9 Best Caribbean Getaways to Explore

The best Caribbean getaways for lovers

Do you want to explore some of the best Caribbean getaways, filled with island breezes, turquoise water, and beautiful beaches?

Some of the best Caribbean getaways are located in stunning destinations with perfect tropical weather. If you are planning your getaway, read our list of some of the most fascinating places to visit.

Best Caribbean Getaways


Best Caribbean getaways

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are among the best Caribbean getaways to visit. The destination has 60 islands you can visit. You have enough reefs to dive, great weather, and white-sand beaches to sink your toes.

The experiences depend on what you to do in the Caribbean.  The beaches are great and you can explore the surroundings.

Activities include windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

U.S. Virgin Islands

When it comes to the best Caribbean getaways, the U.S. Virgin Islands have amazing packages for you. Whether you want to dare yourself in some sports or just want your calmness, this place is for you.

The islands include St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. You can island-hop these places within a three days trip.

Tourists, scuba divers, and honeymooners love St. Croix, the largest of the islands. Couples and families prefer St. Thomas, while St. John is the smallest island.

Beautiful best Caribbean getaways

St. Lucia

Thinking of a honeymoon escape, the tropical haven of awaits you. St. Lucia is one of the best Caribbean getaways.

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It offers push resorts, clean beaches, and spots for adrenaline junkies. Anse Des Sables Beach and Plantation Beach are some of the most famous beaches here.

You got loads of activities to carry out, ranging from snorkeling excursions to diving trips. The vibrant nightlife, foodie affair, and natural beauty are what attract people here.

Dominican Republic

What can we say of the best Caribbean getaways such as the Dominican Republic?  It takes barely two hours to get to this place from Miami via flight.

For those who love waters, the beaches are beautiful and call for water activities. Some of the activities include diving and snorkeling.

Where are the best Caribbean getaways?

Best Caribbean Getaways

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are listed as our best Caribbean getaways in the world. Escape to paradise when you visit this place.

The islands comprise Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. However, the Grand Cayman is a haven for honeymooners and tourists.

Some of its diving sites include the Kittiwake Shipwreck and artificial reef.  Grand Cayman is home to Seven Mile Beach, where the giant sea creatures reside.


Aruba has crystal-clear waters perfect for your island getaway. We have Aruba on our list of best Caribbean getaways because of what it offers tourists.

Aruba has Eagle Beach and Palm Beach on the island. You can take your driving lesson when you visit this Caribbean destination.


When you free yourself from Jamaica, the local lifestyle must have rubbed off on you.  The rich culture of Jamaica is worth learning.

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Little wonder, people talk about this place as one of the best Caribbean getaways. Jamaica has some beautiful resorts and beaches.

Best Caribbean Getaways

Turks & Caicos

Have you heard of Turks and Caicos? When it comes to some of the best Caribbean getaways, you cannot ignore this destination when you see it the first time.

Grand Turk is home to Providenciales, or “Provo,” a Caribbean island known for its beaches and luxury resorts.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of best Caribbean getaways with loads of activities and natural resources. It offers clear water, beaches, and amazing culture.

It has beautiful destinations and has moved to become  a popular tourist spot in the world



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