certainly have to see the elks, eagles and the marmots. Ensure you have your camera as they are nice looking and can be taken snaps. The atmosphere is also serene and splendid. You will also like the vegetation that is immaculate green and nice looking.

Swiss National Park

The park is a great spot to have panoramic views of the lovely Alps. The Alps are fabulous and will definitely make you overwhelmed as this is very famous places in the world. You will also be able to have them snaps. Actually the park is open for all, so you can have your kids with you.


The dazzling Chillion Castle (Chateau de Chillion ) is an intriguing site you should not miss in Switzerland. The site is surely a top 10 tourist attraction and one of the most visited places in Switzerland.

The castle has an outstanding design that makes it fantastic and worth of seeing. It actually has a well preserved ancient layout thus has maintained antiquity amidst modernity. You can surely not miss to have it photos.

Chillon Castle

Ensure you walk into its dazzling rooms. There are over 100 houses within it of which you can walk into any of them and have a look at their lovely plans and uses. There are also seven cells, three quads and four halls. You will definitely like strolling into each to admire their beauty.

The guides are also amazing and will be ready to help around the castle. The castle is well placed at the shores of the pretty Lake Geneva. You can hardly leave the castle before viewing it from the castle. In fact, each of the castle’s rooms offers placid views of the charming lake to the far end it extends to. It is thus a nice place to take great photos of it.

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Chillon Castle

Otherwise, you can walk to lake as you leave the castle to feel its sensational ambiance or simply watching the pretty water.


A visit to Switzerland cannot be complete before touring the impeccable Zurich city. The city is with all certainty a top tourist attraction in Switzerland and a place where you will always find large numbers of tourists.

Zurich city has compelling streets which you will love to stroll along and bump into the friendly and forthcoming locals. You will certainly like to interact with them. The shops alignment will also overwhelm you with joy as they look very unique.


The city has a rich account as it got placed in the past 200 years and has since then been developing with lots of attractions. The city is also very famous it being a core point of trading in Geneva. You can thus find lots of items on display from which you can shop.

There are many fairs as well as street displays. The sporting activities here are great and will with no doubt have you mesmerized.


The city has also amusing cafes and boutiques that are great places to stop at. The city is also astounding as it is always operating in all seasons. You will surely love to stroll around and get the cool tranquil atmosphere.


The dazzling Swiss Transport Museum is with no doubt a top tourist attraction is Switzerland and certainly one of the most famous places among tourists. The museum is simply breath taking. Travelers can easily access this place by bus from Lucerne.

The museum has an impressive design and accompanied by a colossal size fit for its function. You can not miss to have its photos. You will also love to stroll around to admire its beautiful environs.

Swiss Transport Museum

The museum is a sure home to every kind of modes of transport. You will certainly like everything you find here. The locomotives are amusing and great and you will like to know how they were formulated from the guides.

The ships will also make you mesmerized as they range in all sizes and pretty looks. The aircraft are exquisite and you will only be left delighted. The vehicles are also great and you can actually catch a lovely type to shop. There are actually many different types of automobiles to admire.

Swiss Transport Museum

You can also visit the IMAX theatre or the Planetarium for more admiration and appreciation of the great work. You will certainly have to remember you camera as everything here will require to be taken snaps.


The magnetic Matterhorn Mountains are matchless and outstanding for nature lovers. They are certainly top tourist attractions and receive millions of tourists every year. Matterhorn is accessible from Zermatt by train

The mountains have a lovely lofty of about 4478 meters which will certainly make you compelled to ascend. It is surely a striking site to visit.


The mountains have good looking greenly vegetation that makes the whole place extremely eye catching. You can not miss to see it. The plants are of varying types with bushes towards the top.

Ascending to the pinnacle will be a tremendous experience.

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There are many winding paths that are attractive and gorgeous to walk on though a bit problematic to use. The atmosphere up the mountain is dramatic and will certainly make you feel of being in a heavenly site.


The summit is with no doubt mind blowing and offers great lucrative views of the underlying charms as well as the flow of the mountain. A camera will be a good item to have as you will get lovely snaps from here.


