Don’t Miss Places In Netherlands

Netherlands is certainly a great tourism destination as tourism is highly cherished and treasured within her boundaries.

Netherlands offers a wide range of attractions. It is actually very popular for the windmills and flower gardens. The cities, monuments, natural beauty among other attractions have continued bringing in many tourists to the country.

Keukenhof garden

The list below shows the top 10 tourist attractions and with no doubt the most toured in the Netherlands. It will certainly help you in identifying the best spots to start your adventure.


A visit to Netherlands is certainly made brilliant when travelers first stop in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam canal ring is with no doubt top 10 tourist attractions and a sure destination for every visitor in Netherlands. They are indeed breath taking and worth of seeing.

The canals run around the city making it a cool place to relax in enjoying the peacefulness abhorred there. You will definitely like spending much of your time within the city.

Amsterdam Canal Ring

There are 3 major and fascinating canals, the Herengracht, the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht, which you will have a fabulous time discovering their beauty. You can certainly have a boat ride in any of them around the city where you will be granted the chance of witnessing the appealing monuments that lie along them.

It is certainly a good thing to stop and find more charm in the monuments. Walking around the city is also breath taking as you will stroll besides the canals for a real adventure. You will be one of the luckiest persons in the world as the whole adventure will be embellished by a cool and serene atmosphere that is of course unspoiled.

Amsterdam Canal Ring

Biking along the canals is also intriguing. You can hardly regret having started your visit in Netherlands in the beautiful Amsterdam city.


The stunning Rijksmuseum is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction that has always been receiving millions of tourist all the years. The site is truly breath taking and you can certainly not miss to venture into it.


Though the museum is undergoing renovations, it still has a part that is continually exhibiting the beauties stored within it. The museum is by the way the biggest in Netherlands and you can thus be sure of travelling to a mind blowing site.

The museum has a large collection of art work from very prominent persons such as Vermeer and Rembrandt. The relics are surely eye catching and well maintained to retain their original beauty. The art work mainly reflects the splendid Dutch artistic work which is certainly among the best in the world. The paintings will hardly escape your attention as they are in fact exquisite and worth of being taken photos.


The guides are also amazing and very friendly hence will make your visit to the museum very rewarding. The site is indeed dramatic for both adults and kids.


The dazzling Keukenhof garden is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction that receives an extreme number of tourists every year. This site is simply eye caching and very pleasurable for nature lovers.

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The garden welcomes you with a soul soothing fragrance from the many different types of flowers maintained there. You will certainly think of having traveled to another world as this is a sure paradise for all. You can catch a taxi from the city of Amsterdam city.


The garden is mostly open in the months of March to May when the flowers are in their full bloom. The garden is a home to varied types of flowers where you will be compactly amused and overwhelmed by the daffodils, tulips hyacinths among many other catchy flowers.

You will definitely have a memorable moment admiring each of these types and more so picking a few of them. You will also love to hear the history connected to the garden where millions of flowers ware planted each year.


You will also like to learn on how they are grown and so you will have a sociable interacting moment with the parks workers. This is certainly the biggest flower garden in the world and thus one site that you should not miss touring while in Netherlands.


The impeccable Zaanse Schans is unquestionably one of the greatest places in the Netherlands to be missed by any of her traveler. The site is certainly among the top 10 tourist attractions In Netherlands. The site is surely dramatic for adventures. Train normally ferry people from Amsterdam.

Zaanse Schans

The site has a vast collection of wind mills with each having an enticing design that makes them all have different uses. The most alluring moment will be when you observe them perform their functions will ease. Is indeed a picturesque scene which you will have to record to keep good memories.

The guides will help you in understanding the functioning of each of them. There are those designed for agricultural purposes and others for industrial uses. You will also like the visit as there are no charges to the place.

Zaanse Schans

This is certainly one of the places you can never imagine having circumvented. There are vehicles from Amsterdam to the site which you will enjoy riding in.


A visit to the Netherlands cannot be complete without adventuring the pretty Museum Heineken. The museum is certainly one of the top tourist attractions that receive large hordes of tourists all years.

Heineken Museum

The museum is very famous for the production of beer. It has a charming architectural design and a massive size that makes it fit for an industry. There are three attractive floors which you will have a superb time venturing in the company of forthcoming guides. The guides will let you know the lovely history of the Heineken Company. Buses normally operate from Amsterdam to the site.

The museum has continued to produce beer since 1867 when it was established and has since then been a major tourist hub. You will have a breath taking moment observing the whole process of beer production by gigantic machines that are indeed worth of seeing and having photos of.

