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The top destinations to visit in Warri

Do you know the top destinations to visit in Warri? Warri, the capital city of Delta State in Nigeria is an oil-rich destination.

With the coast close to the city, we have many top destinations to visit in Warri.  The city that has become famous for its comic way of speaking English is one place to visit.

Top Destinations to Visit in Warri

 Amazing top destinations to visit in Warri

While we enjoy the local cuisine, the boisterous way of the locals leaves you awed.  The city has become a hub for many things.

For tourists looking for the top destinations to visit in Warri, we have some places for you to consider.

The Palace of the Olu of Warri

The palace of the Olu of Warri is one of the top destinations to visit in Warri. The palace is situated in a place called Ode-Iteskiri.

The paramount ruler of the city resides in this palace. The place is open to tourists. However, some areas are restricted to visitors.

The Warri Kingdom Royal Cemetery

Are you thinking of a morbid place to visit? The Warri Kingdom Royal Cementary is in Ijala, which is the final resting place for the rulers who have died.

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The cemetery is different because the gravesites bear no cenotaphs or grand markers.  Trees are planted whenever the Olu of Warri dies.

This makes the place to be filled with wildlife and vegetation.  We have trees as old as 400 years here, making it one of the top destinations to visit in Warri.

Top destinations to visit in Warri

Chief Nana’s Palace

Chief Nana’s Palace is situated in Koko. This place is the existing living history museum in Nigeria. It has been approved as the country’s national monument.

Who was Chief Nana Olumu? He was a nineteenth-century indigenous entrepreneur.  He was the person who built this palace.

Today, the palace is home to his time while on earth, including his personal belongings, and evidence of his contact with the Queen, administrators, and traders of the British Empire.

Effurun Garden Park

Effurun Garden Park is a beautiful place to visit. It has luscious vegetation and wild gardens for relaxation.

People visit for dates or picnics.  Visit with a book or friends and have the best time of your life, without the noise of the city.

Special top destinations to visit in Warri

Top Destinations to Visit in Warri

Red Mangrove Swamp

Red Mangrove Swamp is one of the top destinations to visit in Warri. The experience here is best seen than explained.

Take a trip on a local canoe and watch the beauty of Mother Nature.

Abraka Turf and Country Club

Abraka Turf and Country Club is the only equestrian country club in Nigeria.  The destination is located in the Ethiope river valley.

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It has a stream springing from the attraction, making the club a magical place to visit. When it comes to the top destinations to visit in Warri, you cannot ignore this club.

You can enjoy fishing, horse riding, kayaking, golf, deep water diving, and swimming.

Abraka River Resort Motel

Abraka River Resort Motel offers you luxury and pure relaxation.  It comes with a sandy beach, a forested area, and lots more.

Gordon’s River Resort

Gordon’ River Resort is another great destination to visit in Warri. With the River Ethiope’s pristine water flowing through the resort it presents the raw undiluted beauty of nature.

Top Destinations to Visit in Warri

Simple top destinations to visit in Warri

Uwie Modern Market

Uwie Modern Market is where you enjoy haggling with the local traders. You can buy a lot of stuff in this open-air market. Tourists have loads of items to buy, especially souvenirs.

Warri Township Stadium

Warri Township Stadium is for football fans. You can come here and watch the local league,  It can take up to 20,000 fans.  The stadium is the regular home for Warri Wolves F.C.

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