The stunning Tropical Alps are unquestionably astounding and among the top tourist attractions in Switzerland. Here is a place full of wonders to leave the nature lovers overwhelmed with joy. Tourists can travel by train from Locarno to Ticino where they can see the Tropical Alps.

The Tropical Alps

The Tropical Alps are certainly a home to formidable palms trees. You will certainly like the extent to which they extend to as they completely make the whole region mind blowing.

The palm trees are first class and all look greenly with enticing heights. They are also slender here very attractive. Their shades are brilliant and can hardly be left out in the hot scorching sun. This site is surely pleasant and embraces high peacefulness.

The Tropical Alps

Glaciers are also in plenty and you will have to see them. You can actually get there to skate over them and you enjoy their chilling effect. They are also nice to take photos of.


Lake Geneva is one of the wonderful places in Switzerland. It lies on the border of France and Switzerland. It is one of the most spectacular lakes in the world with several magnificent features. It thus receives many tourists every year.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the most awesome place to be. You can involve yourself with several activities on the lake. There are several motor boats ready for hire at an affordable price. Care should be observed when you ride on the motor boats as it moves with a very high speed than expected.

Alternatively, the lake do offers numerous activities like the fishing and diving only to mention a few. Also you can still carry some fresh fish with you which are offered at a cheaper price.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is certainly the most interesting and alluring lake that shouldn’t be missed when you visit Switzerland. It is a place that offers satisfactory and sensational pleasure that can even tempt you to prolong your trip.


The Rhine falls is another fascinating tourist spot in Switzerland. The falls is one of the most renowned and largest in terms of water capacity in Switzerland and Europe at large.

The Rhine falls is sited in town of Schaffhausen which is accessible by train from the town of Zurich.

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine falls is definitely the most awesome place where you can enjoy gratifying atmosphere. The fall can be observed from any viewing point which provides a good scenic view.

Furthermore, you can hire boats which normally rest at the beautiful shores of river Rhine which awaits potential customers. They are always given at an affordable price and you can ride on the Rhine profile viewing all its nature and environment. During the ride, you can also capture the sensational and attractive environment using the camera.

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The Rhine Falls

The Rhine falls is indeed an excellent place that will make your holiday remarkable and unforgettable.


Aletsch Glacier is another great and sensational tourist spot that should not be missed. The glacier stretches to about 23km in distance covering lots of area in the Alps region. The glacier is situated in the Aletsch region of Switzerland.

Furthermore, it is the world’s heritage recognized by the UNESCO which has earned a good reputation for Switzerland. Tourists normally travel by train from Geneva to Valais.

Aletsh Glacier

The glacier also provides an astounding place for skating activities. Though cold, tourists are advised to fully equip themselves with good and heavy jackets. You can watch this activity as others do or otherwise enjoy the ride of free skating by animals.

Alternatively, it is a constrained region that only authorized tourists is allowed. Climbing to the peak of the mountain is an interesting activity mostly practiced by many tourists. It is the most fascinating and beautiful landscape in Switzerland and you should not afford to miss this exciting place.

Aletsh Glacier

Lastly, it is the longest and biggest glacier in Europe. It forms ice which pile for up to about 4km above the sea level. The ice later melt and forms one of the chief channels in Europe and drops its water to the main River Rhone. It is indeed the best place for tourists to explore and familiarize themselves with wonders of nature thus making your adventures worthwhile and remarkable.


It is one of the major and renowned tourist destinations in Switzerland. Lake Lucerne has marvelous surrounding that makes it the best and exclusive place to spend holidays. There are so many things to explore and adventure on the lake. The lake is situated in the midst of central Europe.

lake Lucerne

Those who want to explore the lake must travel from the Zurich city to the city of Lucerne. While at this marvelous and beautiful place, you will first come across the pine dense forest. The forest has a good and unique canopy that makes the surrounding to look awesome and attractive. The water from the lake is lucid and bluish that gives it a sensational feeling.

lake Lucerne

Additionally, the lake has numerous activities taking place. First, you will meet several large cruises and liners arriving at the lake from other cities. You will also encounter fishermen who are busy with their daily chores. In addition, the lake also offers a good viewing point of the Mt. Alps peak. It is surely a place that you will enjoy interacting with its wonderful nature.

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