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Heineken Museum

Lastly, you will enjoy tasting the Heineken cocktail in the well preserved guest area as you get infused by the tranquil ambiance and a cool wind blowing past you. It is with all certainty one of the most awesome sites to visit in the Netherlands.


The magnet West Frisian Islands are yet another major tourist attraction in the Netherlands. This is of course a top tourist attraction and among the most visited places in the Netherlands. The site is indeed magnificent for adventure. Take a train from Zwolle to the site.

West Frisian Islands

There are several islands to adventure which stretch to the north of the Dutch coastline. The waters are magical and you will certainly enjoy watching tides and waves forming over the sea. It is surely a nice place to be.

However, a stroll along the shoreline will only be allowed under highly guided tours and only when the tides are low to avoid any accidents. Otherwise, walking on the numerous gorgeous mudflats will just make you overwhelmed with joy and fun.

West Frisian Islands

You can also enjoy cycling along the shore as you get the very best ambiance you can ever think of.


The magical Maastricht city is with no doubt among the major tourist attractions in the Netherlands. This is in effect one of the most visited city in the Netherlands. The city is truly mind blogging.

The city has lovely buildings which are decorated with unique charming designs that make them worth of seeing. You will certainly like to walk to the many business houses for your exploration on their beauty as well as their attractive way in which they are maintained.


A stroll along the compelling streets is certainly a dramatic thing and you may find yourself just strolling admiring the many beautiful shops and street displays that line up all the whole length of each boulevard. The locals are definitely formidable.

The Vrijthof square cannot be left out as it is a major attraction in the city. The square is eye catching and offers a very inviting look which will certainly compel you to have a lengthy moment in it. Here, you will find the superb and impressive Saint Servatius Church. The church has a colossal size that is worth noting. Ensure you tour the church’s compound to admire the beautiful flowers and religious writings and sculptures placed in it. You will also like the peacefulness that fills the entire area.


The Saint Jan’s Cathedral will also not be left out as it is among the most exquisite sites in Maastricht. You will like its design and the lovely things in it including the bell and statutes of saints. Also walk to its interior for an exploration on the way things are done there.

The autumn as well as the winter celebrations will also be waiting for you in this particular place. You will thus have to visit prepared for a full rewarding visit as everything is just alluring.


The Delta Project is another site you cannot miss to adventure while in the Netherlands. The site is magnetic and certainly worth of visiting. The site is accessible by car from Amsterdam.

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Delta Project

The site houses the dams, locks, sluices and other barriers that help in keeping the storms away. All of them are indeed spectacular and you can have their photos.

The project was started in the 1950 to 1997 in the areas of Zeeland and southern Netherlands to have the land neighboring the sea protected for farming as well as other uses.

Delta Project

This project has indeed been listed among the Seven Wonders of the World by American Civil Engineers Society. It is indeed a gorgeous site to visit.


Oude Kerk is certainly a top tourist attraction that you will leave out while touring Netherlands. The church is a scenic site to witness.

Oude Kerk

The church though very old has a lovely design with numerous small buildings being attached its sides. The church has remained a major attraction in the Red Light District over many years.

The bell structure is one of the attractive things to note. You will definitely be thrilled by the charming sound that is heard in most parts of the district.

Oude Kerk

A walk in the dusk around the church region is very remarkable as it is purely peaceful. The site is indeed an overwhelming site to visit.


The magnificent Hoge Veluwe National Park is indubitably a top 10 tourist attraction site that receives many visitors all the year in the Netherlands. This is certainly a delightful place of adventure for the nature lovers. Take a taxi from Delen to the park.

The park is a home to a vast collection of fauna and flora. You will certainly enjoy interacting with the animals which comprise of species that are not likely to be found elsewhere in the world.

The vegetation will also leave you amused as you will come across some of the plant species that are capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

The park also allows you to explore the mighty and thrilling Kroller Muller Museum which houses a wide collection of paintings by the very famous artist Vincent van Gogh. These drawings are with no doubt brilliant and worth of being taken photos.

There are numerous sand dunes to mesmerize visiting. The dues are massive and you will have to ascend to their top for a view of the beautiful park. The heath lands will also not be missed as they just offer the best attraction you could ever have dreamt of seeing.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

The woodlands can be the last attractions to discover. Ensure you walk into them and experience the calmness and peacefulness among the woods. They also offer you a dramatic place to relax in as you get to know each of the plant that will come to your sight.

The guides will let you have their bikes or you can use a car to stroll around the park. It is certainly one of the best places in the Netherlands that you cannot afford to miss.

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