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* Travelling (alone) or as a group in Zimbabwe is very safe.
* No one will accept Zimbabwe dollars. The most welcomed currency is USD, SA Rands, and Botswana Pula.
* Bring plenty of small change (US $1, $5, $10 bills, SA Rand 10 notes and coins), small change is hard to find in Zimbabwe, and most places won’t have change. It would be wise to change most of your funds to small denominations before you go.


* Getting visa at airport is pretty straight forward. US dollars preferred, US30 for a single entry and US45 for a double entry, if you will be doing any touring in Botswana or Zambia. SA Rands also accepted, it would be wise to pay in the exact amount.

Air Zimbabwe:

* All domestic flights and some international flights are operated by Chinese made MA60 turboprop aircrafts. Flights seem to be operated all on time.

Victoria Falls:

* It is safe to walk around town in the day. There are tourist police in Vic Falls if you need help or escort.
* Entrance fee for the Falls is US$20 per person paid to the National Parks.
Good raincoat recommended if you don’t want to get soaked.
Street vendors are desperate for your business, they will sell you anything from crafts at good burgain prices.
* People are slowly getting their confidence to travel to Zimbabwe, so business is slowly picking up around Victoria Falls. In my opinion the View of the Victoria Falls in better on the Zimbabwe side than the Zambian side, as you actually see the flows from the Zimbabwe side. An amazing experience.


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