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I was in Zanzibar from August to October to learn at work. Previous experience in Africa was only Egyptian. I had gone anywhere else in Africa. I didn´t have any preconceived ideas but views seem to be what I had read from books. I thought there is a lot of crimes and unsafe to walk alone. When I got there, I realized that the place was safe and wonderful. It is a beautiful island where wants to go back again and again. People are very nice and helpful. Zanzibar has many attractions: Diving, corals, dolphins, spice tours, turquoise water and relaxing atmosphere. I guess “hakuna matata” comes from Zanzibar. People enjoys calmness, there is no hurry.

If you want to see Africa, I would recommend Tanzania. There is everything what you can imagine in Africa. There is Kilimanjaro, famous safaris (Ngorongoro, Serengeti) and peaceful islands. It´s very easy make around trip and see safaris, Zanzibar Island and Kilimanjaro. When you are going so far, you should take at least 2 weeks holiday. Then you can see the top of Africa in Tanzania.

I was working in Zanzibar Beach Resort. It is a beautiful hotel in Zanzibar. The Hotel is only 5 minutes away from airport and 10 minutes to famous Stone Town. There is a Finish General Manager. If you are searching a hotel in Zanzibar, I would recommend Zanzibar Beach Resort. It has a fantastic big pool and beautiful atmosphere. And the most important, it´s safe! It is also a perfect place for honeymoon destination. -zanzibarbeachresort-

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